Affirmations to have a good day (take control of your day)

affirmations to have a good day

Starting your day on a positive note is essential. Now you can use these affirmations daily to have a good day that is full of happiness, fulfillment and productivity. 

Repeating these affirmations in the morning before doing anything else is the best way to set up your day for success.

Remember to not just read the affirmations but to read them with a heart full of positive emotions. 

Let’s start with the affirmations. 

I am ready for an amazing day ahead.

I am thankful to witness this glorious morning. 

I am grateful to wake up in my healthy body today.

I am well-rested.

I feel energetic and excited for the day ahead.

I am full of happiness and bliss right now.

I can feel that today is going to go my way.

Things will be magically working out for me today.

I will complete all the important tasks with ease today.

I am full of gratitude.

My life is beautiful.

I am thankful for all the blessings.

I am abundant.

More abundance and wealth is going to flow in my life today.

I will meet the right people at the right time today.

Everyone I meet today will add something positive to my life experience.

I am full of confidence and courage today.

I feel my best today.

I value all my unique qualities and talents.

Today others around me will acknowledge my qualities too.

I fully trust the universe.

I know that the universe always has my back.

I know that things are only going to get better for me.

I am hopeful for a great future ahead of me.

Today, prosperity and well-being will surround me all day.

I will be admired and loved for being who I am.

I have infinite potential.

I will get closer to achieving my life goals today.

I deserve all the best things that the world has to offer.

I am on my path to becoming highly successful.

I am motivated.

I feel positivity running through my veins.

I am in a state of total and unconditional happiness today. 

Today I am beaming with joy. 

Today is going to be a remarkable day. 

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