How to manifest someone(A Complete Guide)

How to manifest someone

In this blogpost, I am going to give you a fool-proof guide on how to manifest someone easily & super quickly. 

I have created this particular guide with the best available knowledge on manifesting. 

So make sure that you read this blogpost till the very end and don’t forget to incorporate the guide into your life for at least a month to see the magic of your subconscious mind.

Does the Law of attraction really work? 

Law of attraction works only if you believe it works.

Sounds tricky, doesn’t it? 

The Law of Attraction is totally based on your beliefs. 

The law states that our thoughts and feelings create the world we live in.

Through centuries, many religions and mystics have emphasized the important connection between our thoughts and our reality.

So, this concept is not at all new. It has been used and practiced since ages by the wise men of the society. This is what gave them an edge over their fellows and they lived extra-ordinary lives.

“You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions and your intentions create your reality.”

-Wayne Dyer

Even today, there are many examples of individuals who believed in the power of their own thoughts and used those thoughts to get what they wanted out of life. 

Martial artist and boxer Conor McGregor is an excellent example of using one’s own thoughts to create a desired reality. McGregor has talked about the law of attraction in multiple interviews of his.

Law of Attraction seems like woo-woo and fantasy, but once you dive a little deeper into this world you will find that it makes perfect sense. 

The reticular activating system (RAS) in our brains works as a filter that lets in all the important information (aligned with your beliefs) and restricts all unnecessary information.

So, if you build a belief that you are going to be a billionaire: your RAS will start showing you all the ways and opportunities to achieve those goals.

That’s what the law of attraction is all about too.

In simpler words: What you focus on expands! 

The prerequisites to manifesting:

Here are 2 powerful tips that you must know before you start on your journey of manifesting.

Always start small and grow from there:

Manifestation is amazing and it has the potential to transform your whole life too.

But manifesting something is a skill and like all skills it demands some time and dedication too.

That time is essential to build your belief not in the law of attraction but in your own ability to manifest.

Without a strong belief, you will not get far ahead in the world of manifestation. It’s the first step. It’s the foundation!

I often come across people asking questions like, “how can I manifest all my desires instantly?”

Absurd questions like these make me laugh every time. 

What makes you think that you will get everything you ever desired with the touch of a button? 

Manifestation is not like winging a magic wand. But it sure can become that effortless with your effort and dedication. 

The rewards are infinite in the world of the law of attraction but you gotta have your basics in place.

So, I always recommend the beginners to start trying to manifest small things like: a free bottle of soda, a parking space or getting rid of the headache. 

With each small manifestation, your belief will solidify and that’s how you will become an expert at this skill.

Believe it will happen for you and it really will. 

Immerse yourself in the world of manifestation daily:

Either by reading law of attraction books, watching documentaries or listening to coaches; whatever it takes, make sure you fully immerse yourself in the world of manifestation daily.

By reading books or watching videos about manifesting, your mind will become familiar with the concept.

As they rightly say, “seeing is believing”. When you see other people using the law of attraction and manifesting successfully, it will move something inside you. 

Your subconscious will start warming up to the idea that manifesting is possible for you too.

So, go on buy a few law of attraction books and read a few chapters. Also start consuming content related to manifesting daily.

In just a few days, you will become comfortable with the idea of manifesting and your own ability to manifest whatever you desire.

Now that we know the pre-reqs, let’s move onto the actual guide on how to manifest someone.

A guide on how to manifest someone :

1) Get enough clarity on your desire

Imagine you are driving a car on a highway with no clear destination  in mind.

Every few kilometers you change your mind about which city you want to go to and with that change of mind you change your route too.

Now even after a long day of continuous driving, do you think you will be able to reach somewhere?


Because, you never had a destination in mind.

Your frequent mood shifts and whims will cost you your time and energies yielding no substantial fruit in the end.

Manifestation is much like driving a car, except the fact that here the universe is driving the car and you are just ordering it around sitting comfortably in the back seat.

Now if you want to get to a particular destination you must clearly communicate your desire to the universe and you must not change your mood very often too. 

The universe never works on wishes that are half-hearted and it never likes to waste its energies on people who are confused about what they want out of life.

So, the very first step in this guide of “how to manifest someone” is to gain 100% clarity on your wish. 

Ask yourself some basic questions like:

  • Who do I want to manifest? 
  • Is it someone I know or don’t know?
  • Why do I want to manifest them?
  • What special qualities am I looking for?
  • What value do I want them to add in my life?
  • What kind of a relationship do I want with them?

Writing down the responses or just answering them in your head is sufficient as long as you are super clear about your “someone”.

2) Work on loving yourself

In the world of law of attraction and manifesting, we work with the principle that “energy of a particular vibration attracts to it more of its kind”.

Love is an energy too. Love is a vibration. 

Thus, to attract love into your life you must become one with the frequency of love yourself.

Now how does one become one with frequency of love?

It’s so simple. By loving yourself and all that you have right now.

All that you have right now is enough to evoke feelings of love and gratitude in your being. 

Before you try to welcome somebody else’s love into your life, try accepting and loving yourself for who you are. Accept yourself with all your quirks and talents.

