72 Magical Affirmations for creating beautiful relationships

Affirmations for relationships

Do you want to drastically improve the quality of your relationships through the power of your mind? So, have you ever thought of using some powerful positive affirmations for relationships in your life?

Maybe you want to upgrade your existing relationships or maybe you want to attract better relationships into your life; whatever your aim is, these affirmations will be immensely helpful in achieving that.

How to use positive affirmations?

Repeat the affirmations twice daily for a minimum of four weeks to reap maximum benefits.

You can also choose 3 to 4 of your favorites from the list and repeat them continuously whenever you find yourself worrying about relationships.

The trick is to instantly replace your worrisome thoughts with positive statements that will rewire your mind for the best.

So now if you are ready, let’s get to our positive affirmations for relationships: 

I am a magnet for love.

I am a beautiful soul that deserves the best in every aspect of life.

My relationships are strong and nourishing.

I am a pure soul full of love and kindness.

I am filled with peace.

A serene river of calm and bliss flows through me every moment. 

My divine nature reflects in all of my relationships.

I have the most supportive relationships in my life.

The bonds I have formed with my loved ones are strong enough to withstand any trials.

I am fully secure in all my relationships.

I know that I am loved, wanted and cared for by all.

I am the highest priority for all my loved ones.

My soul is positively nourished by the people who surround me.

My life is happy, prosperous and abundant.

Me and my loved ones are always protected by a divine light.

Me and my loved ones enjoy the best of health and riches the universe has to offer.

My relationships are fun and joyful.

I love being accompanied by the people who are important to me.

I only attract people who are positive, loyal and uplifting. 

I am divinely blessed.

More blessings are coming to me and I am ready to receive them all. 

My life is miraculously beautiful and fulfilling.

I am so grateful that I get to enjoy my life to the fullest everyday with people who matter to me.

All my relationships are rooted in honesty and mutual respect.

I deserve the very best in life and I get the very best too.

Infinite and unconditional love is my birthright.

I am blossoming into the most beautiful version of myself because of all the love I have in my life.

I wake up every morning excited to conquer the day.

My life is only getting better and better each passing day.

Affirmations for healing relationships

Use these affirmations to lovingly heal any relationships which might be causing you hurt or pain.

All my relationships are fully healed of any misunderstanding or insecurities now.

Me and my loved ones share mutual respect and admiration.

All the relationships I have are becoming better and stronger.

My relationships are magical.

They add color and laughter to my life.

All my relationships make me feel valued and cared for.

I have the highest quality relationships.

I have the most open communication with all the people in my life.

There is no place for misunderstandings or insecurities in my relationships.

I am truly grateful to the universe for giving me with the most amazing people on the planet.

I am blessed beyond measure.

I am thankful that I have so many beautiful souls to share my life with.

Affirmations for toxic relationships

If you are in a toxic relationship and feel stuck in life then use these positive statements to reprogram your mind.

These affirmations will shift your perspective in life by taking you out of the current circumstances and leading you to beautiful new avenues.

Repeat these statements as many times as you can and see how the magic will slowly unfold in your life. 

Today I set the intention to free myself of any toxic relationships in my life.

All the toxic relationships I once had have either magically died out or have blossomed into pure relationships filled with love.

I am a strong and confident individual.

I know my worth.

I now release all the pain from my body and mind.

I now release all the emotional trauma that any toxic relation has ever caused me.

I am now open to receive love in its purest form.

I am fully healed in body, mind and spirit. 

I am ready to welcome new, positive, loving people into my life.

I declare that from now on every relationship I pursue will be worth my time and effort.

I choose to release all the harsh memories of the past.

I am a kind, loving soul and I deserve nothing but the best in life.

I know where and how to draw healthy boundaries in any relationship.

I am now open to welcoming the most amazing romance in my life.

I fully trust the universe.

I know that I am now being guided to the best life I deserve.

I attract people who cherish my uniqueness.

I am free of any fear or worries because I have complete faith in the universe.

I am a free spirit full of love and light.

I choose to see and focus on the positives.

I am grateful for all the blessings I currently have and I use gratitude as a magnet to attract more blessings into my life.

I am loved and admired wherever I go.

I am always vibrating at the frequency of love.

There is so much for me to look forward to.

I choose to let my past go and start with a fresh perspective.

I know that I am worth so much.

I now claim all the blessings in the universe that are mine to enjoy and cherish.

I am super excited for my life and relationships ahead.

I am the one with the universe.

I am a powerful co-creator of my own reality and I now create a wonderful life for myself. 

Thank you dear universe for all your blessings and support. 

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