27 Tips for self care (that will turn your life around)

Tips for self care

Are you in a mood to turn around your life just through a few, easy-to-follow tips for self care?

Well you are in for a treat because I got 27 for you.

These small nuggets of information have the potential to transform your life forever. So, read them carefully and give them a go. You will see your life changing in just a matter of days.

If you are determined for a massive change then let’s start with our tips for self-care, shall we?

1. Start your day in silence

The hour soon after waking up is the most important part of your day.

It sets the tone for the rest of the day.

So make a conscious effort to start your day on a positive note.

Don’t look at your phone soon after waking up.

Don’t let any outside information get into your fresh mind. Instead use this time for self- reflection and exploration.

Close your eyes and focus on your breath. 

Feel the silence and stillness within you. 

Just 20 minutes of silence can do wonders for your day ahead. 

2. Move your body

Our bodies have been designed to move and that movement is essential to a good quality life.

Physical exercise not only benefits our body but it greatly impacts our mind too.

Moving your body will make you feel good about yourself. It will give you a sense of purpose and direction.

So indulge in a 30 minute exercise daily. 

You owe that to your body and your mind.

3. Connect with nature daily

Nature is magical.

Everything in nature vibrates at a positive frequency and hence when you spend some time in nature, you feel energized too.

Go out and walk among the trees. 

Or water a plant in your home.

Observe the colors of nature. 

Notice the deep intrinsic connection you share with nature because you wouldn’t have existed if there was no nature. 

Be grateful and ponder over the ways nature serves you selflessly.

4. Drink more water

Adding some more water to your daily intake is always a good idea.

Drinking water helps you with your energy levels.

It makes you physically healthier and also leads to optimal brain functioning.

The benefits are just unlimited.

In the morning, take a glass of warm water with lemon and see how it refreshes your taste buds.

5. Eat consciously

We are always in a hurry to get things done and that applies to eating too.

This unconscious eating leads to weight gain.

Today make a promise with yourself that you will try to eat more consciously now onwards. 

Eating consciously means that you will not be distracted by your phone or tv while eating. You will focus on the color and the aroma of the food presented to you. You will take each bite consciously and slowly.

6. Limit your use of social media

Do you ever notice that you open your phone for work mail and an hour later you still have your phone in your hand scrolling past your Instagram feed?

This happens to all of us. 

In fact social media has been designed in a way to keep us addicted to mindless scrolling. 

This mindless and continuous scrolling not only eats away too much of your precious time but affects your mental well-being as well.

So you should decide to take care of this addiction today. 

Either limit your use of social media by actively monitoring the time you spend over it or do a social media detox.

7. Connect with people who care for you

Human connection is our basic need. 

We humans want to be seen, heard and loved.

But in today’s life, we are too busy to indulge in any meaningful conversations with others. 

In fact we think of that as time wasted when that really is the key to living a more fulfilled life.

So, make a conscious effort to connect with those who care for you. Take time out of your busy schedule for those people at least once a week.

It’s like free therapy. You have to try it to realize its importance. 

8. Practice Gratitude

I know there are so many things you want from life but have you ever taken a moment to thank all that you have?

If you are not thankful for what you have right now then  what makes you think that possessing more things will make you happier.

Gratitude is a beautiful emotion.

It makes you taste the real sweetness of life.

This is my favorite amongst this list of the tips for self-care. 

Without an attitude of gratitude, you will never feel happy and content with life no matter how hard you try. 

9. Do Yoga

Yoga is mindful body movement.

This exercise is different from all others because of the way it integrates the wellness of your body and mind. 

By doing a daily yoga practice, you will not only see a toned and flexible body of yours but you will also notice that your mind has become so much more calm.

It’s a great tool to get rid of daily stresses and thoughts. 

At least try it for a week and see if it suits you. 

10. Get rid of comparison

You are a flower in a garden and your job is to gracefully bloom where you are planted.

Does a flower ever look at the other flower and feels jealous?


Because it is so sure of itself. It knows that every flower is different. 

Similarly every human is gifted in some areas and lacks in a few. If you are comparing your lack with someone’s gift, you are doing a great disservice to yourself.

You have to reach your highest potential with whatever resources you have been given. So, get rid of the comparisons. Do your best and leave the rest to the universe. 

11. Learn to break the chain of negative thoughts

We run in loops of negative thoughts.

One past memory can instigate the vicious loop of negativity and we waste hours and hours of our day stuck in that loop.

To get ahead in life, you have to be different from the rest.

You have to learn to break the chain of negative thoughts.

Meditation is a great tool for helping you get out of negative thought patterns easier and faster.

12. Groom some part of yourself everyday 

Take care of your body and mind.

Spend time on improving your personality and confidence.

Make it a point to feel good about yourself every single day and see how life will become so easy and effortless.

13. Read self-help books

Have you heard the phrase, “Readers are leaders”?

So, if you want to upgrade your life, books are your best friend. Especially self-help books.

