142 Spiritual Affirmations for Healing, Success, Anxiety and Confidence

Spiritual affirmations

Sometimes life and situations get too overwhelming for us and that’s when we need to take a break from all the “doing” and let our mind unwind for a few moments. These powerful spiritual affirmations have been designed to give your mind the break it needs from your life. 

These spiritual affirmations will not help you break the cycles of negative thoughts in the moment but a consistent use will also reprogram your mind for success and abundance.

Repeat these affirmations twice daily for a few minutes to see positive changes in your thought patterns as well as your life.

Spiritual Affirmations

I trust God’s plan for me and my life.

I know that I am in safe hands.

My life is unfolding in the perfect way.

I am guided at every step.

I am protected by divine energies.

I trust the process.

Everything is rigged in my favor.

The whole universe is conspiring in my favor.

I am the magnificent child of this universe.

I am the chosen one.

I am the luckiest person.

All that I desire manifests quickly.

The universe grants all my wishes instantly.

I am incredibly blessed.

I am connected to the divine at all times.

I am highly intuitive.

I am a gifted being.

I am a creative genius.

I am the receiver of inspiring ideas.

I am abundant.

I am prosperous in all areas of my life.

I am successful in every task I undertake.

Whatever I touch, turns to gold.

My wealth is always increasing.

I am a divine magnet for money and prosperity.

I am becoming the best version of myself everyday.

Everyday in every way, I am becoming better and better.

I am fully connected with my inner being.

I take care of my mind, body and soul.

Spiritual growth is a priority in my life.

I am growing stronger in my faith. 

My connection with the divine is becoming stronger everyday.

I am on the path towards enlightenment.

I am on the path to finding my true self.

I am a giver.

I am a source of goodness and peace for those around me.

I receive the blessings from the universe in abundance.

I am covered in the light of pure and divine love.

Spiritual Affirmations for Healing

If you are in need of physical, emotional, energetic or spiritual healing, these spiritual affirmations will clear out all the low vibrations causing those ailments.

Repeat these affirmations twice daily to see fast results. 

You can also charge a water bottle or glass with these words and drink that water for fast, miraculous healing.

I am a divine being.

I am a part of the divine.

I am whole.

My body and mind are perfectly healthy.

I am covered in a divine light.

Light of God and the universe illuminates my body, mind and soul.

I am full of positive energy.

My body is being healed by infinite intelligence.

I am connected to the source of perfect health.

I am aligned with frequency of health.

A healing energy is flowing through my whole body now.

I am a picture of perfect health and vitality.

I am healthy and thriving.

I am protected by the universe.

My body is vibrating at the frequency of perfect health.

Being perfectly healthy is my birth right.

My inner child is healed.

I am healed of my past traumas and problems.

I fully release all the negativity from my energy field. 

I deserve to stay healthy and youthful forever. 

My body is strong.

I am powerful.

My immune system is strong.

Each cell of my body is healthy. 

Each organ of my body is working perfectly.

All the systems in my body work in perfect harmony.

I am blessed with perfect health and well being.

God is healing my body nowz

My body is rapidly becoming healthier and better.

I am grateful for my perfect health.

I am at peace.

Spiritual Affirmations for Confidence

Grow your confidence by embracing your divinity with these Spiritual Affirmations for confidence:

I am brimming with divine confidence.

I am shining with increible self-worth.

I am divinely guided.

God helps me in everything.

I move ahead in life with courage and confidence.

Everything always works out for me.

I am worthy of infinite success and blessings.

I deserve the absolute best in every aspect of my life.

The universe is with me.

I cherish my strong connection with God.

My strong connection with God fills me with hope.

I am a leader.

I am meant to thrive.

I am flourishing.

I am becoming stronger and more confident everyday.

I am confident in my skills and talent.

I am sure of my bright future.

I am filled with faith and love of the divine.

My life is flowing with ease.

I am loved and admired everywhere I go.

Things work like magic for me.

My life is full of beautiful miracles.

God surprises me with blessings everyday.

Spiritual Affirmations for Anxiety

Feeling anxious or worried about your future?

Repeat these affirmations out loud for a few minutes to break the loop of obsessive thoughts.

I am safe.

I am under God’s protection.

Everything is happening for my highest good.

Things are going in my favor.

I am the beloved child of the universe.

Everything I want comes to me.

I am calm and peaceful.

My mind is serene.

My soul is content.

I create my own destiny.

I am a powerful co-creator of my own reality.

I choose to focus on the good.

I am an optimist.

I always choose to see the glass half full.

I am a part of the infinite.

I have nothing or no one to fear.

I shed my limiting beliefs now.

My future is secure.

The universe is conspiring in my favor.

I am relaxed.

My mind and body are at ease.

God’s plan is perfect for me.

I fully trust God’s plan.

I am always guided.

I am loved.

I am valued.

I am abundant.

I am excited for my future.

I am in safe hands.

My future is in safe hands.

My success is inevitable.

I am meant to live a fabulous life under God’s grace. 

Spiritual Affirmations for Success

It’s time to use your faith and connection with the divine for creating massive success in all areas of your life.

Here are some powerful spiritual affirmations for success:

My success is definite.

I am successful in everything that I do.

God is supporting me in everything.

I am connected to the infinite source of prosperity.

I prosper wherever I turn.

Things always turn out in my favor.

I am a divine soul.

I am a peaceful soul.

I am full of positivity and optimism.

I am succeeding in every area of my life.

Being successful is my birth right.

I deserve all the success and prosperity in the world.

I know my worth.

I am confident about my potential.

I reach my goals effortlessly.

I embrace myself fully.

I am capable of achieving anything I set my mind onto.

Being successful is natural for me.

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