Get clear flawless skin using the Law of Attraction (in just 7 steps)

Get flawless skin with law of attraction

Did you ever wonder if you could use Law of attraction to get flawless skin?

Or you want to feel really confident about your appearance yet there are some skin problems preventing you from feeling that way?

Or are you sick and tired of using all kinds of DIY and commercial products yet they do not yield the promised results? 

So how about manifesting the flawless skin of your dreams through your thoughts? Doesn’t that just sound fantastic! 

Manifesting your perfect skin seems too good to be true. But if you have studied the law of attraction you must know that anything you desire is achievable!

The only prerequisite is a strong faith in the process. 

Now let me guide you through some really effective yet simple steps that will help you build your trust in the Law of attraction and will yield a flawless skin in no time. 

7 step Law of Attraction guide to get clear skin:

1. Neutralize your negative thoughts towards your skin

The very first step towards getting a flawless skin is to stop feeling negative about the skin you have right now. Feeling negative about your skin will attract more thoughts of such frequency and you may end up making your skin worse. 

So kick that negative attitude out of the door ASAP! 

Clear your mind of the negative thoughts by a conscious focus everyday. 

Whenever a low vibrational thought regarding your skin pops up in your head, don’t beat yourself up. Instead consciously replace that thought with something more neutral or positive. 

Getting out a loop of negative thoughts is a long process and it demands persistence. 

So don’t feel agitated in the process. But know that you are improving a little bit everyday. 

2. Repeat a positive affirmation

law of attraction to get flawless skin

The next step to use law of attraction to get the flawless skin of your dreams is to make your own positive affirmation.

You can use the words that resonate with you and are easy for you to repeat.

For example the affirmation I have frequently used for all my skin related worries is, “My skin is youthful and flawless”!

This affirmation works because it is:

A) Concise and crisp: I believe that the affirmation you choose must be short and to the point. If you choose a statement that has many sentences, your brain might feel like it is a chore to repeat all those lines again and again. So you might not repeat the affirmation often  just because it takes so long to say those words. 

B) Conveys the intentions accurately: the affirmation you choose must clearly convey what you intend. A vague affirmation will neither excite your mind nor will it properly convey to the universe about what you really want to manifest.

So write down an affirmation for yourself that is in present tense, is short and conveys what exactly you want.

PRO TIP: Save the affirmation as your phone’s wallpaper so you may be reminded of repeating it every time you check your phone. 

3. Visualize your perfect skin daily

At least once everyday, take out a few minutes to close your eyes and visualize the flawless skin you want to manifest. 

It’s best to visualize in first person.

Close your eyes and feel like your skin is clear and glowing right now. 

Imagine your cheeks are free of any pimples or discoloration. Feel like you are touching your lips right now and they are plump and beautiful. 

Visualize that someone you know is complimenting you for the perfect skin you have.

Feel the happiness you will get from receiving that compliment. 

Feel like you are full of confidence and gratitude for the flawless skin the universe has blessed you with. 

Repeat this whole process one or twice a day. You may add as many details to the process as you wish. Try to make your feelings so real that your mind gets tricked into believing like it is not a visualization but your current reality. 

4. Use a placebo

law of attraction to get flawless skin

The effect of a placebo is undeniable and has been well documented in so many scientific studies. 

We can use a placebo to accelerate our process of manifestation.

I use my daily vitamin E supplement as a placebo to get the skin I want.

You can use absolutely anything as your placebo like water, your meal or any fruit. Or it can be something as random as exercise. 

I have over time wired this belief in my mind that every time i take my vitamin pill it adds to my beauty. It makes my skin smoother and youthful. 

This use of the placebo trick has worked amazingly well for me and my skin looks younger and brighter since I have started fusing my intentions into my vitamin pill. 

5. Praise yourself looking at the mirror

Everytime you see yourself in the mirror, shower yourself with compliments! Just go nuts with the praises! Don’t hold back! 

You are so beautiful.

Your skin is glowing.

You are loved and admired by everyone.

Your skin is getting so much better with each passing day.

This looks like such a vain thing to do but trust me you will love the results!

This step serves two important purposes. My mood instantly becomes cheerful when I compliment my reflection. I feel more confident and my mind gets trained into believing those words as my reality.

6. Act “as if” you already have that flawless skin

Get flawless skin with law of attraction

Whenever you find yourself worrying about your skin, remind yourself that you “have” a flawless skin right now.

Start living your life as if your desire has already manifested. Feel as if you have the most beautiful and flawless skin one could wish for. 

If you see someone with great skin, don’t get jealous, instead tell yourself that you have no reason to be insecure because you have such a perfect skin yourself.

7. Don’t be impatient!

Rome was not built in a day! 

All good things take some time.

Your manifestation may take a little time. But if you become agitated by the time it is taking, you are disconnecting yourself from the vibration of receiving. 

Everyday you must remind yourself that your wish is coming to you in the best way possible so why should you spend even a minute worrying

Instead you must learn to enjoy this process of manifestation and to enrich your faith in the law of attraction.

See this as your chance to become a better manifester.

Use this time as your training period and know that patience is the most important thing you need to be successful here. 

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