How to manifest height with the law of attraction

How to manifest height

I am sure I am not the only person who has searched “how can i grow taller” or “how to manifest height” on the internet multiple times and came up with nothing concrete to follow. 

The internet is a wonderful place and you can find millions of answers to your query on touch of a button. Still, there are thousands of topics where the information on the web is convoluted at best.

Manifesting height through the use of law of attraction is one of those topics where I was not able to find anything that could satisfy a curious mind for a straightforward answer. Therefore,I decided to pen down this article so that I could benefit many others searching for the same answers that I was once upon a time.

Can you manifest height with the law of attraction?


This is the first question that pops into every one’s mind when they think about manifesting height.

So is it really possible that one may manifest a certain height purely through the power of his thought & emotion?

The short and clear and 100% accurate answer is…. Absolutely YES!!

With the law of attraction and the power of your mind you can do and get all that you desire so how is manifesting height in any way impossible?

I mean have you seen how Dr. Joe Dispenza is helping people cure their terminal illnesses just through reprogramming their minds? You must check him out if you have not yet.

So if people can literally cure themselves of a terminal illness and return back to life from a death sentence then I don’t see how your mind is any less capable of giving you your desired appearance?

Hopefully i have answered this query to your satisfaction now let’s move on.

How to use the law of attraction to grow taller?

Now that we are sure that you can do anything under the sun with the law of attraction let’s see how you can manifest height with it easily and quickly.

1) Build an unshakeable belief in your ability to manifest:

The first step towards achieving anything in life (it doesn’t matter if you are using the law of attraction of not) is BELIEF.

Belief lies at the very core of all great human endeavours and accomplishments. Whatever the human race has accomplished so far is a direct result of a handful individuals believing in themselves. Talk to any successful person who has achieved something remarkable and within minutes you would realize that they were able to get so far ahead because their foundation was so strong. By foundation I mean their belief was robust and sturdy to withstand any obstacle.

To be successful in life you must work on your beliefs.

Here’s how to build a strong belief in yourself and your ability to manifest:

  1. Sit down with yourself in silence and discover what beliefs you have about yourself, your life and success. 
  2. Observe which beliefs help you move forward and which ones are holding you back. 
  3. Now that you have categorized the helpful beliefs and the unhelpful ones, work on eliminating the unhelpful ones through some kind of mental training.
  4. This mental training could mean daily meditation, daily breathing exercise or some sort of journalling exercise.
  5. Stick with whatever method you choose for a good 4 weeks or so and then see how your mental patterns have changed. Observe that you will have become more trusting and confident. 

2) Use visualization for height increase:

Now that we are done with the first step of developing a strong belief in our manifesting abilities, we can move to more specific tools for manifesting height.

To manifest the height you want, you must visualize it in your mind first. 

Visualization is a strong tool that helps you create the right feelings and emotions which in turn help you in accelerated manifestation of your desire.

To visualize your desired height: 
  1. Be very clear about what is your aim for this visualization process. Decide what is your desired height for instance let’s say that you might want to grow to be 172 cm tall. 
  2. Sit down in a calm and comfortable place where you will not be disturbed for the next 20 minutes or so.
  3. Relax yourself and the thoughts racing through your mind by focusing on your breath. Your attention will keep moving away from your breath frequently. So your job here is to bring the attention back to the breath whenever you catch it going here and there
  4. Now that your mind is calm, you should start visualizing a scene which depicts your desire is now fulfilled. For example, you may create a scene where you are measuring your height and it comes out to be exact 172 cm. Or create a scene where your friends are complimenting you and saying “You look much taller than before, what have you done?”. Create any scene that feels good to you. Let your imagination run wild and pick the best scene possible. 
  5. Now add emotions and feelings into the scene you are visualizing. How would you feel when you realize that you are now 172cm tall? I am sure if you would feel happier and confident. So feel that happiness and joy. Let your heart flutter and your breath go buzzing with excitement. Yup. That’s how excited you want to feel.
  6. Once you have visualized the scene to your heart’s content, your job is done for the day. 

I would suggest you get into this visualization session once every day at least for a few weeks.

After a constant daily practice of a few weeks, your mind would be trained to accept the visualization as your reality. You would naturally feel like you have grown taller. This is the very state you want to achieve. 

Achieving this state of acceptance of wish fulfilled means that you have manifested your desire on the vibrational level.

Don’t worry about the physical manifestation, you will see that too. Very soon.

3) Start thinking from your desire:

This technique is a continuation of the last one. 

Once you have immersed yourself into daily practice of visualization, you will automatically start thinking“from your desire”.

Neville Goddard and so many other spiritual masters have explained why you need to think FROM your desire and not to think OF your desire.

When you think from your desire, it recondition your mind into believing that you have achieved what you wanted. Once your mind has accepted your desire as your reality, consider the job is done.

So how would you think from your desired height?

Well this requires a little creativity and imagination.

I will give two examples so you get the overall idea.

When shopping for your new jeans, look for the ones that would look great on a person of a taller height.

Or when talking to your friends about your height, always talk as if you are as tall as you want to be. 

This trick is very effective for rapid manifestation and hell of a fun at the same time.

Thinking from the desire fulfilled will get you in a good mood too.

So from today think from your desire as much as you can. In fact just forget about your current height and trust that you have grown taller.

4) Use affirmations to manifest height:

Whenever I am advising someone about manifesting or the law of attraction, I always tell them to use affirmations.

I am a huge fan of affirmations because they are so easy to use yet so effective. It’s literally as simple as repeating a few sentences daily to manifest your heart’s desire.

So to manifest height using affirmations, make up a few affirmations for your personal use.

These affirmations can be like “I am tall and beautiful like a supermodel” or “Everybody praises me for my amazing height”.

The affirmations you make must make you happy and excited about your desire.

So choose words and phrases that would bring out the best of emotions from you.

Once you have formulated the perfect affirmation(s), start repeating them daily. Repeat them daily for a few minutes. I would suggest setting an alarm for at least 5 minutes and repeat the affirmation with emotions in those 5 minutes.

Remember it’s all about the feeling!

how to manifest height

It is so important to always remember that manifestation is all about feeling. 

As Wayne Dyer says, 

“You will see it, when you believe it.”

If you can accurately feel your desire then BAM! You have manifested it energetically.

The physical manifestation always follows the energetic manifestation so don’t ever worry about that at all.

You job and your only job is to feel the feeling. Focus on the feeling of your manifested height and soon you will see people asking you for how you have grown taller.

Also if at any time you feel like your manifestation is not going forward then you know where to check….your feelings about the manifestation. Yup. That’s correct.

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