Neville Goddard change the past technique (Revision technique)

Neville Goddard change the past

Learn Neville Goddard’s change the past technique (also called the revision technique) to take control of your past, present, and future.

Powerful Technique by Neville Goddard to change the past:

So many times the things that happen to us in life are not pleasant to say the least.

Those unpleasant occurrences evoke in us negative emotions like anger, hurt, resentment and so on.

This means that everytime we think about those negative things that happened to us in our past, we experience the same negative emotions and feelings.

So, what can be the way around?

The solution is Neville Goddard’s revision technique.

It is a powerful technique that aims to change the feeling attached with a negative circumstance and when we change our feelings about a situation, we change the situation.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

-Wayne Dyer

Is it really possible to change the past with Neville Goddard’s Revision technique? 

Does Neville Goddard’s “change the past” technique really transform your past?

Well, the answer is a little technical but bear with me for a few seconds. 

First of all, you have to understand that time is just an illusion.

The past does not exist except in our memories. The past is just something that exists in our mind, not in reality.

So, if the only thing that we have from the past are the fragments of memories and the associated feelings then it makes sense that changing those memories is equivalent to changing the past.

Woah! That escalated quickly, didn’t it?

I know it’s a difficult concept to wrap one’s head around but once you get deeper into Neville Goddard’s work, you will start understanding everything better.

Also, Neville Goddard has repeatedly mentioned that the outside world is merely a reflection of your own imagination. This means that once you would change the past circumstances in your imagination, the outside world would start reflecting to you the “changed past” too.

“Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. Do not try to change people; they are only messengers telling you who you are. Revalue yourself and they will confirm the change.”

Neville Goddard

How to do Neville Goddard change the past (Revision) technique?

Here is a step by step guide of on how to do revision and change the past the Neville Goddard way:

  1. Do the revision technique right before going to sleep at night, sitting or laying down in your bed.
  2. Decide which past situation or circumstance you want to change. It’s better to take one particular situation at a time and work on it for a few weeks.
  3. Now think about how that situation makes you feel. Consolidate your past experience into a few feelings. Maybe the feeling is of guilt, or shame or anger; choose whatever fits best to your experience.
  4. Then get into a deeply relaxed state also called State Akin to Sleep. You can get into this state by slowing your brain waves down through a simple breathing exercise or a meditation session.
  5. Once you feel totally calm and drowsy, play in your mind a scene which would depict that the situation played out positively. Here you are super-imposing your own created “desired event” over the “painful situation” of the past.
  6. Feel as though nothing negative happened in your past instead everything happened the way you desired it to.
  7. Live in the desired state for a few minutes totally immersing yourself in the happy and positive emotions.
  8. Then go to sleep in this desired state.

Do this every night for a few weeks. 

The revision process looks difficult and overwhelming at first, but within a few days you will get a hang of it and then it will become effortless. 

The Scientific proof for Neville Goddard’s Revision technique:

Here is some amazing scientific proof for Neville Goddard change the past (Revision) technique.

Neville Goddard was a visionary. He was definitely gifted and was way ahead of his time.

Today, science is still investigating how memories are formed and how they can be manipulated.

So, according to this article published in National Geographic: memories are just like documents sitting in our computer. 

Each time we revisit a memory we unconsciously or sometimes consciously add something to it or manipulate it in some way. 

This way the next time we will revisit the memory, it will not be the original memory. Instead it would be the edited or manipulated version of that memory.

Also Dr. Joe Dispenza has mentioned multiple times in many of his talks that according to the latest research , 50% of what we talk or think about our past is not true. 

These scientific findings are truly exciting and empowering at the same time.

They not only lend support to Neville Goddard’s changing the past techniques but also tell us that there is no “actual” past. 

All we have from our past is the memories and those too get manipulated everytime we revisit them. 

This means that we can intentionally manipulate our memories of the past in such a way that they become a source of happiness and joy for us.

There is amazing research going on in this area and I would urge you to listen to people like Bruce Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispenza to delve into more mind boggling details. 

Why is changing the past sometimes ABSOLUTELY necessary? 

Sometimes your past circumstances are full of pain and misery and by continuous mental revisiting of those circumstances, you make your body feel those painful emotions again and again.

Over time those negative emotions and feelings become a rather permanent part of your personality.

Have you seen those people who are always angry? Or always in a bad mood?

They are that way because something unpleasant happened to them in their past and they never had the courage to break free from those shackles of the past.

So, in a way their painful past leads them to a painful present and without a doubt, they will create a similar miserable future for themselves. 

