95+ Hair Growth Affirmations for hair of your dreams (Silky, Strong, Voluminous)

Hair Growth Affirmations

Using hair growth affirmations to rescue yourself of your hair worries might be the last thing you would want to try, but what’s so bad about giving something as easy as affirmations at least one-little-chance? 

Don’t we all want healthy, strong & luscious hair?

Of Course we do. And you deserve such hair too.

A crown of luscious locks can make you feel invincible. 

Healthy, long and voluminous locks add confidence and beauty to your personality. 

But if you are struggling from hair loss or your hair is anything less than perfect, then I am here to help you with hair growth affirmations. 

The powerful hair growth affirmations that I am going to tell you about, will change your hair game forever.

And the best part is that it is all through the power of your mind.

So, are you ready to harness your latent mind power to manifest great looking hair?

Then let’s get started. 

Can You Manifest Hair Growth?

Yes. Absolutely! A 100-percent yes. 

You can manifest anything you put your mind onto and growing out your hair is one of the million things you can do with the power of manifesting.

If you are serious about manifesting, I would highly recommend you to check out some manifestation techniques from one of my fav manifestation teachers of all times – Neville Goddard.

Here are Neville Goddard’s 3 works-like-magic techniques that will turn up your curiosity for manifestation and creating your own reality. 

You can use all 3 of these methods for manifesting hair growth with just a tad bit intelligent use of imagination and out-of-the-box thinking.

Best manifestation techniques by Neville that you seriously need in your life right now:

  1. Living in the end technique
  2. Isn’t it Wonderful technique
  3. The telephone technique

How To Manifest Fast Hair Growth

Before we move on to Hair Growth Affirmations let’s discuss how manifestation really works when it comes to hair growth.

Through my observation over the years, I have seen that the best way to manifest fast hair growth is to use the power of your mind in conjunction with hair growth remedies.

So, today I am going to tell you 2 super effective ways that you can use to manifest fast hair growth.

Infuse your hair oil with positive intentions

I hope you know that everything in this universe is made up of energy. So are the particles of your hair oil.

And the human mind is powerful enough to affect matter through its frequency and patterns.

You can read up on the works of Dr. Masaru Emoto to know more about the connection between our thoughts and the matter around us.

So here goes the manifesting method.

Hold the bottle of oil in between the palm of your hands and say positive statements of gratitude to the hair oil like it’s listening to every word and feeling of yours. And guess what? It really is listening.  

Say positive statements like:

  • I am so thankful to you for making my hair grow so fast.
  • I am so grateful that you nourish my hair from the roots to the tips.
  • I am so grateful that my hair is now growing out crazy fast.
  • I am so grateful that the volume of my hair is increasing rapidly.

Do this intention setting for 3-5 minutes. Feel like this hair oil is going to change your hair game forever.

Day dream about your perfect hair

You want to see yourself with Rapunzel-esque locks? Then daydream about such hair.

I am serious.

Daydreaming about something is the fastest way to manifest it & if you listen to teachings of Abraham Hicks

, you would get a better idea about why I am advocating the use of daydreams. 

See, the law of attraction and manifestation is all about your attention or focus.

You manifest things you focus on. Of Course manifesting takes its sweet time, you just cannot assume that your long-luscious locks would appear overnight. 

But if you focus on your dream of having long beautiful hair for a while and think about it, you will eventually manifest that hair. 

So, everytime you touch your hair from now on, think of how long it is, how stunning it is. 

Also, practice thinking no negative thoughts about your hair for a few days (this is called Mental Diet) and see how your hair changes in just a few days.

That’s the power of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. So use them wisely!

I AM Affirmations for Hair Growth

I am blessed with beautiful hair.

I am blessed with hair that grows fast.

I am loving the increasing volume of my hair.

My hair is becoming stronger.

My scalp is becoming healthier by the day.

I love flaunting my beautiful hair.

I am beautiful inside out.

I am gifted with strong hair.

Affirmations For Hair Regrowth

  • I love my hair.
  • My hair is growing rapidly.
  • My hair is strong.
  • My hair is naturally silky and beautiful.
  • My hair is well nourished.
  • I feel so good about my hair.
  • My hair adds confidence to my personality.
  • People always praise the quality of my hair.
  • My scalp is healthy and well-nourished.
  • The roots of my hair are super strong.
  • I experience zero hair fall
  • My beautiful hair boosts my beauty. 
  • My hair is shiny and bouncy.
  • I am attractive and charismatic.
  • I am proud of my healthy and beautiful hair.

Powerful Affirmations For Long Hair

My hair is becoming longer and longer.

My hair is growing stronger and stronger.

I am amazed at the speed with which my hair is growing.

My hair growth is exceptional. 

I love my silky hair.

My hair is naturally beautiful.

My hair is very strong and shiny.

More hair growth affirmations: 

My love towards my hair makes it grow and shine.

I am grateful for my long and strong hair.

My hair is voluminous.

My hair looks perfect no matter how I style it.

I am thankful for my beautiful and long hair.

I love taking care of my hair.

Positive thoughts towards my hair energize it.

My beautiful hair is like my crown. 

Affirmations For Curly Hair

Whether you already have some beautiful curls and you want them to look better, or you don’t have curls atm but want to manifest amazing curls, these affirmations for curly hair will help you out.

I am a queen with a crown of curly hair.

I love how my hair naturally curls.

My curly locks are my pride.

I get compliments for my curly locks.

My curls look mesmerizingly beautiful. 

Hair Growth Affirmations for Curly Hair:

My hair is growing longer and stronger each day.

My hair is shiny and healthy.

My hair is so easy to manage.

It is so easy to style my beautiful curls.

People look at my bouncy curls with awe.

I am the center of positive attention wherever I go.

I deserve the best in everything.

I am super confident about who I am.

I create a good life with my positive thoughts.

I am grateful for all of my blessings.

Affirmations For Straight Hair

Want to manifest silky straight and sleek hair that would make you look like a million bucks?

These affirmations for straight hair will get you your dream locks in no time. 

I have silky smooth hair.

My hair is sleek and straight.

My hair looks like that of a model on the runway.

I carry my beautiful hair with style and confidence.

My hair is becoming even more beautiful by the day.

I have incredibly healthy hair.

Hair Growth Affirmations for straight hair: 

My hair is growing beautifully.

I am blessed with miracle hair.

 I am blessed with amazing hair. 

My hair has a phenomenal volume. 

I am grateful for my strong, silky and straight hair that adds immense beauty to my personality. 

Beautiful Hair Affirmations

  • I am gifted with naturally beautiful hair.
  • My hair looks and feels beautiful.
  • My hair is strong and healthy.
  • My hair has a natural shine.
  • I love the natural volume of my hair.
  • My hair grows rapidly.
  • My hair adds charisma to my personality.
  • My hair is so easy to manage and style.
  • I am the one with beautiful and healthy hair.
  • I am grateful for my lovely hair. 

Affirmations for Hair and Skin

  • My hair is silky and strong.
  • My skin is flawless.
  • I am beautiful.
  • My skin is clear.
  • My skin is radiant.
  • My skin stays young and hydrated.
  • I love taking care of myself.
  • My hair is shiny.
  • My hair is voluminous.
  • Everyone I meet is impressed by my beauty.

Self Talk for Hair

  • I love my hair.
  • My hair is becoming stronger each day.
  • My hair is incredibly beautiful.
  • I am proud of my luscious locks.
  • My hair makes me more attractive.
  • My hair has a great texture.
  • My hair is strong.
  • I am gifted with wonderful hair.
  • I am proud of my hair.
  • My hair is naturally stunning and gorgeous.
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