Activate the Law of Attraction (in 5 EASY steps)

activate the law of attraction

So let me guess. You have heard about the term “Law of Attraction” and now you are excited and eager to apply it to your life. Sol, today I am going to teach you how to activate the law of attraction and create miracles with it.

Law of attraction is a powerful universal law that states that you attract to yourself what you are feeling.

So if you are happy and positive, you will attract more circumstances that will make you happy.

But if you are feeling negative, more things will come your way that will amplify your negative emotions.

The law of attraction seems so simple yet it is something powerful enough to change your whole life for the better once you get a hang of it. 

Now let me tell you some simple changes that you can make in your life and mindset to activate the law of attraction.

Start living more consciously

Live consciously

This goes without saying that the law of attraction is more of a mindset shift than anything else. 

Thus, it is absolutely essential that you start living a more conscious life to activate the law of attraction.

But what does living consciously actually mean? 

It means to live life in such a way that you are aware of your thoughts, actions and behaviors.

Your dominant thoughts and behavior dictate the path your life goes so it’s very important that you are well aware of what you are thinking and feeling.

For example, if you are feeling a negative emotion like jealousy, it is important that you recognize the emotion. Don’t get mad at yourself for feeling that way but just learn to be aware of it. 

Observe how the negative emotion makes you feel inside. 

Then, notice how you feel when you have a positive emotion surrounding you. For example, observe how you feel when you help someone.

Make it a practice to observe your emotions as often as you can.

Slowly, you will start commanding more control over the way you feel. 

You will learn that you can alter your feelings by changing your thoughts…. and that is a superpower in itself.

In fact that is the superpower you need to activate the law of attraction in your life. 

Tell a different story about yourself

Activate the law of attraction

All of us have a story about ourselves that we keep telling again and again.

You must have a story too.

This story is based on how you see yourself and feel about yourself. 

Majority of the people in the world today are not happy and fulfilled because they have made up a sad story about their life in their minds and somehow their circumstances follow that story as a blueprint.

As a result, nothing good happens to them or even if it does, they never focus on it.

So this is the time to change your story if it’s not serving you well.

You know what’s great about your life story?

 It is the fact that you are the writer of your story!

You are the one in charge!

So if the pen is in your hands, then why not write a story that is happy and empowering?

For example, start telling yourself that everything works out in your favor.

Tell yourself that you are the most beautiful and worthy of all the love.

Repeat affirmations like, “I am happy, healthy and abundant in all areas of my life”.

It will take a few weeks but if you start telling yourself these powerful things, your mind will adjust to a new story.

Since you attract what you feel, thus you will start attracting more love, happiness and abundance into your life. 

Start meditating daily

meditation law of attraction

Meditation is a practice that will clear your mind of junk thoughts thus allowing more powerful and creative thoughts to enter in your mind.

Meditation will make you more peaceful and happy.

It is also one of the greatest tools to activate the law of attraction in your life.

If you are not meditating daily, you are missing out on a treasure.

Meditation is one thing that will change your life beyond your expectations. It will help you manifest all that you desire.

Be it more money, more love or success.

So give meditation a try.

Meditate daily for at least 15-20 minutes early in the morning. 

Keep this routine for at least a month and see the changes it makes in your life (for the better of course!).

Look out for the signs

Activate law of attraction

The universe is always communicating with you through thousands of signs and synchronicities. 

But the question is, do you notice them?

Communication lies at the very core of every relationship and activating the law of attraction is like starting a relationship with the universe.

So you must understand the language the universe speaks to build a solid relationship.

The universe speaks through signs.

For example, one day you are craving for a pizza and your friends bring over one for you (without you telling them that you are craving pizza).

Or one day you are worrying about your finances and you see a check cleared into your account unexpectedly.

These all are signs that tell you that the universe is constantly looking out for you and caring for you.

Your job is to observe these signs and feel grateful for them.

Stay in a state of surrender

surrender law of attraction

Now that you know that the universe is always making things work for you, do you really need to worry about anything?


Not at all.

You have got to stop worrying about how things you want will come your way.

Instead you must put all your trust in the universe and just sit back.

Just enjoy life and let the universe take care of things that matter to you.

This is called surrendering.

It is a beautiful state of peace and knowing that you are safe.

You are protected.

You are always taken care of.

There is absolutely no need of trying to control every other thing in your life. You have no control anyway.

So why waste your precious energy on trying to control the circumstances?

Just let it go.

Let life flow and flow with it. 

You will get all that you desire by following the beautiful path of surrender.

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