Self Affirmations for Confidence (Get a killer confidence!)

Self affirmations for confidence

These self affirmations for confidence and charisma will transform your life for the very best.

By repeating them everyday regularly, you will feel more confident about yourself and that self-confidence will be noticeable and applauded by others.

So be ready to amaze others and conquer the world with your natural charisma and confidence!

I now set an intention to become more and more confident each passing day.

I exude charm and confidence naturally.

I have an impressive personality.

I am an eloquent speaker.

When I speak; everyone listens and appreciates.

I am loved and respected everywhere I go.

Whenever I enter a room, people stop to applaud me.

I am a dreamer and an achiever.

The world is mine to conquer.

I live the life of my dreams on my own terms.

Nothing is impossible for me.

I easily achieve any goal I set my heart onto.

I am gifted with natural talent and charisma.

Everyone who meets me is always impressed by my unshakable self-confidence and charm.

People love being in my company.

I always stay in a high vibration.

I am a kind and compassionate soul.

I live the most beautiful life with the best people around me.

I only have loyal, positive, ambitious and open-minded people in my life.

I feel secure in all my relationships.

I have a healthy and energetic body.

I stay in the best shape with minimal effort.

I am disciplined.

I value each second I am given on planet earth and use that time wisely to achieve my goals.

Money flows to me in avalanches of abundance.

I live a life of luxury and opulence.

With my self-belief and confidence; i make all my dreams a reality.

I love the joy of being a go-getter.

My life is perfect and fulfilling in every aspect.

I am full of love and gratitude.

Doors easily open for me and things always work out in my favor.

The right path is always revealed to me at the right time.

I love living my life to the fullest.

I am peaceful and content.

My life is becoming more fabulous everyday.

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