Manifest weight loss (quickly) with 2 powerful methods

Manifest weight loss

If you want to manifest weight loss through the power of your mind, know this for a fact that it is not only possible but thousands or perhaps millions have already done so either knowingly or unknowingly.

People since like forever have been changing their appearances, their finances and their lives just through a strategic and disciplined use of their thoughts. Read a few lectures by Neville Goddard, Joseph Murphy or go read any book by Dr. Joe Dispenza to convince yourself of how powerful your subconscious mind really is. 

Does manifesting weight loss work? 

Yes, it absolutely does.

There is no doubt about that! Let there be no doubt in your mind as well because a strong belief is the basic component of an effortless manifestation. 

So, influencing your body through your thoughts is one of the easiest things you can do with the Law of Attraction. 

This is the reason we see so many people suffering from terminal diseases suddenly jump back to perfect health and well-being in no time. Their thoughts and mind have a lot to do with those “spontaneous remissions” they encounter.

So if your mind can actually heal your body from a terrible illness, why won’t it be able to reduce that unwanted fat and give you the body of your dreams?

How to manifest weight loss? 

Okay. So now we are moving towards the real question of how to manifest weight loss and get the body you always desired? 

To manifest weight loss very easily and in no time i will give you two quick methods. Both of them are very powerful and you will have to follow both of them for a month to see the change. 

I know I know that a month seems too long and too far fetched. 

Why isn’t there some kind of tool that would help us manifest weight loss overnight?

So I apologize for breaking it to you but overnight manifestations are not very practical. Please don’t be fooled by “gurus” who promise you that you will manifest your desires in a day or so.

I mean sure you can manifest a coffee overnight but things like weight loss need a certain change in your mindset. And then it would take some time for your body to catch up with those mindset changes. So please give your body and mind enough respect to take this process slowly.

Trust me, there is nothing as sweet as seeing something materialize for which you have put effort for some time. That waiting time just sweetens the joy of manifestation. 

Alright, now let’s move onto the methods.

Method 1 – Write a thank you letter to the universe

For this first method, all you gotta do is write a gratitude letter to the universe. 

The letter must signify as if you have lost all the weight and now you are just thanking the universe for it. 

(Btw if you want to address that letter to God, nature or something else or someone else, please do so without hesitation. Just make sure that you have a strong belief in that entity.)


  • So write a letter sitting in a relaxed environment and make sure that your mind is also free from unwanted thoughts so that you truly can be just in the moment.
  • While writing the letter make sure to feel the joy and gratitude in your heart. Just be amazed at your amazing body after all that weight loss.

In case you are having a problem in writing such a letter, I am attaching a sample letter of how I wrote it. This will help you in getting started. Take this letter as a starting point and just build on it with more of your own thoughts. 

gratitude letter

Use the words that bring up amazing feelings in your body. 


After you have written the letter, save it some place where you access it everyday.

So now every morning and every night you have to read out that letter once to your own self. 

While reading the letter, try feeling those emotions and just try exaggerating the feelings as much as you can.

Do this ritual for 30 days.

After 30 days, just save the letter somewhere safe so that you may see it when you would want to read it after your manifestation comes true.

Also after the 30 days, just forget about the letter. 

Just let it go. 

Know this in your heart that your desire is coming to fruition very very soon.

Method 2 – Infuse your water or food with weight loss intentions 

This second method is even easier than the first one.

So here is the drill.

  • Once a day, repeat some sentences (that will show your intention) before consuming your food or water. You can do it before breakfast, lunch or dinner. Or anytime you drink a glass of water in the day.
  • The intention would go something like, “I bless this water/food with the positive energy from the source. This water/food is pure, healthy and it is helping me lose weight. And so it is!”

After saying the intention, just eat your food or drink your water as you normally would. 

This method is so easy and quick that it literally won’t take you 1 minute every day.

But the results will shock you. It’s a tried and tested method. 

Also you just need to do this only once a day, not with every meal or drink. 

Do this method along with reading the letter everyday for 30 days and I am sure that you will see the results you are aiming for.

Please remember that consistency is key here. So don’t skip any days from that 30 day period. 

I know that you will be so motivated to do both the methods for first 2 or 3 days and then your motivation would kind of hit a low. So you need to be prepared for that beforehand. Whenever you feel like you are running low on motivation, watch any Abraham Hicks video (it’s a tried and tested method!) & your vibration and motivation will rise again in no time.

So happy manifesting that weight loss. You can do it champ. I believe in you! 🙂

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