134 Morning Affirmations for Women (most powerful positive statements)

Morning Affirmations for Women

If you want to become a powerful woman or a woman “who has it all”, then it all starts with upgrading your mindset. In this article, I will provide you with some of the best Positive Morning Affirmations for Women that will help you become the best version of yourself in no time.

Do Morning Affirmations Work?

Yes, they absolutely do.

Morning Affirmations work because in the morning, our mind is usually operating with slower brain waves which in easier terms means that our mind is usually more still and receptive in the mornings.

If we carefully use this time, we can effectively train or reprogram our mind for success, confidence, abundance, or anything else that we desire.

Positive affirmations are not some new or cool trend. There is actual science behind them

So, before starting on your journey with affirmations, I would suggest you research their validity and effectiveness so that you develop a strong belief that they will work for you.

“You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can’t have it.”

– Dr. Robert Anthony

Powerful Morning Affirmations for Women

Today is going to be a fantastic day.

I now decide to be and do my best today.

I am in charge of how my day goes.

I fill my day with love and positivity.

I believe in myself.

I love and accept myself.

I am proud of the person I am becoming.

Everything is so easy for me.

Life is easy and effortless.

I am full of positive energy.

I am healthy and full of vitality

My body is in perfect health and shape.

I have my dream body that looks beautiful and feels healthy.

I am strong and powerful.

I am limitless.

I can do anything that I want.

I am confident in who I am.

I am in charge of my life.

I make great decisions.

I am healthy, wealthy and wise.

I am inspired everyday.

I am motivated to reach my goals.

I have an amazing ability to focus on the things that matter.

I am laser sharp focused on my goals in life.

I am a doer.

I am an achiever.

Morning Affirmations for Women (Work & Career)

I am successful in whatever I do.

I am very efficient and productive.

I get my work done very easily.

I am amazing at what I do.

Work is like play for me.

My work is my passion.

I put my heart and soul into anything that I do.

I inspire others with my hardwork and dedication.

I motivate others to reach their highest potentials.

I put my natural talents and abilities to good use.

I am highly resourceful.

I have the skills and talents to get things done smoothly.

I spend my time wisely.

I am excellent at managing my time.

I am punctual.

I have a strong work ethic.

I am honest with my work.

I never do anything half heartedly.

I get into the flow state easily. 

I am proud of my talents.

I polish my skills daily.

I work on myself everyday.

I am on the path to becoming the best version of myself.

I know my worth.

I follow my dreams without fear.

Morning Affirmations for Women (Family & Relationships)

I cherish all the relations in my life.

I am always surrounded by people who love and care for me. 

I have the most rewarding relationships.

I have strong connections.

I am excellent at communicating and expressing my feelings.

My family is a source of joy and comfort for one. 

I am loved and respected.

I am valued.

My loved ones are my biggest support in life.

My family life is becoming better and better with time.

I attract the most positive people in my life.

I form strong friendships easily.

People are honest with me.

My friends and family are loyal towards me.

My friends and family care for me.

I feel loved and admired.

I am naturally good at managing my relationships.

I am kind and compassionate.

I am forgiving.

I have a strong relationship with myself.

I value myself.

I appreciate who I am.

I appreciate what I have achieved. 

I appreciate where I am going.

Morning Affirmations for Women (Positivity and Happiness)

I easily let go of the things that bother me.

I am always in a good mood. 

I am full of joy.

I have an amazing sense of humor.

People enjoy being in my company.

I have amazing social skills.

My mind is always calm.

I am always at peace.

I am filled with love and positivity.

I radiate joy and happiness.

Being happy and cheerful is my natural state.

I live each day to the fullest.

I am fully present in every moment of my day.

I live my life to the fullest.

I value and cherish every moment.

I live in the present.

I am free of the thoughts of the past.

I am free of anxieties of the future.

I live life here and now.

My life is full of joy and surprises.

I always come across happy and joyful people.

I am always feeling good about myself.

I am always feeling good about my life. 

Morning Affirmations for Women (Money, Wealth, Abundance) 

I am a magnet for money and riches.

Being rich is my birthright.

Everyday my money supply is increasing.

I always have more money than I desire.

I attract money from infinite sources.

I am great at earning and multiplying money.

I have great passive income sources.

I make money even when I go to sleep.

My bank account is overflowing with money.

I always find the most lucrative opportunities.

I am ambitious.

I am a billionaire.

Being wealthy is my natural state.

I am rich and classy.

I am respected wherever I turn.

I am an inspiration to many.

I strike awe and inspiration in the hearts of everyone.

I give away thousands of dollars in charity.

I bring happiness and pleasure to many through my money.

My wealth is always increasing.

Everyday I am becoming richer and wealthier.

I live a life of comfort and luxury.

I travel all around the world in luxury.

I can buy whatever I want.

I can afford any experience I want.

Money gives me the freedom to live life on my own terms.

I am a self-made woman.

I am a boss babe.

I am a successful entrepreneur.

I am amazingly talented.

I am an excellent decision maker.

I am always at the right place at the right time.

Things always work out in my favor.

I move ahead in life with courage, confidence and hope.

Abundance overflows in all areas of my life.

I deserve all the abundance and good things this universe has to offer. 

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