How to manifest an ex back (4 Step fool-proof GUIDE)

How to Manifest an Ex back

I know how a break up feels and I totally empathize with the difficult feelings you might be experiencing right now. But what if I told you that manifesting your ex back is not only possible but it is guaranteed! Yup. I’m not kidding.  Whether it’s the other person who broke your heart & left […]

SATS Neville Goddard | 5 Step Guide for Manifesting

sats neville goddard

So, you have heard of SATS Neville Goddard’s sleep technique but don’t know where to start from?  Don’t worry! I got your back! SATS which actually stands for “State Akin to Sleep ” is a manifestation technique by the world famous mystic and spiritual teacher – Neville Goddard. Let’s learn a little more about SATS […]