29 Affirmations for making friends (this works like magic)

Affirmations for making friends

If you want to attract new friends then these powerful affirmations for making friends should be a part of your daily routine.

I would suggest that you say these affirmations at least once every morning before stepping into the outside world.

The days you say these affirmations, you will see that people are nicer to you, you are more comfortable in social settings and you will be getting so many miraculous opportunities to make friends.

That is the power of the Law of Attraction and your subconscious mind.

Do try these for a few weeks and see the amazing results for yourself.

 I don’t need to convince you of anything! These affirmations will convince you of their power themselves! 

I am a confident and loving human being.

People love being in my company.

Everybody admires me for my talents.

I am amazing at making and keeping friends.

I am such a valuable friend. 

My social life is amazing.

I have all the social skills to attract new friendships into my life.

I feel comfortable talking to new people.

I can hold great conversations.

People are fascinated by my charisma. 

People feel lucky for being a part of my life. 

I only attract positive and open minded people into my life.

My friends uplift me.

I am deeply respected by all my friends.

I am excellent at communicating with my friends. 

My friends are loyal and trustworthy.

They inspire me to do my best in life.

My friends rejoice in my successes.

I am so grateful to be surrounded by such amazing friends.

My friends help me whenever I need it.

My friends always turn to me for advice and I give excellent advice whenever asked. 

My friends are always there for me, no matter what.

I can totally rely on my friends.

There is no negativity between me and my friends.

My friendships are divine.

I am always in a state of gratitude.

I go to amazing adventures with my friends.

My friendships are nurtured by love and trust from both sides.

I am thriving in all my relationships.

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