7 Self-love techniques to boost your manifestation powers

Self-love techniques

There are so many effective self-love techniques (I am going to tell you about 7 of the most powerful ones in a bit) that can be super helpful if you are looking to cultivate feelings of self-love and empowerment.

But first let us figure out why self-love is so important? 

Importance of self-love:

I get so surprised when people do not know how important self-love is for living a happy, content and successful life.

Do you ever ask why a plant needs water to grow? 


Because thats just a stupid thing to ask.

It’s just how the plant survives. How it grows and thrives.

The need for water is built in its genetic blueprint.

The water nourishes and replenishes the plant.

In the very same way, the need for love is in our DNA. It’s at the very core of our being.

Love and especially self-love nourishes our soul.

It gives us the energy to go forward in life.

Have you ever seen people who are running low on this supply of self-love?

(Hint: these are the depressed ones, the ones frustrated with themselves and the world.)

So you must strive to not be one of those at all all costs.

The solution for that is to nourish your being with immense love and affection.

In this world you cannot count on anybody to love you always and to do it unconditionally, but you sure can count on yourself. 

You should give yourself enough love so that your soul doesn’t feel the need to seek it outside.

Because guess what, if you beg for love, you will never get it. So why not instead be so self-sufficient in love that you never ever feel the need to seek it outside of yourself?

Self-love and the Law of attraction:

Self-love and the law of attraction go hand in hand.

You cannot manifest anything if you do not love yourself.

Now why would I make such a sweeping statement?

Well, it’s because if you do not love yourself, you will not imagine yourself to be worthy of anything good and if you don’t feel worthy of something then guess what?

You will never get it.

Yes. It is as simple and as logical as that.

It’s 2+2=4!

I cannot help myself but laugh at people who try out one manifestation technique after another and when it doesn’t work they get angry at themselves.

I mean it’s so easy to spot the mistake they are making here.

If you are getting angry at yourself, it means you are not practicing self-love and if you are not practicing self-love then how do you expect the universe to love you? And to fulfill all your commands?

The universe loves you only if you love yourself first because you are the universe (remember Rumi’s quote?).

So today let’s try these self-love techniques so that you can get better at life in general and become a master at manifesting all your desires.

Self-love techniques:

1) Forgive yourself:

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.


We have been taught that forgiveness is a life changing virtue. But what we are not very often taught is to extend that forgiveness to ourselves.

So many of us become prisoners of our past mistakes and we keep blaming and shaming ourselves for those times. Over time our brain gets accustomed to these negative emotions and slowly this negativity spreads across all areas of our life.

To remove this negativity out of your life and to love yourself, you must forgive yourself.

Release the emotions of guilt, shame and self-hatred.

A regular practice of mediation can be a helpful tool to release all that dump from your subconscious mind.

2) Find things you can appreciate about yourself:

This self-love technique is all about finding good things about yourself.

These can be related to your face, body, personality or anything that you have ever done or are doing.

So, basically anything that can help you feel good about yourself.

The idea here is to fixate on those things that you like about yourself and spend a few minutes appreciating them everyday.

Start from very general things you like about yourself like “I am so grateful for my loving nature” and slowly move onto more specific things like “I really appreciate that I lose weight effortlessly”.

This little mental exercise will train you to appreciate and value yourself and appreciating yourself consistently will become a daily habit soon.

3) Formulate a personal affirmation:

To train your mind to love yourself you must harness the power of affirmations.


Affirmations can help you in this regard too.

Make an effective affirmation (or you may use 2 or 3) that will charge your mind positively.

The affirmation may be like:

  • I am worthy of all the good the universe has to offer.
  • I deserve the very best in life.
  • I am loved and respected wherever I go.

Repeat those affirmations daily as many times as you may.

I would suggest repeating them non-stop for over 5 minutes each day to see exponential benefits in no time.

4) Indulge in positive self-talk (the good-friend method):

This technique I am going to tell you is so simple yet so profound.

All you need to do is talk to yourself whenever you are going through some bad experience in your day.

Let me explain how exactly you are gonna do this.

Let’s suppose you are running late for work:

  1. Your mind will automatically start blaming yourself for not waking up on time or it will balme your life for being so hard.
  2. In such a scenario, you need to step in.
  3. Step in by talking to yourself like a good friend will talk to you in that situation.
  4. A good friend will tell you that it’s totally fine if you are late. That you are being too hard on yourself for such a small problem.
  5. Your good friend will also remind you that you are living an overall amazing life and that such minor hiccups along the way don’t mean that your life is bad.
  6. So become that good friend and tell yourselves all those things.
  7. And voila!! Your stress & negativity will vanish in a few minutes and you will shift into a better mood.

5) REVISE any negative things you hear about yourself from others:

Your levels of self-love can be seriously impacted when you hear something negative about yourself from somebody else. It’s because we humans often derive our value by looking at how others think about us. So, if somebody talks negatively about us, we start questioning our own worth.

So, what can you do to protect yourself from such negativity?

Well, the bad news is that we cannot control how others behave or feel about us. 

But the good and most important news is that we can adjust how we react to how they behave.

So, all you need to do here is to “revise” the situation.

Neville Goddard talks extensively about “Revision” in his lectures.

You revise the situation in your mind by replacing the negative incident or comments you heard with something positive neutral.

You train your brain like you never heard those negative comments. 

Revision can be a powerful addition to your self-love techniques.

When you revise the negative incident, it never gets a chance to become a part of your memory and thus it will in no way harm your subconscious belifes about yourself or your self-worth.

6) Write down how you want to see yourself (Visualize!):

Out of all the self-love techniques i have told you about, this one is my favorite because it hypes up my imagination.

This technique is about writing down where you want to see yourself in the future.

Write your life as you would want to see yourself in the near future in terms of your health, finances, career and anything else important to you.

Writing down these goals in detail gives them the power to manifest magically.


It has been scientifically proven that you are more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.

So write down how you would want to see yourself in future and then follow the next technique.

7) Act like your ideal self:

Now that you have written down how you would want to see yourself ideally (technique#6), the next step is to act as if.

This technique is a blend of self-love techniques and the law of attraction.

Acting as if is so fun and so rewarding.

If you want to have clear skin but right now your skin is not so perfect, you gotta act AS IF your skin is clear and flawless.This means you need to:

  1. Stop worrying about your imperfect skin.
  2. Feel happy that your skin is so clear (because you are acting like your future self with perfect skin).
  3. Give thanks for the perfect and flawless skin you have (gratitude is a manifesting magic wand).

Self-love is a long journey. It’s not something you can achieve over-night but small daily self-love habits can compound overtime and give you amazing results. So, focus on what techniques you may practice consistently and you will get there soon. I promise.

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