59 Affirmations for glowing skin (get the skin you dream of)

Affirmations for glowing skin

Do you want to manifest the skin of your dreams and look absolutely beautiful? Then here are some of the most powerful affirmations for glowing skin that you can use to achieve your desired skin.

Also, if you want to use the power of your subconscious to get your desired face then here is an amazing article for you. 

Can affirmations make you beautiful?

Positive affirmations are a tool for rewiring your subconscious beliefs and your beliefs make up your reality.

So, affirmations can be used to achieve all that you desire and yes affirmations will make you beautiful too.

However, doing the affirmations just once and expecting an overnight miracle is the wrong approach. 

Like any other practice, affirmations also need their sweet time to work for you. So consistency and patience are two keys that will help you unlock the magical properties of positive affirmations. 

Also, saying positive affirmations is half the job, the other half is feeling beautiful.


You must feel beautiful to become beautiful.

Some people also call it “the fake it till you make it” principle! 

In the world of law of attraction and manifesting, feeling comes first and later comes the physical manifestation.

You have to feel the feelings of your wish fulfilled before you see evidence of its physical manifestation. 

So if you can start feeling beautiful from today even though you have no visible evidence for feeling so; your feelings will translate into physical reality very soon.

How many affirmations should I say a day?

Create a set of your favorite affirmations and start repeating them at least twice everyday: once in the morning and once at night while going to bed.

Also stick to that particular set of affirmations for a minimum of 4 weeks. 

The time period of at least 4 weeks is needed to install new thoughts and beliefs in your subconscious. So don’t be impatient.

Make it a priority to say your affirmations twice a day for 4 weeks to see some amazing changes in your life. 

Here are 59 affirmations for glowing skin:

  • I am beautiful.
  • I fully and completely love and accept myself the way I am.
  • I am grateful for my radiant skin.
  • My skin is naturally glowing.
  • With each passing day, my skin is becoming more and more beautiful.
  • I feel super confident about the way I look.
  • I am grateful for the perfect skin I have. 
  • My skin is healthy and vibrant.
  • My skin is now completely healed of any problems it had in the past. 
  • My face looks incredibly gorgeous.
  • My skin has a perfect natural glow that makes it look even more beautiful.
  • My skin is very youthful.
  • My skin is clean and even toned.
  • I look incredibly beautiful even with zero makeup on.
  • Any makeup I apply makes me look even more beautiful.
  • I get compliments from everybody for my naturally glowing skin.
  • Everybody is always asking me for my skin care secrets because of the amazing skin I have.
  • My beautiful skin boosts up my self confidence.
  • I look and feel amazing everyday.
  • I am a happy person.
  • I live my life without any stress.
  • I live fully present in the now.
  • Being present in the moment helps me live my life to the fullest.
  • My inner happiness reflects on my face.
  • I am always in a state of gratitude for my perfect skin.
  • I have perfect glass skin.
  • I love my skin complexion and feel so good about it.
  • I am secure about my beauty and looks.
  • I am full of love and positivity.
  • My positivity radiates on my skin.
  • I take care of my skin with love.
  • I say kind words to my skin everyday.
  • I know that my skin listens to what I say or feel about it.
  • I appreciate my beautiful, glowing skin daily.
  • I am blessed to have such flawless skin naturally.
  • Any product I use on my skin works incredibly fast and efficiently.
  • I love how my skin quality is improving everyday.

Affirmations for acne free glowing skin:

  • My skin is completely free of acne now.
  • Any acne I had on my skin has cleared up magically fast.
  • All the acne marks have also cleared up miraculously.
  • My pores are perfectly healthy. 
  • My skin has become very healthy and blemish-free. 
  • My skin now stays perfectly clear, all year round. 
  • My skin is incredibly smooth, clear and radiant now.
  • I am grateful for my acne free skin.
  • I am becoming more and more beautiful everyday.
  • My skin is fantastic without any makeup.
  • My face is chiseled; my skin is flawless.

Affirmations for dark circles: 

  • Any dark circles I once had are now fading away effortlessly.
  • My dark circles are decreasing at an astonishing rate, naturally.
  • I am so happy and excited for this beautiful change. 
  • My eye area is becoming more and more beautiful everyday.
  • I am so grateful for my flawless under eye area.
  • My eyes look radiant and incredibly beautiful.
  • I love my eyes.
  • My eye area is now free of any dark circles, eye bags or wrinkles.
  • My eyes are full of beauty and youth.
  • I get many praises for how beautiful my eyes are.
  • I feel confident about my eyes and my looks.
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