Imagine having access to a highly successful person’s life lessons. This means you don’t have to fall prey to the same mistakes they did. Do you realize how much time you can save by just attentively absorbing those life lessons?

Self-help books are actually life lessons from the most inspirational people on earth.

Build a habit of reading a little portion of a book everyday. Even if it’s just one chapter a day.

14. Organize your room

Keep your space neat and tidy.

A messy room will automatically make you feel anxious and overwhelmed, even if you don’t consciously realize this.

Make a habit to organize your room once daily.

Put everything where it belongs.

This simple habit of organization will spill into other areas of your life. You will eventually become a highly organized person in each and every aspect of your life and that is the first step towards your own greatness.

15. Keep a journal

Keep a journal and everynight write your thoughts and feelings.

Writing out your feelings on paper will free your mind from the repetitive thoughts and that will help you in getting a good night’s sleep. 

16. Use positive affirmations

Pick up a bunch of positive affirmations that align with your life purpose and repeat them as often as you can.

The affirmations will reprogram your brain to think of positive and they will also help you in breaking loops of negative thinking.

Sometimes a small affirmation like,

“I am worthy of amazing things.”

can go a long way in making you more positive and happy.

17. Take charge of your day

Time never stops for anybody and if you waste it today, you will not have much of a good life to look back to when you are much older.

You have to take charge of your life and utilize every moment towards making progress in some area.

Taking charge of your life starts with taking charge of your day. 

Schedule your day.

Make a to-do-list a night before and stick to it. 

This will not only keep you on track but you will also feel a sense of accomplishment about your day. 

These purpose filled days when collected over time will lead to a well- lived life. 

18. Try breath work

The 18th in the list of tips for self-care is Breath work.

Breath work is a great tool to help your mind calm. It will also help you beat negative and anxious thoughts that keep most of us occupied throughout the day. 

19. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet

One of the best tips for self-care that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle is to add more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet.

They will provide you with the necessary nutrients as well fiber to keep your gut healthy.

If you are not a fan of eating fruits and veggies then try making a smoothie. 

20. Do something without expectation of reward

Life becomes beautiful when you do things without being motivated by some greed.

When you do things for others without expectation of a reward i.e. a selfless act than the universe gives you much more than you expect.

There is a strange law of universe at play here but it works every time with everyone.

So, incorporate this little but transformative tip for self-care into your life today and see how your life changes for the better. 

21. Give your 100% to whatever you do

Whether you are a stay at home mom or the CEO of a big firm, it is so important to give your 100% to whatever you do.

Doing the duties assigned to you no matter how trivial they may seem will make you feel good about yourself.

Being honest to your work will pave the path for a more fulfilling life.

22. Learn to say NO

Learn to say no more often.

We often get ourselves into uncomfortable situations when we keep on saying yes to each and everything. 

It is so important to stand your ground.

Do not say yes to everyone.

Your peace of mind is more important than trying to make others happy. 

Learn this skill of saying no and you will go a long way. 

23. Love yourself unconditionally

Don’t expect to be loved and respected by others when you do not love yourself.  

Remember that the void inside you that you try to fill by social validation can only be really filled by your own unconditional love for yourself.

Self-love is a long journey of self exploration. So be patient.

There will be days when loving yourself wont come naturally to you but with consistent practice you will get there.

Then every time you will get upset, you wont need some other person to bring you peace. You will fill yourself with your own light and love. 

24. Practice the law of attraction

Law of attraction sounds like too woo-woo of a concept to many but it’s not.

Law of attraction is all about learning the relationship between your thoughts and your outer world.

Law of attraction gives you the power to create your own reality just through the power of your mind.

 It’s seriously like a magic wand.

The world of reality creation and manifesting is so enchanting and mysterious. You will learn so much about your own powers and abilities. Life will become effortless and amazing.

There is a whole world waiting for you to be explored. Give it a try. 

25. Set goals for your life

This is truly one of the best from the tips of self care from this list. 

Set goals for your life.

Set goals that excite you about the future. Goals that give you something to look forward to in life.

Without concrete and ambitious goals, you are bound to live a very ordinary life.

You got one life. One chance. 

Why would you want to be ordinary when you can live a miraculously amazing life? 

26. Be a giver

You may wonder how giving is one of the tips for self-care? 

The equation is super simple. 

Whatever you give out comes back to you. Whether it’s happiness, money or love.

So, the first rule of receiving is giving.

Give as much as you can, especially things that are free like smiles, good advice and love. And always know that whatever you give out will come back to you multiplied.

27. Never compromise on your sleep

Most of us are not happy or healthy because we never focus on quality sleep.

Make a quality night sleep your top priority.

Do not use mobile in bed.

Indulge in a small night time ritual like writing in your diary, writing in a gratitude journal or meditating before sleep. This small ritual will help you in getting a stress-free sleep that will positively impact all the areas of your life. 



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