A guide for Manifesting dreams into reality (super quickly)

manifesting dreams into reality

If you are feeling a little low and want to get back on track in life then starting to learn about the Law of Attraction is one of the best ways to do so. Law of Attraction is the magic dust needed for manifesting your dreams into reality. 

You see it’s all about the power of your mind.

You will get in life only what your mind has been trained for. And there are so many techniques (I am going to guide you through some of those today) that you can use to train your mind for success and prosperity in your life.

How to manifest your dreams into reality?

Now I am going to go over some simple habits and techniques that will help you boost your manifestation powers and get all that your heart desires.

Each and every technique I will mention here has been proven to work for millions of people and for sure they will work for you too only if you believe a little.

So without wasting any time, let’s dive right into those techniques.

(1)Meditate daily

Manifesting dreams into reality

Meditation is a remarkable tool and most importantly it is the only single tool that you can ever use to drastically improve the quality of your life and manifest your dreams into reality.

Why is meditation so powerful?

Meditation is an ancient practice that has been used by human beings since forever.

It is a practice of relaxing your thoughts to achieve a sense of clarity and tranquility in your mind. 

Once your mind is clear and free of the unnecessary clutter, it will then be free to concentrate on the important things. 

Also guess what? You can tell your mind what those important things will be and like a faithful servant it would perform the task assigned to it. 

“Be still and quiet, tune in with the Infinite Intelligence, and continue in right thought, right feeling, and right action, and you will arrive at your goal.”


Think of your mind as a powerful machine that is neither good or bad. It will just do the job you assign to it. Meditation is so powerful because it acts as the manual for operating this machine effectively.

Without meditation, your mind would be all over the place. You would be either worrying about the future or regretting the past. Meditation on the other hand brings you to the “generous present moment” as Dr. Joe Dispenza likes to call it. 

In the present moment, you will find all that you desire. Love, peace, harmoney, success…everything exists in the present moment.

So you have got to use meditation in your daily life. Think of it as something mandatory for living a fulfilled life. 

How to meditate to manifest your dreams into reality? 

If you are a total beginner at meditation, I would suggest you pick up one of the 20-30 minute guided meditation by Jason Stephenson or Mindvalley.

Try meditating either soon after waking up or before hitting the bed at night.

Slowly build a practice of meditating daily without missing any day. 

Do this for at least a month and observe the changes in your life.

The changes at the end of the first month will be enough to keep you committed to this regular meditation practice forever. 

(2)Set your intentions

Manifesting dreams into reality by setting intentions

The second technique for manifesting your dreams into reality is to set very clear intentions about what you want.

There may be thousands of things that you want to manifest but it is better to focus on a few at a time.

  • The best way to set clear intentions is to get a journal and on it’s page 1 just brainstorm about everything you want to manifest in your life.
  • Once you have jotted down all that you want to manifest, now it’s time to PRIORITIZE!
  • Go through the list on page 1 a few times and each time cross out a few things you think are not that important.
  • After doing this for 4-5 times, you will be left with things that you truly desire. These will be your life goals. These will be the things you cannot compromise on.
  • Then go to page 2 of the journal and neatly write down those goals. 
  • Keep page 2 with you, or keep it somewhere closer where you can look at those goals once every morning.

The goals you would have written down would fuel the passion in you to do your best everyday. Hence, it is important that you read the list every morning before leaving home. 

Think of this list as a gentle reminder that would help you look at the bigger picture when the going gets tough.

(3)Work on your self-concept

work on self-concept

Self-concept is the story you have built about yourself and your life in your head. It consists of the way you see yourself and your beliefs about your life. 

Each and every person has a particular way of seeing themselves. 

Oftentimes our beliefs about ourselves come from the feedback of others around us. 

For example, if everyone around you calls you lucky, it is more than likely that you would also start seeing yourself as a lucky individual. On the other hand, if everyone calls you fat or ugly, you would over time internalize those remarks whether they are true or not. 

The most alarming thing here is that your mind is more likely to rapidly internalize negative remarks by others than the positive ones.

This is the reason we see so many amazing people lacking self-confidence and self-belief.

But the good news is that like any other beliefs these limiting beliefs about yourself can be changed! And instead you can replace them with some super powerful beliefs that would assist you in reaching all your goals in life.

Isn’t that just fantastic?

How to change your self-concept? 

Now let me tell you three easy steps to build a new self-concept that would serve you powerfully well and discard the old one. 

Step 1 – Accept yourself:

The foundation of a very strong and powerful self-concept is self-acceptance.

A total self-acceptance. 

Surrendering to all that you are and loving yourself regardless.

This is from where the real strength comes in a person. 

When you will totally and unconditionally accept yourself, you will see that the majority of the stresses in your life will just vanish magically fast. An average person is 99% of the time occupied by thoughts that make him dislike himself in one way or the other. But when you just accept yourself with all your flaws and decide to love yourself regardless, you snatch the meat from those worrying thoughts.

In fact, this is the very beginning of living a truly fulfilled life. 

Step 2 – Make peace with your past:

A Lot of times, we don’t like who we are because of our mistakes or what happened to us in the past.

But you need to understand one thing here or probably just write it down somewhere because its so important,

“Your past belongs in your past. Always!”

What happened to you in the past or whatever you did wrong must NOT dictate how your present and future shall be.

So forgive yourself and your past.

You can use tapping, also called the emotional freedom technique, to release the past trauma and harsh memories. I personally love Brad Yates, he is my go to person for tapping whenever I need to release a difficult emotion.

Step 3 – Get crystal clear on your ideal self:

The final and the most important step for changing your self-concept is to make an ideal image of yourself in your mind.

Think about the characteristics and mannerisms your ideal personality would have.

Once you have become super clear on that, start embodying those characteristics.

For example, if your ideal person is wealthy and has an abundance mindset, would he/she ever worry about the finances? Of Course not! 

So now you have got to stop worrying about that as well.

It’s the same as “faking it till making it”! 

Start living and thinking like your ideal self and very soon you would become that version of you.

(4)Surround yourself with positive people

Surround yourself with positive people

Our environment plays a huge role in how easily we are able to manifest our dreams into reality. And ofcourse the environment is made up of people whom we are surrounded by.

A super powerful trick for effortless manifestation of your desires is to deliberately surround yourself with happy, positive people who would lift up your spirits.

If you are in a high vibration, the manifesting becomes so much easier.

If you have positive people around you, it is very likely that they would encourage you to do your best and would be happy to see you happy. 

Negative feelings like jealousy or hatred can seriously hamper your manifestation abilities. So stay away from people who are negative and look out for the positive souls who would add to your high vibrational state. 

Signs your dreams are manifesting

Now that we have discussed what techniques can one use for manifesting the dreams into reality, I think it’s important to learn about the signs that show that your dreams are manifesting.

I will just quickly go over a few signs that will help you along your manifestation journey.

  1. You feel happier: The very first sign that your dreams are manifesting is that you start feeling more happier and alive. This is because you learn to live in a high vibrational state which is a prerequisite for all manifestations. 
  2. You notice synchronicities: Synchronicities are small manifestations that appear to be coincidences but in reality they are a sign that the universe is with you. For example, one morning you might just feel like eating some red velvet cupcakes but you just drop the idea. Then later that day, your mom comes home with a pack of red velvet cupcakes on her way back from work because she just felt like buying them. Now this might seem like a coincidence but a Law of Attraction enthusiast would know that this is a major synchronicity. 
  3. Things appear to magically work out for you: Another major sign of your dreams manifesting is that things just seem to go in your favor through some kind of magic. You easily start getting what you want . 
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