Neville Goddard’s Telephone Technique (QUICK GUIDE)

Neville Goddard Telephone Technique

If you are in the mood for trying out a new and fun manifesting technique to bring your desires to reality then Neville Goddard’s telephone technique is something that you must try.

Neville Goddard was a well known author and is probably one of the most relevant name in the field of reality creation till this day.

His lectures and techniques are still used by millions around the globe to manifest their desires and with incredible success rates.

The telephone technique is one of the most famous manifesting techniques by Neville and it can be used by anybody to achieve their goals in life.

If you are interested in learning more about the secrets to manifest magically fast, then let’s go and inspect this wonderful technique!

Why should I try the telephone technique?

There are so many reasons due to which I would advocate using this particular technique for manifestation

I am writing down some of those for you:

  • The technique is so simple to use that even a beginner who has never tried their luck at manifesting prior to this can not only use this technique but reap great results.
  • This technique is super easy and doesn’t require any elaborate rituals prior to using it.
  • The technique is super fun.
  • It helps you make a good use of your imagination & imagination is the key ingredient in all the manifestations.
  • This technique is sometimes an extension of the REVISION technique which makes it even more powerful.

How to use Neville Goddard’s telephone technique?

Here is the step-by-step approach:

  • Decide what you want to manifest. It can be something you want to manifest for yourself or someone close to you. Whatever is the case, just get super clear about what it is that you want to bring into existence through this technique.
  • Think of a person with whom you would like to have this imaginary phone call. 
  • Imagine a phone call where you are on call with that person & he or she is congratulating you for achieving your goal.
  • Or if you are trying to manifest for them, imagine a phone call where he/she excitedly tells you that they have achieved what they wanted to.
  • Make your imagination as vivid as possible. Feel the emotions of gratitude and happiness you would feel when you engage in such a phone call.

REMEMBER: the most important aspect of this technique or any other of Neville’s manifesting techniques is to make the best use of your imagination and emotions. 

Feel the emotions as deeply as you can. 

Take a few deep breaths to let the stagnant energy flow through you.

Feel excited.

Be grateful and feel happy right in this very moment.

When should I use the telephone technique? 

You can use this technique any time of the day and repeat as many times as you wish to during the day.

Some people advocate using it just before falling asleep as it is at this moment that your subconscious mind is the most impressionable.

But don’t worry about the right time of doing it.

Just do it whenever you want in your day and as many times as you can.

For how long should I keep using this technique?

It really depends on you that for how many weeks or months you would want to pursue this technique.

But in my opinion, a minimum of four weeks is absolutely essential.

This is because it usually takes 4 weeks for our mind to develop a new habit or adjust to a new way of thinking.

Thus, I believe that doing it for a minimum of four weeks consistently and doing it with emotions every time is the perfect recipe for success in the telephone technique. 

I hope this article was of help to you.

If you want to learn the basics of manifesting then I have many amazing articles for you on this blog. Get your basics strong and you will be in the position to try more advanced forms of manifesting.

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Check my articles on Advanced Manifesting Techniques.

Wishing you all the success on your manifesting journey.

Much love. <3

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