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If you are into the law of attraction and believe in creating your own reality, what is that one thing that you so often desire?

Let me answer that for you.

It is to become a master manifester or a manifestation expert – so that all you want can be manifested easily, effortlessly and in no time. 

Since watching The Secret on Netflix almost 4 years ago, I have become a law of attraction enthusiast.

In these years I have watched every documentary and video you could think of. 

In all the material I consumed, I was just searching for answers to some of my questions. 

The most important of these questions was of course “what can I do to become the ultimate master of manifestation”? 

So in this article, let me guide you about the things that you must not do to become that master manifester that you so desire. 

A master manifester is not confused about his desire.

Suppose like Aladdin you find that magic lamp and you rub it. A genie appears and asks you what you desire and you stare blank into genie’s eyes with confusion.

Because you do not know what you want! 

You are not clear about your desire! 

Even though you have the most powerful genie in the universe in your reach you cannot manifest anything.


Because unless you don’t order the genie, it cannot do anything for you. 

In the exact way, you have this universe acting as your personal genie yet you never order anything. Because you are always unclear about what you want. 

But the master manifesters know this loophole very well. 

They know that unless they don’t put out a specific clear command to the universe, they won’t get anything as a physical manifestation!

The expert manifester does not live in the past.

The past is gone whether it was good or bad.

So why would any wise man put his energy and focus on the past that is long far gone? 

A master manifester knows the value of the present moment. 

Master manifester

This present moment is the most powerful time for creation. By harnessing its energy you can achieve any worthwhile goal in life. 

But on the other hand, if you are dwelling in your past, you are wasting this precious time to create something new. 

Hence, if you want to be great at manifesting your desires – you must be mindful of this moment. 

 The master manifester does not waste time in complaining.

Complainers simply are ungrateful people. 

Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools that is used in the law of attraction. 

Because the universe loves a grateful heart.

When you focus and feel good about things you have in your life, you are subconsciously giving orders to the universe to bring you more of the good things.

On the other hand, a complaining attitude will attract more things to complain about.

It really is so simple. 

You attract more of what you feel.

Your attitude decides your destiny. So it’s better to have the attitude of a grateful person rather than that of a lousy complainer. 

They don’t get bogged down by their current reality.

A person who truly believes in the law of attraction puts his faith in the universe.

Master manifester

Your current reality might be problematic but deep down in your heart you must know that your desires are on the way to fulfillment.

You must have the total belief that your circumstances are about to change for the better. This is because the universal forces are working for you on the energetic level.

You may not be able to see your desired physical reality as yet but it’s being created. It will be delivered to you in the best time possible. 

This faith and trust in the process is what will make your manifestations come so much easier and quicker. 

They don’t get jealous of what others have.

I read this trick in “The power” by Rhonda Byrne and it has resonated with me so deeply.

In her book Rhonda says that when you see someone with something you desire in your life – you should always bless them.

You must give positive happy vibrations to the person and that thing to attract the same in your life 

But most of the people are caught up in feelings of jealousy and envy. These feelings are destructive in nature. 

They may or may not affect the other person you are projecting them to but they will for sure impact your well-being. Because you are the container holding those toxic feelings. 

Before you project those low vibes onto others, they will damage and pollute your own energy. 

Therefore a master manifester will never feel jealous or envious of others. He knows that he can attract the same or better in his life through the law of attraction. 

The master manifesters don’t skip their meditation.

Meditation is the tool through which you connect to the universe. It is the fastest way to attract your desired reality into the physical realm.

Master manifester

So to become efficient in their manifestations, the expert manifestors take full advantage of the meditation.

A meditation doesn’t have to be hours long to work. If you are a beginner, 20 minutes a day is a great start. 

They are never in a rush to manifest.

“Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety.”

-A Course in Miracles

A person who has evolved in this journey of spirituality and reality creation knows that whatever he desires is already created energetically. Right now it cannot be seen just because it’s not in its physical form. 

So such a person is always patient and content because he knows his desire is coming.

This example is so cliche yet i will use it to explain myself. 

Suppose you are in your favorite restaurant and you have ordered your meal. You often come to this restaurant because its service is great. 

After ordering your meal you just sit back and relax knowing that your meal is coming. 

You don’t go up to the waiter every 2 minutes checking why it’s not here because you know it will be served as soon as it’s ready. 

The way you trust your favorite restaurant for its value service, in the very same way you must trust the universe with your wishes.

If you have placed the order, it is surely coming. 

All you need to do it is to surrender and relax in your chair! 

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