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Scripting law of attraction

Scripting is one of my favorite tools to manifest anything with the Law of Attraction. I can say with personal experience that scripting about my desires really accelerates the whole process for me everytime and it always puts me in a high vibration.

If you are new to scripting and want to learn about it from the very basics, this is the perfect article for you.

So let’s get started.

What is Scripting? 

Scripting is the process of writing your desired reality on a piece of paper, infusing it with strong emotions and feelings.

Scripting involves using your creativity and imagination to weave a beautiful story that would signal to your brain that you already have your wish fulfilled. 

There are so many ways you can script to manifest your desire but the ones i use the most are: 

  • Writing a story about living in my desired reality.
  • Writing a letter to the universe and thanking it for everything I have in my life or that I want.

Why should you Script?

Scripting is so popular among the Law of Attraction enthusiasts because :

  • It is SIMPLE: It only requires a sheet of paper and a pen…unlike some other elaborate rituals requiring so many things.
  • It is EASY: Almost anyone can write a story about his dreams and wishes. It requires no special talents.
  • It does not (usually) require repetition: Unlike some other law of attraction processes where you need to do them again and again, scripting is only enough once if done correctly.

How to Script? 

Here is a step by step process that I use for scripting and that I would recommend you to follow in the beginning. 

As you learn more about the Law of Attraction, scripting and your desires, your style of scripting will definitely change. And that is the perfect way to go about it. Your intuition will start guiding you about what you and how you need to script.

But till that time comes, below is a pretty good blueprint on how to script. 

  • Take a piece of paper or a journal and a pen.
  • Sit in a quite comfortable place where you can be alone with your thoughts.
  • Start writing a story in present tense implying that you already are in possession of the money. E.g. I am so happy that I now have 1 million dollars in my bank account.
  • Infuse your feelings and emotions into the text like i feel so financially free and excited because i now have 1 million dollars in my account. 
  • Write about things you will be doing when you will have your wish fulfilled. For example, I just bought a brand new apartment for my family with the money.
  • Express gratitude. Write things like I am so thankful to God/Universe for blessing me with so much wealth and abundance. 

When to Script?

As i mentioned above, scripting is so practical because it is enough even if done once only. 

However, some people like to script more frequently to better train their subconscious to accept their desired reality.

Hence it all comes down to your personal choice and time you have.

If you have time to script weekly, that’s great! 

But if you only do it once with 100% focus for a particular manifestation, that’s also perfectly fine!

Don’t get upset if you don’t find time for scripting often. 

Remember it’s always Quality over Quantity.

And remember there is no fixed time for scripting. I love doing it in the mornings because that’s when my subconscious is most receptive but when i don’t find time in mornings, i do it any time available. 

Where to Script? 

You can script at any place of your choice provided that:

  • You are alone.
  • There is no noise and distractions.

The above two conditions should be met because they will have a direct impact on the quality of script you write.

Scripting involves an intense use of your imagination, so a place where you are unable to focus on your thoughts would prove to be disastrous for this process. 

Ending note:

The process of scripting is not dependent on specific steps to be effective.

However, the only thing I would suggest you to see success with scripting is to make the process as fun as possible. Write whatever you feel like writing, whenever you feel like but do it with all your heart and your words will not take long to manifest.

Happy Manifesting. 🙂


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