Isn’t it Wonderful Neville Goddard (Just ONE technique to manifest everything)

Isn’t it wonderful Neville Goddard

Isn’t it wonderful is Neville Goddard’ simple and easy yet very powerful technique that can be used to manifest anything you want.

Neville Goddard’s manifesting techniques highly emphasize on making use of one’s feelings to attract whatever they desire into their life. Because it is your feelings that give rise to physical reality.

The outer world is just a reflection of your thoughts and feelings. 

So, if you want to change your outer reality, focus on changing your feelings first.

Isn’t it wonderful is another of Neville Goddard’s manifesting techniques that is based around bringing about the feeling of wish fulfilled.

Once you are successful in practicing the feelings of your desire, the manifestation is going to happen soon and without any effort. You will see your manifestation coming closer in form of synchronicities, signs, and angel numbers.

Many people struggle with their manifestation because they fail to feel the feelings before a desire becomes their physical reality. In that case, Isn’t it wonderful to be of great help.

What can you manifest with Isn’t it wonderful (Neville Goddard) technique? 

“Isn’t it wonderful” is a beautiful manifesting technique that can be used to manifest something specific or it can also be used to manifest multiple things at a time that would make your life better. 

Sometimes, you just want your life to improve in so many areas and there is not a specific thing that you can pinpoint that will just by itself help you in improving your life.

When you have uncertainty about your desire, this technique should be your go to. 

Isn’t it wonderful a manifesting technique that takes care of everything for you. It’s generic wording will help you achieve everything needed to positively transform your life.

However, there’s a catch.

You might not be clear about what you want, or there might be many things you want to manifest at once but there is one thing you can be sure about — your feelings.

Ask yourself what kind of feelings you want to feel when you get everything that you ever desired?

How would that make you feel?

This right here is the crux of Isn’t it wonderful technique.

You have to know how it feels before it becomes manifested into reality.

Here is a little tip on how to discover the feeling if you are having difficulty with coming up with the exact emotions.

Go to a past memory where you had just received good news or something you wanted. Think about your feelings at that time. What were you feeling?

Was it a feeling of happiness, fulfillment or gratitude?

Dig into the positive feeling from the past and use it with the Isn’t it wonderful technique.

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How to use the technique Isn’t it wonderful by Neville Goddard?

If you are uncertain about what exactly you want to manifest, then here is how you go about using the Isn’t it wonderful technique:

  1. Every night before going to sleep, get yourself completely relaxed either by a quick meditation or using any other mindfulness modality that suits you.

Getting into a relaxed state is important for this technique to work. This is because in a relaxed state, your conscious mind slows down and thus you get direct access to your subconscious.

With this direct access, it is so much easier to program the subconscious for your manifestations.

  1. Once your mind is relatively relaxed, bring about a feeling that you would feel when you know that each and every desire of yours has manifested.

If you are having a struggle with coming up with the feeling, I have already explained a trick for that in this blog post. So go back and learn how you can come up with that feeling.

  1. Now hold onto that positive feeling and start repeating the phrase “Isn’t it wonderful?” over and over again.

The repetition of the phrase with positive feelings tricks your brain into feeling like you have already achieved your desire. This is what Neville Goddard refers to as a “state” of wish fulfilled.

The longer you stay in this state, the faster your desires will come into physical form.

  1. Go to sleep while chanting “Isn’t it wonderful?” along with positive feelings.
  2. Do this for as many nights as you want (ideally do it for a few weeks so that your subconscious has been accurately impressed with the feeling).

Now let’s come to part of how you can use the Isn’t it wonderful technique if you have something specific to manifest.

This is a method that I personally use with great success. 

Here is the step-by-step method to manifest with the Isn’t it Wonderful technique by Neville Goddard:

  1. Be very clear about what you want to manifest. Write it down on a paper if possible.
  2. Evernight before going to sleep, get into a peaceful and relaxed state through meditation or any practice that calms you down.
  3. In a relaxed state of mind, construct a future scene which shows that your desire has already manifested.
  4. Feel the feelings of joy, accomplishment and gratitude (feel any positive feelings that help you believe like your wish has been granted).
  5. With that future scene playing in your mind and the positive feeling in your heart , start repeating, “Isn’t it wonderful?” again and again.
  6. Go to sleep in this state.
  7. Do this every night for a minimum of 4 weeks to see maximum results. 

Why should you use the Isn’t it Wonderful technique for manifestation?

The Isn’t it wonderful technique is just amazing. It requires little effort and works like a charm every time.

Here are a few reasons as to why should you use this wonderful technique by Neville Goddard:

  • This technique is simple and easy to understand and  practice even for someone who has never had any experience with manifesting before.
  • Isn’t it wonderful is a great tool to use if you have multiple things to manifest at the same time.
  • This technique also works if you are really unsure about what you want to manifest. It automatically takes care of everything for you. 
  • It works with your feelings and feelings are the real magic potion. This technique directly puts you in the feeling of achievement of your desire and that is something you need for any manifestation to take place. 
  • This technique makes a clever use of the State akin to sleep (SATS) which is another very powerful manifestation concept by Neville Goddard. 
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