135 Friday Affirmations for a fantastic weekend(they work like a charm!)

Friday Affirmations

It’s the last day of the week and you want to end your week on a high or at least a good note? Well, these Friday Affirmations have come to your rescue in that case!

Use these Friday Affirmations to unwind, relax and get mentally ready for the weekend.

Do Positive affirmations REALLY work? 

You can find scientific proofs and studies done on the effectiveness of positive affirmations all over the internet, but here let me share my own personal view on positive affirmations.

I have been using positive affirmations since the last 5 years and to say that they have been effective, would be an understatement. 

Remember! repeating just a bunch of positive affirmations everyday can literally change your whole life. 


That’s how powerful positive affirmations are.

That’s how awesome they are!

You can use positive affirmations to reprogram your mind for literally anything that you desire. 

When used consistently, positive affirmations almost act like cheat codes for life. 

If you have not yet explored the magic of positive affirmations, I implore you to try from the list of hundreds I have compiled on this website & stick to repeating them consistently for a few weeks.

You will be delighted at the profound positive impact these little sentences can make on every area of your life. 

Now it’s time to get back to our Friday Affirmations.

Most Powerful Friday Affirmations

Today is my day.

I am grateful for this wonderful day.

I am supported and guided in every step I take.

I am protected.

I am a magnet for health, happiness, wealth and abundance.

My life is becoming better and better each passing day.

Doors of wonderful opportunities are now opening for me. 

I am on my way to becoming the greatest version of myself.

Everything is rigged in my favor.

Everything happens for my highest good.

I am prosperous.

I am successful in every area of my life.

I am thriving in my personal and professional life.

Life is easy and effortless.

I am open to receiving the greatest blessings from the universe now. 

I am stepping into the greatest period of my life now.

I am loved and respected.

I am confident.

I am full of passion for life.

I am eager to make my life a masterpiece. 

I am excited for my future.

I am in perfect health.

My body is full of health and vitality.

I am youthful and energetic.

I am full of positive energy.

I am destined for infinite success.

I am blessed.

I am a magnet for money.

Money flows to me from all the sources.

I always have more than enough money to live a comfortable life.

Positive Morning Friday Affirmations

Use these positive morning Friday affirmations to start your day with positivity and joy:

Today is a fantastic day.

I am ready to do my best today.

I am ready to do my best today.

Today I choose to feel great about myself.

Today I choose to feel great about my life.

I am thankful for this day.

I am guided.

I am safe.

I am a channel for inspiring ideas.

Today I am my creative best.

I am a creative genius. 

I choose to spend this day with feelings of positivity.

I choose to focus on only the good things today.

I feel active and energetic today.

I am excited to meet amazing people today.

I am healthy and happy.

I am successful and inspirational.

My life is full of blessings.

I am self-aware.

I am fully conscious of my thoughts and behaviors.

I am in charge of my life.

Today I am ready to take massive steps towards my life goals. 

“I AM” – Friday Affirmations

“I AM” are the most powerful type of affirmations that you can use to train your mind for success in any area of your life.

These “I AM” affirmations will be a perfect addition to your other Friday Affirmations. 

I am limitless.

I am fearless.

I am powerful.

I am invincible.

I am a go-getter.

I am successful.

I am a high achiever.

I am focused on my goals.

I am built for greatness.

I am kind.

I am compassionate.

I am generous.

I am admired.

I am respected wherever I go.

I am naturally charming.

I am mentally strong.

I am capable of doing anything.

I am abundant. 

I am full of love and joy.

I am wise.

I am an excellent decision maker.

I am highly intuitive.

I am brave.

I am a risk taker.

I am an avid learner. 

I am constantly improving myself.

I am constantly polishing my skills.

Happy Friday Affirmations

Happiness is my natural state.

I choose to stay happy today and everyday.

I spread happiness wherever I go.

I am worthy of every happiness and joy in this world.

My life is filled with joy and adventures.

My life is full of adventures that awaken my soul.

My life is fun and effortless. 

I live each day of my life to the fullest.

I choose gratitude everyday.

I am fun to be around.

People love my company.

Everybody loves being around me.

I own every room I enter with my grace and charm.

I am charismatic.

I have excellent communication skills.

I am highly articulate with my words. 

I speak confidently and clearly.

I am grateful for my life.

My abundance is increasing everyday.

I am becoming more and more successful everyday. 

Friday Affirmations for work

Own your work day with these friday affirmations for work:

I am highly productive.

I love my work.

I have a strong work ethic.

I feel inspired to perform at my best level.

I am excellent with time management.

I value my time dearly.

I am an efficient worker.

I easily balance my personal and professional life.

My mind is calm and focused.

I set clear goals for myself.

I achieved all my goals. 

I am motivated.

I am a leader.

I am excellent at networking.

I believe in teamwork.

I respect and learn from every person I work with.

My work is a source of joy for me.

I am passionate about what I do.

I put my heart and soul into my tasks.

I bring out the best in everyone.

I am patient with my work. 

I am consistent. 

I am highly rewarded for my efforts.

I am seen, heard and valued at my workplace.

I am confident in what I do.

I make the best decisions.

I know how to easily close any deal. 

I have excellent negotiation skills.

I can easily influence people with my words.

I am transforming into the best version of myself.

I have a strong and impressive personality.

I impress everyone with my dedication and focus.

Incredible opportunities keep coming my way.

I am thriving in my profession.

My career growth is incredible.

 I enjoy my work and that is the reason for my success. 

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