26 Affirmations for Joy (Formula for happiness!)

Affirmations for joy

We all want to feel happy and joyful but sometimes life seems anything but joyful. It may be our career, our finances or even our significant other that we feel is the reason as to why our life feels devoid of joy.

No matter how miserable you feel at the moment, you must always remember that it is not anyone else’s job to bring you joy. 

As they say, “Happiness is an inside job”. So, you must always remember that it is your own job to create happiness for yourself and find joy in your life. 

Joy is all around us. It’s just that sometimes we need to re-adjust our focus and some powerful affirmations for joy and happiness can help you out.

Repeat these affirmations everyday to sustain feelings of joy and happiness in your life.

I am happy, healthy and prosperous.

Good luck surrounds me.

Each cell of my being vibrates with joy.

Unconditional happiness is my birth right.

I enjoy each day of my life.

Everyday I live my life to the fullest.

Everyday I encounter beautiful miracles. 

I am blessed.

I am abundant in every area of my life.

My relationships are harmonious and fulfilling.

I am excelling at my career.

I am rich in every sense of the word.

My income is increasing exponentially.

My mind is calm and peaceful.

I know how to self-regulate my emotions.

I am whole.

I know how to use my mind for the best.

I am full of love.

New opportunities keep coming my way.

I make the best use of my time and resources.

I am loved and respected wherever I go.

Things always work out in my favor.

The universe always has my back.

Beautiful new doors keep opening up for me.

I walk through life with grace and joy.

I am always surrounded by people who make me feel my best.

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