Manifesting love super easily (4 awesome techniques)

manifesting love

With the law of attraction, you can attract anything you desire into your life and this includes manifesting love too.

Manifesting love into your life is as easy as manifesting a cup of coffee (no command is too big or too small for the universe to fulfill, remember?)

Still manifesting love seems like a difficult task to so many people because they either don’t believe in the universe or their own power of manifestation. 

Today let me guide you through different techniques that you may use to attract the partner of your dreams into your life. 

You may use all of these techniques or pick and choose a few of your favorites, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you stick to a technique for some time (4 weeks at least). You must be patient with yourself and the universe through this process because nothing great is accomplished overnight. 

1) Open yourself to love:

Well more than a technique, I’ll call this one a prerequisite.

The Law of attraction states that whatever you feel & think is what will be attracted to you. If you want to attract love, but you are vibrating at the frequency of some negative emotion then you won’t be successful in your journey of manifesting love .

Every human emotion has a frequency and you MUST vibrate at the emotion you want to attract. 

This emotional guidance scale by Abraham Hicks may help you understand where you are emotionally at the moment and where you need to go.

emotional guidance scale

Remember that you shouldn’t try to jump from emotion of fear (the lowest vibration) to love (the highest vibration) but move slowly upwards gracefully working your way through all the emotions that come along the way. Trying to jump shows your desperation and such shortcuts are never sustained in the long run.

If you want to attract love then you must feel love. You must also radiate love to everyone around you.

So how to open yourself to love?

The best method is to start doing a guided meditation that cultivates emotion of love. There are hundreds of them all over youtube, pick any one that resonates with you and do it for a few weeks daily. 

The regular meditation practice will clear away all the negative subconscious beliefs you have and you will find yourself vibrating at higher frequencies often.

2) The Scripting technique:

Bob Proctor (a very influential self-help teacher) talks about this technique manifesting your dream partner by writing down all the traits that you want in him or her.

So it’s just as easy as taking out a piece of paper and writing down all you desire in your soulmate. This technique is super effective because:

  • It gives you and your mind the clarity of exactly what you want. 
  • It gives a creative boost to your imagination. Try it… it feels so good imagining the traits and writing them down.
Manifesting love technique

Bob Proctor suggests to write down some very general traits that you would want first e.g. of course you would want your partner to be kind and healthy and caring right? So write those down first. After that you may move into more specific traits like he/she is bilingual or he/she likes this type of music.

There is no harm in going as specific as you want. Going specific would give you excitement and that is a great starting point for your manifestation.

3) The Day dreaming technique:

This is the next logical step to technique#2.

Once you are absolutely clear in your mind about the kind of partner you want, you go to the next step…….YOU PRETEND YOU HAVE THEM ALREADY!


I am not kidding!

You gotta apply the “fake it till you make it” principle here.

Bob Proctor talks about this. So does Neville Goddard. And Abraham Hicks too.

So this sure is a fabulous technique.

Well, all you need to do is to imagine yourself in the company of your partner. Talk to them often, feel how it would feel to be sitting next to them and being in their company.

Abraham Hicks talks a lot about day dreaming your desire.

So, just day dream about your partner. Imagine they are with you and feel all that warm, fuzzy emotions.

This regular day dreaming is sure to get the momentum for manifestation going. Also it will make you just so happy which will be helpful in raising your emotional frequency. 

4) The Affirmation technique:

Affirmations are seriously an underrated tool for manifesting your desires.

So many brilliant law of attraction teachers have talked extensively about using affirmations yet I do not see many people using them.

Most people think of affirmations as a side-kick that they use to compliment other law of attraction practices. But affirmations are a complete practice on their own.

The right set of affirmations can get you in the right vibration so quickly that you will be totally amazed.

So for manifesting love, you must make use of “the affirmation technique”.

All you have to do is to design an affirmation that would imply as if you have achieved your goal of manifesting love.

The affirmation may be like:

 “I am so happy that i am living the life of my dreams with the love of my life”.

However there are a few things you must keep in mind while formulating your very own affirmation:

  1. Affirmation must be in present tense.
  2. It should be easy to remember and repeat.
  3. It should bring out emotions of excitement in you.

After you have formulated your perfect affirmation, repeat it as many times as you can.

Or the better way is to set a timer for a few minutes and repeat the affirmation continuously till the alarm goes off.

So these were my 4 top techniques that you may use to manifest love into your life. I urge you to stick to one or two of these for sometime and see the results before moving on to something new.

Patience never goes wasted so practice patience here too. It is about manifesting THE love of your life, so I don’t see why you would want to rush such a big decision.

Just stay calm my friend and let the love you deserve flow to you.

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