31 Affirmations for difficult times (awaken the champion in you)

Affirmations for difficult times

Struggling with life? Feel like giving up on everything and everyone? Going through some difficult times? Then why not try these positive affirmations for difficult times that have been designed to give you and your subconscious the much needed motivation. If you are having trouble staying afloat, reach out for these affirmations daily. Repeat them […]

37 Powerful Affirmations for self worth (upgrade your life now)

affirmations for self worth

Did you know that your self-concept has a lot to do with how successful you are at life?  Yes.  That is absolutey true. Your self-worth is what makes a difference in the quality of life you live, the relationships you form and the success you get. So, if you want to make a significant positive […]

Affirmations to have a good day (take control of your day)

affirmations to have a good day

Starting your day on a positive note is essential. Now you can use these affirmations daily to have a good day that is full of happiness, fulfillment and productivity.  Repeating these affirmations in the morning before doing anything else is the best way to set up your day for success. Remember to not just read […]

Affirmations to release the past and start a brand new life

Affirmations to release the past

If your past is disturbing you or hindering your personal growth, then it’s time to fix that. You can make use of some positive affirmations to release the past and retrain your mind to believe in your future.  Repeat these affirmations daily for a few weeks to see a change in your mindset, feelings and […]