“When you think from your past memories, you can only create past experiences. As all of the “knowns” in your life cause your brain to think and feel in familiar ways, thus creating knowable outcomes, you continually reaffirm your life as you know it. And since your brain is equal to your environment, then each morning, your senses plug you into the same reality and initiate the same stream of consciousness.”

-Joe Dispenza

This is where a technique like Neville Goddard’s Revision is most helpful.

We are the creator of our own reality and we create our own reality through our thoughts. Therefore it’s quite obvious that negative thoughts will give us a miserable reality and to live a happy life, we will have to think happy thoughts. 

The Magical benefits of Neville Goddard’s Revision Technique: 

Here are a few good reasons that give this technique its magic:

  1. The revision technique is very easy to use and a newbie can get a hang of it in just a matter of a few days.
  2. The revision technique in itself is an amazing bedtime ritual that you can use to drastically improve the quality of your life. You can also incorporate it with some kind of daily meditation practice  to seriously boost its effects. 
  3. The continuous use of Neville Goddard’s revision technique ensures that your subconscious mind stays clean and unclogged of any negativity. This negativity accumulated overtime can seriously hamper your manifestation abilities and physical ailments in your body.
  4. The negative emotions we experience weigh us down and there are millions of us walking through life with the emotional baggage of the past. But if you are a true follower of Neville Goddard’s revision technique then you will live a happy, carefree life because you will master the art of staying in the present moment. 
  5. By changing how you think about your past and freeing yourself from the shackles of the past, you set yourself for spectacular future success. This is because now those negative emotions won’t consume your energy, so you will be able to use that precious energy to create a beautiful future for yourself and your loved ones. 

Neville Goddard Revise the day:

Not only can you use Neville Goddard’s change the past technique to work on painful circumstances of your past but the revision technique is so important that Neville Goddard advised to use this technique everynight to revise your day.

A lot of things happen to each one of us during our waking hours and sometimes those daily occurrences can leave a negative imprint on our consciousness.

To stop a buildup of those negative imprints in your mind, you can use Neville Goddard’s revision technique. 

Think of the revision technique as a clearing filter that would make sure that no negative emotion or feelings gets clogged in your imagination and hence will not be carried out to the next day.

“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Neville Goddard Revision Quotes

Here are the best Neville Goddard Quotes about revision and the importance of persisting in the state of wish fulfilled:

  • “Dwelling on past irritations or hurts perpetuates them and creates a vicious circle that serves to confirm these negative emotions.”
  • “Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled and observe the route that your attention follows.”
  • “Stop trying to change the world since it is only the mirror. Man’s attempt to change the world by force is as fruitless as breaking a mirror in the hope of changing his face. Leave the mirror and change your face. Leave the world alone and change your conceptions of yourself. The reflection then will be satisfactory.”
  • Imagination and faith are the secrets of creation.”
  • “All conceptions are limitations of the conceiver.”
  • You are already that which you want to be, and your refusal to believe it is the only reason you do not see it.”
  • “You must be in the consciousness of being or having that which you want to be or to have before you drop off to sleep. Once asleep, man has no freedom of choice. His entire slumber is dominated by his last waking concept of self.”
  • “Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live.”
  • “The great secret is a controlled imagination and a well-sustained attention firmly and repeatedly focused on the feeling of the wish fulfilled until it fills the mind and crowds all other ideas out of consciousness.”
  • “A change of feeling is a change of destiny.”
  • “To attempt to change circumstances before I change my own imaginal activity is to struggle against the very nature of my own being, for my own imaginal activity is animating my world. If I believe that I am injured or that others are against me, I have conjured them in my world, and they have to be against me. If I fully believe that all are working towards the fulfillment of my good, they have to work towards the fulfillment of my good. I don’t ask them. I don’t compel them. I simply do it only within myself, and the whole vast world exists within me.”


How do you revise the day with Neville Goddard?

To revise your day, simply get in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and focus on your breath for a few minutes. Now re-live the whole day (in your mind) as you would have liked it to unfold.

Can you change the past with revision?

Yes. It is possible to change the past through revision because Neville teaches us that nothing in the world is separate from our awareness. Our past is also nothing more than a collection of memories, thoughts, and feelings.

When we use revision, we change our perception of the past, and that, in turn, changes everything.

How do you revise manifestation?

  • To revise any situation in your life that is not according to your desires or expectations, simply sit in a relaxed position every night.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breaths.
  • Now passionately visualize a scenario that implies that the situation you dislike no longer exists.
  • Persist in this assumption for a few days to see shifts in your reality.

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