34 I AM whole affirmations (feel your best now)

I am whole affirmations

If you feel an emptiness inside your being or you just want to feel your best everyday— these I AM Whole affirmations will help you feel happier, loved and guided. Repeat them every day at least once for a few weeks until they are impressed on your mind. 

I am full of love and light.

I am abundant.

Peace and tranquility surrounds me every second.

My mind is calm.

Serenity flows through my veins.

I am loved.

I am valued.

I know that I am worthy of all the good that the universe has to offer.

My life is an epitome of beauty and grace. 

Things magically work out for me.

New paths always open up for me.

I am guided by the divine presence.

I am whole.

I am always surrounded by miracles.

I get whatever I desire in life with ease.

I am always in a state of flow.

I am always in a state of surrender.

I let the universe bring me all that my heart desires.

My life is full of happiness and harmony.

Everyday I wake up with a heart full of gratitude.

Good luck surrounds me every moment.

Each step I take leads me to success and happiness.

I know that many more miracles are coming my way.

My life is an absolute blessing.

I cherish each day to the fullest.

I am forever grateful to the universe for all my blessings.

I feel complete inside.

All my desires are realized, all my needs are always met.

All my wants are always satisfied.

I am happy, prosperous and limitless.

I vibrate at the highest frequency. 

I am surrounded by love and well-being at all times.

I am an optimist.

I am a source of divine happiness and I add happiness to lives of those who are around me.

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