How to attract money with the Law of attraction?

How to attract money with law of attraction

Being financially well-off and free is something we all desire. However, if your money game is not so strong, the Law of attraction is one amazing tool that can help you attract all the money you desire. 

People who are not financially stable spend the majority of their lives worrying about the money problems. Such individuals may never really enjoy life in its fuller essence because their minds are so occupied by the financial stresses. 

Since our time on the planet Earth is limited, it is so very important to savor each moment of every day. But to live such a life, you first need to fix all the things that bring you stress and anxiety (which in this case is money). 

So, let’s learn a simple step-by-step procedure by which you may attract wealth into your life through the Law of Attraction. 

1. Decide an amount that gets you excited.

Attract money

The Law of attraction is always at work, it is at your service 24/7. The universal forces are always trying to give what you desire by reading your feelings and emotions.

But you must be thinking that why haven’t you yet attracted what you want if the universe is so brilliant at its work?

The most simple and logical answer is that “You are not properly communicating with the universe”.

See to get an order delivered to your doorstep, you first have to put a clear order. 

The universe is abundant in nature. There is no shortage of wealth and resources on the energetic level. But to get the amount you need in your physical reality, you must communicate your desire effectively to the universe. 

So, the very first and crucial step in attracting money into your life is deciding how much you want. It can be $10 or $1 Trillion. Nothing is too big or too small for the universe. 

Pro tip:

The only thing you need to make sure while deciding the amount of money is that it shouldn’t be unbelievable for you. 

For example, if you decide that you want $1 million every month, this desire is perfectly fine and not difficult to be manifested for the Infinite intelligence. But suppose right now you are not earning $1 million even in a year. So the only hindrance will be that maybe your mind won’t believe that $1 million/month can ever happen and it will offer resistance to the desire.

So start with an amount about which you can easily convince your mind into believing that it is possible!

Start small and build slowly on the way. 

2. Make an affirmation about the amount of money you want to attract. 

The second step in attracting money in your life is to use a short, simple yet effective affirmation that you can repeat often.

For instance, if you want to earn $1 million in an year you may make your affirmation like:

“I am so happy and grateful now that

I am earning $1 million every year.”

This affirmation is fantastic because it mentions the sum of money you want, it mentions the time span you want to manifest it in and it offers words of gratitude to the universe which tricks your brain into believing as if you are already in possession of that amount of dollars.

Law of attraction is all about smartly playing with your mind to make it do what you desire. Hence, the use of a well designed affirmation is one easy yet highly effective way of making your mind develop trust in the Law of attraction.

In the very beginning of saying your affirmation, you will feel as if you are lying to yourself. Trust me I know that it feels weird and so immature to say things to yourself that are not true.

But overtime when you will repeat the affirmation, your mind will be trained enough to accept it as your reality. 

Our end goal with affirmations:

After a substantial amount of time, repeating your affirmation will feel as if you are saying something so obvious like “The sky is blue”.

This is our end goal that your affirmation appears as real to your brain as any other universal fact. 

You must not give up on your affirmations until you reach that stage where repeating them becomes second nature to you.

Effective routine for saying affirmations:

Whenever you start with doing anything new, you must follow a strict routine to make it a habit. 

In the very same way, I would suggest you a super effective routine that is easy to follow and gets the job done.

-Every morning set your alarm for 5 minutes and start repeating your affirmation in those 5 minutes as many times as you can. 

-You may say the affirmation loud or in your heart.

-Don’t stop until 5 minutes are over.

-Repeat this process every night as well.

3. Daydream about having that amount of money.

Manifest money with Law of attraction

Daydreaming is the way you bring your desires into physical reality through the Law of attraction. 

If you don’t indulge in daydreaming often, you must learn this skill. It involves using your wonderful imagination to visualize things you desire. 

At first, exercising your imagination seems difficult. But with enough practice and patience, you will get really good at creating inspiring scenes in your mind. 

However, when trying to manifest our desire, we must use our capabilities of daydreaming in a very focused and disciplined manner.

To attract money through the Law of attraction, get in the habit of imagining yourself as if you already have the wealth you wish. Imagine what your lifestyle will be  when you will be in possession of the money. Think how you would feel knowing that you have achieved complete financial freedom. Imagine who will you help out with your money.

Such vivid daydreams infuse the energy of your emotions into your desire which in turn makes the whole process of attraction quicker and effective. 

“The man who has no imagination has no wings.” 

Muhammad Ali

When to Daydream/Visualize?

Daydreaming or visualizing is a process that needs dedicated time and focus. 

Daydreaming whilst sitting in a meeting will not only jeopardize your career but it will not be effective at all because you are trying to multitask.

Multitasking is complete no-no in visualization. 

So you must take out 10 or 20 minutes each morning and night to sit down, relax your mind and visualize.

What if you cannot find the time to Visualize? 

If you do not find the time to visualize daily and consistently, I would suggest you incorporate visualization in your affirmation sessions (that i have explained in the affirmation routine above). 

No matter how busy you are, you can find 5 minutes in morning and 5 in evening for this. So, just set your alarm for 5 minutes, close your eyes and start repeating your money affirmation and side by side start creating images in your mind as if you are in possession of the money you want. 

Things you must NOT do while manifesting money:

You must not share what you are manifesting with anyone.

Attracting money through the Law of Attraction is the game of a strong faith and using all your positive energy in an efficient manner. 

But if you share your desire with somebody you know, you may attract unnecessary negative energy.

If you share it with someone you love and you trust that they want the best for you, still they can respond like “This wish seems difficult to manifest.” Or “You can’t just make money appear through wishful thinking”. 

Those words from someone you love can introduce doubt in your mind and doubt is the number 1 killer of all dreams.

On the other hand, if you share your dream of attracting money with a random acquaintance, there is a highly likely chance that they would get insecure or jealous about your ambitious goal. Insecurity, jealousy or envy all negative frequencies and you do not want to associate any such frequencies with your dream.

So it’s better to keep your money goals to yourself until you have achieved them in reality!

Learn to keep your desires and dreams a secret! 🙂

You must not become impatient.

The first week of affirmations and visualizations will be very exciting for you. The second week your motivation will decrease a little and every week after that you may feel like your wish is not coming fast enough.

This feeling “my wish is not coming fast enough” is another order you are placing with the universe. So steer clear of impatience at all costs.

Instead if a thought like that comes to your mind, replace it with a positive thought like “I have complete faith in the Infinite intelligence that it will fulfill my desire in no time”. 

“He that can have patience can have what he will.”

Benjamin Franklin

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