If you don’t fully love and accept yourself, then you will attract somebody who won’t fully love and accept you either. 

I am sure you don’t want that, right?

So from today start to focus on making yourself a priority in your life. 

Do what makes you genuinely happy.

Focus on your qualities rather than your flaws. 

Become your own hype man & celebrate every small win of yours.

That’s how you initiate your journey of self-love. With time this self understanding will become deeper and eventually you will start loving yourself unconditionally.

3) Embody some of the qualities you want in that “someone”

When you get clarity on what kind of a person you want to manifest in your life, you will also get clear on the qualities you want in them.

Your job here as a manifester is to make yourself is to make yourself compatible for that kind of person. 

For instance,let’s suppose that you want to manifest someone with amazing self-confidence and courage but you yourself are unsure about your talents and personality.

Do you think a person like that will like to be with an individual who is not confident enough?

If you are looking for a long term companionship that fulfills both of you then you must work on yourself.

Work on your talents.

Refine your qualities, especially the ones you eagerly seek in your partner. And when you do so, the law of attraction will play its magic and bring two people vibrating on the same frequency together.

4) Use the Ho’oponoPono prayer

Have you heard of Ho’Oponopono?

It’s an ancient Hawaiian forgiveness prayer that is used for healing and restoring balance in relationships.

The Ho’Oponopono technique is based on the assumption that whatever we encounter in our lives, either good or bad, is because of our own thoughts, actions or feelings in the past (our past karma).

If there is a problem in our life, it must have arisen because somewhere down the line we sowed its seeds either knowingly or unknowingly.

So, every individual is 100% responsible for whatever happens to them in their life.

This assumption sounds too harsh but trust me it is super empowering.

When we learn to take responsibility for things that happen to us, only then can we do something about fixing them.

Ho’Oponopono is a magical prayer.

It includes these 4 easy lines:

I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

I am a big big proponent of Ho’Oponopono because of all the miracles I have seen in my life because of it. 

If you are trying to manifest someone, and even if that is somebody unknown: you can still use Ho’Oponopono for your future relationship.

Using this prayer will remove all the obstacles in the way of your manifestation and everything will happen effortlessly. 

Here’s how to use Ho’Oponopono to manifest someone:

  1. Set an intention like, “I am using this prayer to easily manifest this person or such a person in my life”.
  2. Declare firmly: I now take 100% responsibility.
  3. Now do 108 chants of the 4 lines of Ho’Oponopono. (If 108 seems too big of a number for you, you can do as many times as you easily can in a day. I use 108 times because I heard a spiritual teacher recommending it and now doing it 108 times daily gives me a sense of satisfaction and confidence).
  4. Remember to do Ho’Oponopono daily.

You will see that by doing Ho’Opono pono regularly, things in all areas of your life will start shifting positively.

That is the power and the magic of Ho’Oponopono. 

5) Use the Law of Assumption

If you have ever come across works of Neville Goddard, you must be aware of his famous concept called the “Law of Assumption”.

Law of assumption states that your outer world is made of the assumptions you hold inside your mind.

If you assume the feeling and thoughts of being a wealthy person, then very soon your outer reality will start showing proof of you being wealthy as well.

Your thoughts literally become your reality. You may not realize this because you are not conscious of what goes inside your head all day long.

But once you start noticing your thoughts, feelings and beliefs; you can learn to use them in your favor.

Similarly, if you want to manifest someone, you must not let your feelings and thoughts sabotage you.

Instead, assume that you have already manifested that “someone”.

Start thinking and feeling like your desire has been manifested. 

Project this assumption into your behavior and personality.

When you will start living like your wish has been fulfilled, you will automatically remove any doubts or resistance that may be causing a delay in the fulfillment of your desire. 

6) Revise affirmations whenever you feel doubtful

Affirmations are small, positive statements used to rewire your brain for a certain purpose.

Through the consistent use of positive affirmations you can train your mind to help you with manifesting anything you want: better health, more money, success etc.

Similarly, you may also use affirmations to manifest someone in your life.

21 Positive affirmations to manifest someone:

  1. I am open to receiving love now.
  2. I am ready to welcome love into my life.
  3. I deserve unconditional love.
  4. The universe is guiding me towards my love.
  5. My life is miraculous.
  6. Everything always works out in my favor.
  7. I have a strong faith and unshakable belief in the universe.
  8. The universe has beautiful things planned for me.
  9. I am ready for an amazing companion in my life.
  10. I am ready to share and enjoy my life with someone special.
  11. I am now attracting the perfect love for me.
  12. I am now attracting a deeply fulfilling relationship in my life.
  13. My perfect partner will add more love and joy to my life. 
  14. I am loved for who I am.
  15. I am always accepted and admired for my uniqueness.
  16. I am worthy of infinite love.
  17. My life’s getting better and better everyday.
  18. Each day, I am getting closer to manifesting a special someone into my life.
  19. I am a blessed soul.
  20. I am the most beloved child of the universe and it gives me all that I desire easily and effortlessly.
  21. I am grateful for all my blessings and I know that many more blessings are on the way. 
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