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Manifest anything through visualization

Visualization lies at the very core of the Law of attraction. 

If you are into law of attraction, you must have attempted visualizing your desire at least once. It is truly one powerful technique to turn your thoughts into reality. 

I personally love my visualization sessions because they instantly boost up my energy. Whenever I think and focus on having my desired reality, I become really happy and it gets me so excited about life. 

But like any law of attraction technique, visualization also demands your undivided attention and continuous practice. 

It is a skill that takes time to master. 

So many of us fail at manifesting anything through visualization because either we are not missing out on specific steps or we give up too early or we are simply confused about it. 

Hence i thought of sharing a comprehensive visualization ritual that is easy to follow and definitely works if you allow it some time.

1. Decide what your visualization session is going to be about.

Visualization law of attraction

Imagine someone tells you to write a 5000 word essay yet tells you nothing about the topic. Won’t it be difficult to write a good essay without a topic?

Of Course it is difficult!

It is confusing!

The very same confusion happens in your mind when you don’t have an outlined agenda before visualization. In such a scenario, the mind will keep jumping from one thought to another like an over-excited monkey without accomplishing anything concrete.

For the sake of example, let’s assume that today you decide to visualize abundance in your life. 

But “abundance” is too broad a term, you must narrow it down. 

Abundance might mean so many things for you e.g. a million dollars, a lamborghini, a big house or an amazing partner. 

So let’s just pick one of those things.

Let’s suppose you choose to manifest a bigger house. 

So here it is! We are done with the first step of visualization! 

You are clear that you want to manifest a bigger house and use visualization as a tool for that purpose. 

2. Find the right place to visualize.

Now the second step is so find an appropriate place for you to visualize. 

I know this step seems rather skip-able but trust me it’s not!

It is very very very important for a powerful visualization ritual. 

An appropriate place for visualization means a place that is calm, silent and where you won’t be disturbed for the next 30 minutes or so. 

If you decide to visualize in a space that is noisy, your mind will get distracted by external stimuli and you will not be able to immerse yourself in the experience.

So following this step, go and sit down at a place that feels comfy and silent enough for the process. 

3. Close your eyes and notice your breath.

Visualization for manifestation

The moment you will close your eyes, your focus will become sharper. You will be able to pay better attention to this process. 

After closing your eyes, start taking fuller and slower breaths. 

Become aware of how your belly moves in and out with every breath. Start noticing each inhale and exhale. 

PRO TIP: I usually start counting from 100 to 1 backwards with each breath. Like the first exhale is 100 , second is 99 and so on. This keeps you accountable for the time you must spend focusing on your breath. 

After focusing on your breath for a substantial amount of time you will observe that your thoughts are dissolving. Your mind is now much more calm and your breath has become considerably slower.

This indicates that you are now in a deep relaxed state of mind. 

4. Bring up the images of your desired reality.

Law of attraction visualization

Now that your mind is fully relaxed it is the best time to flood it with the images of your desire.

Your mind at this stage is very receptive to the visual cues you will offer it so create the best visuals of your desired reality.

Keeping up with our example of manifesting a big house, create a scene in your mind of a beautiful villa that belongs to you. 

5. Add details to your scene/images.

Visualise your dream life

The more detailed your scenes are, the easier it is for your mind to latch on them.

For instance, add details like which area my house will be in?   

At this point it is good to decide the country and city your house will be in. If you have any specific neighbourhood in mind, that’s even BETTER!

Don’t shy away from adding as many details as you can. Remember the more the merrier! So go for it.

Add more details like, What kind of villa is it? What kind of architecture does it have?

How many rooms does it have?

Does it have a swimming pool? Or a garden full of fruit and vegetables?

6. Incorporate all your senses into the scene.

How to visualize

You must incorporate all 5 senses for a richer fuller experience of the movie you have created in your mind.

Do you SEE the sun rays crossing through the window panes of your new house? 

Can you HEAR the birds chirping in your vegetable garden? 

Do you SMELL the delicious aroma coming from your new kitchen? Someone is preparing your favorite cuisine!

Are you TASTING the juicy tomato you just picked from your garden?

Do you FEEL the fine quality rugs under your feet in your new house?

7. Add emotions to the scene.

Visualization technique to manifest anything

Can you name your all time favorite movie right now?

Whatever your answer is, I can bet that it is your favorite movie for a reason. You have a certain emotional connection to that film and whenever someone mentions its name, it seems like you are engulfed by those emotions again. Isn’t it so? 

Emotions are our mind’s way of attaching to something. 

Thus, your visualization will not not be effective enough to manifest anything unless you don’t add in some emotions.

So, let’s just add happy joyful emotions in this visualization we are discussing. 

Visualize that you have invited your friends over for dinner and they can’t stop admiring your new place. How does it feel to get all those compliments? 

Do you feel happy? Or sentimental? Or thankful?

Whatever it is, just feel that feeling to its max! 

Immerse yourself very deep into this experience as if you are watching your fav feel-good film. 

Remember the more emotions you invest in your visualization, the faster will be the rate of its manifestation. 

8. Let it go and stay in high spirits.

Visualization manifest

Congratulations! You have done it!

Since you have visualized your desired reality to the best you could by adding your emotion, feelings as well as all your creativity – now it’s time to move out from this visualization ritual. 

Just take a few deep breaths and open your eyes!

You have done what you had to do, so let the universe take it from here. 

Have faith that your desire is coming soon and just be in a state of total gratitude and joy in the meantime.:)

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