38 Beauty Affirmations for perfect skin, body and personality

beauty affirmations

We all want to look and feel more beautiful and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that desire. 

We all are here on planet earth to become the best version of ourselves in all aspects and that also includes looking and feeling beautiful.

But did you know that the beauty you desire is achievable through the power of your mind?


Your mind, especially your subconscious mind is that powerful.

It can do wonders for you if you declutter it and take out some time to train it in a positive manner. 

I know this all may sound too good to be true to some. 

So if you are a skeptic, I would challenge you to repeat these affirmations to yourself everyday once or twice for 4 weeks and see what happens. 

  • My skin is fresh and youthful.
  • My skin is now clear of any unwanted marks, spots and discoloration.
  • My skin is now glowing. 
  • My body is healthy.
  • My body is in the perfect shape that I desire.
  • I am beautiful inside out.
  • My face is radiant.
  • My lips are pink, luscious and plump.
  • I have a beautiful smile.
  • My teeth and gums are naturally healthy and beautiful.
  • My eyes are extremely attractive.
  • My eyelashes are long, thick and voluminous.
  • I have perfectly shaped eyebrows. 
  • I am naturally very beautiful. 
  • I drink enough water to keep my skin hydrated. 
  • I enjoy eating healthy, nutritious food.
  • My hair is strong, healthy and silky smooth. 
  • My beauty is increasing everyday.
  • I am so grateful for my beautiful, healthy skin.
  • I am a divine feminine beauty.
  • I have a good posture. 
  • I am an eloquent speaker. 
  • People are attracted to my charismatic personality. 
  • I walk with confidence and grace.
  • My nails are strong. 
  • Skin all over my body is smooth and even toned.
  • I have a vibrant personality.
  • Each cell of my being is full of health and vitality.
  • I am a cheerful and happy person. 
  • I daily receive many compliments for my fit body and divine beauty. 
  • I am full of self-confidence.
  • I am confident yet humble.
  • I am capable of holding great conversations with anyone.
  • I love everything about myself. 
  • People are in awe of my beauty.
  • I have amazing, positive people around me who always lift up my mood. 
  • Each day in my life is full of love, abundance and sheer joy. 

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