35 Gabrielle Bernstein Law of Attraction Quotes (Manifest all you want with ease!)

gabrielle bernstein law of attraction quotes

Gabrielle Bernstein is a best-selling author and speaker known especially for her books like “The universe has you back” and “Super Attractor”. Gabby is a fantastic source of information when it comes to the art of manifestation. So, here I am going to share with you the best of Gabrielle Bernstein Law of Attraction quotes that will help you manifest all your desires and wishes.

“Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.” 

“The way we experience the world around us is a direct reflection of the world within us. If our thoughts and energy are not supportive, then our life won’t be supported. Therefore, we must take responsibility by consciously supporting ourselves in every given moment.” 

“That is the goal: to live in this world but believe in a peaceful loving world beyond it.” 

“If my environment dictates my mood, then my life will feel like a roller coaster. The way to steady ground is through my breath.”

“There’s no reason for you to play small anymore. The Universe has big plans for you, and it’s time to claim them.”

“Being in union with the energy of the Universe is like an awesome dance where you trust your partner so much that you just surrender to the beat of the music.”

“When we chase happiness externally, we’re simply looking for God in all the wrong places.” 

“One of the primary reasons for our unhappiness and discomfort is our attack thoughts. All day long, without even realizing it, we’re attacking ourselves and others. Attacks don’t have to be massive to inflict real damage—each small attack, from a negative thought about ourselves to a cold comment toward another person, adds up.”

“Be open to perceiving a physical condition as a chance to get closer to God.” 

“Let the Universe support you. Feel confident knowing that what others have is a reflection of what is on the way for you. Celebrate other people’s successes generously and sincerely!” 

“Do something, anything, that brings you joy. Remember, the key to manifesting is to feel good.” 

“Your presence is your power. Be mindful of how your thoughts, words, and energy disconnect you from the Universe. And know the difference between what it feels like to be connected to the presence of your power versus what it feels like when you’re not.” 

“Every difficult situation in my life, no matter how hard it seemed at the time, has offered me grace on the other side.” 

“When we feel good, we attract solutions rather than problems. When we feel good, life flows naturally.” 

“I can tell when I’m out of alignment because I become focused on outside goals and objectives as opposed to the joy of life. When I’m misaligned, I try to control my circumstances. I’m resentful, my energy is low, and I feel physically ill. It’s a struggle to get things done, and I cut off the flow of inspiration.”

“Your energy has far more power than you can even imagine. There is energy in your spoken words, in your emails, and in your physical presence.”

“The emotions you feel become the energy you emit. Your energy is important because it’s your point of attraction.”

“We put enormous effort into hiding our vulnerability, but it’s our vulnerability that truly heals.”

“We block our real achievements when we don’t enjoy the journey.” 

“Your purpose is to be joyful. Your purpose is to live with ease. Your purpose is to surrender to the love of the Universe so you can live a happy life. Accept the purpose of love, and your life will radically change this instant.” 

“Instead of obsessing about the outcome, focus on how you want to feel.” 

“When you dwell in an energy of positivity and power, you become a magnet for miracles.”

“Trust that your wounds are exactly as the Universe planned. They were divinely placed in your life in the perfect order so that you could show up for them with love and remember the light within.” 

“When I’m aligned with my presence, I’m breathing easily, words come to me without overthinking, I feel genuinely confident, and people resonate with my energy. I feel safe, calm, and in the flow with whatever is happening around me. When I’m out of alignment with the power of my presence, I feel stuck, weak, tired, anxious, and annoyed. No one wants to be around me, and I feel disconnected from everyone.”

“When you ask yourself, ‘How can I serve?’ the Universe responds, ‘How can I serve you?” 

“If you want to manifest a new job, find ways to have more fun in the job you currently have. The good energy you bring to whatever work you do helps open doors for new opportunities.” 

“True abundance is an inside job.”

“The next time you get hung up in a victim mentality over why something isn’t working out the way you planned, simply say this prayer and realign with love: “Thank you, Universe, for helping me see this obstacle as an opportunity. I will step back and let you lead the way.” 

“Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude.” 

“The root cause of all judgment is the fear of not being good enough, not being worthy of love, and not being safe.” 

“You create your reality with the thoughts you repeat and the beliefs that you align with.”

“We’re taught that we must struggle to achieve and that success comes from “making things happen.” We learn that good things don’t happen without a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. I challenge you to move beyond these beliefs of limitation and suffering. I challenge you to accept that you’re here to have fun.” 

“When you feel good, you give off a presence of joy that can elevate everyone around you.” 

“What if you shifted your focus off of the need to win and the fear of losing and onto how much fun the activity brings? This simple shift will put you into a state of joy, which inevitably brings far more success.” 

“As long as you’re relying on your will, your plans, and your timeline, you’ll feel blocked and fearful—stressed in the present, worried about the future, unsure of decisions, and so on. But the moment you let go and allow, an energy of support will take over.” 

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