35 Manifesting Affirmations to make all your wishes come true!

Manifesting affirmations

Build and live the life of your dreams with these super powerful manifesting affirmations that will accelerate your manifestations like crazy.

Be prepared to become a master manifester of your own reality.

BTW did you ever wonder how much you are missing out on by not being a deliberate manifester?

The money, the car, the soulmate, the luxury — you can have it all.

Seriously. There is nothing impossible in the world of law of attraction and manifestation. 

It’s all there for you only if you learn to reprogram your mind.

And affirmations are a fantastic tool to do so!

Okay so with wasting anymore time; let’s start with affirmations that will help you believe in yourself and will supercharge your manifestation powers.

Here we go…

 I am a powerful creator.

I create a perfect and beautiful life for myself.

I fully trust in my ability to manifest anything.

I manifest my desires easily and effortlessly.

I am naturally gifted at manifesting.

I sow seeds of happiness, love and prosperity in the soil of my subconscious.

I always get better and more than what I pray for.

My faith in the universe is strong. 

I trust the universe with all my desires.

Divine success is my birth right.

I am worthy of all the good the universe has to offer.

I am more than enough.

I am limitless. 

Good luck and good fortune follows me everywhere.

I am guided by the universe at each step I take.

Lucrative new opportunities are always knocking at my door.

I am always at the right place at the right time.

I am living a life that people only dream of.

I am extremely sure about who I am and this confidence makes other people respect me.

I am loved and admired wherever I go.

My life is full of miracles and blessings.

I easily get anything that my heart wants.

I am super aware of my manifestation powers and I use them for the highest good of all.

Each dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied from divine sources.

I live a life of luxury, comfort and opulence.

I am prosperous.

My body is healthy and my mind is calm.

I am a giver.

I radiate love and positivity everyday.

I attract the most amazing people in my life who help me grow.

I am impeccable with my word.

The universe is by my side at every moment.

I am thriving spiritually, physically and financially.

I am now ready to manifest more spectacular things and experiences into my life.

I now peacefully surrender this desire knowing that the universe has started working on it already.

How to use affirmations to manifest your desires?

Repeat these affirmations twice daily soon after waking up and before going to sleep.

However, if you want to really accelerare things then set a 5 minute timer and say these affirmations (out loud preferably if you are alone in the room).

This continuous repetition for 5 minutes would more deeply impress your subconscious mind — which is your ultimate aim!

Because if you are successful in effectively impressing your subconscious with your desires; then your all-power mind will turn those desires into your reality in no time.

So you see, the rule is very simple…

The more you repeat these manifesting affirmations, the better you will become at manifesting!

Now it’s your choice to choose the pace you want to work with.

Happy manifesting.<3

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