How to (instantly )transform your life with law of attraction?

transform your life with law of attraction

Do you want to learn the art & skill to transform your life with the Law of Attraction?

Then stick around. 

Because I have got some solid gold advice for you that literally has the potential to change your whole life.

Sometimes in life we get so disheartened by the circumstances that we are in need of some kind of radical transformation to shift things. 

Change is the only constant in this universe and there is nothing like wanting to change for the better.

Well, if you are looking for such a transformation, then follow the instructions I am going to lay down for you right here. 

Create a future version of yourself in your mind

If you feel bored, demotivated or just not in the zone then it’s time to discard the old version of yourself and create a new one.


How do you create a future version of you?

Here is a step by step instructional manual:

  • Sit down alone in silence.
  • Calm your mind down by focusing on your breath for a few minds.
  • Take a journal.
  • Think about all that you desire for yourself like wealth, health, a great career, an epic romance and so on.
  • Write all of these desires down in the journal.
  • Now close your eyes and see yourself living a life where you have all the things you desire.
  • Focus on how good it feels to have all the abundance, wealth, prosperity and confidence.
  • When you are done with envisioning your most amazing future self, open your eyes.

There you have it!

Your ideal version of you.

transform your life with law of attraction

A future version of you that you want to experience.

Once you have found clarity on your future version, it’s time to focus on it for a few minutes everyday.

Visualize daily for at least 5 minutes living in your desired future as your desired self.

This is the first and the most important step you need to transform your life with the Law of Attraction.

Stick to your future vision like glue

If you know anything about self-development, you would surely be familiar with the amazing Dr. Wayne Dyer. 

Wayne Dyer in his book “Wishes fulfilled” talks about the superglue method. 

The superglue method is basically getting attached with your future vision so firmly and strongly, that no force can separate you from it. 

Since you have created a future version of yourself in your mind, it’s now your job to remain faithful to that vision and disregard any evidence of the contrary.

For example, If your future self is a wealthy, rich man/woman but your present self is having some difficulty with your finances then you must ONLY  focus on the future. 

Transform your life

Think of yourself as a rich person. 

Feel the feeling of abundance. 

Disregard what the present reality is telling you. 

Be happy about the fact that things are going to change for you very soon.

Keep your vision free from opinion of others

Your future vision is something very personal. 

Thus you must keep it very private.

It is something you created and you must protect it from unwanted opinions of others.

It might happen that you tell other people about what you want your future to look like and they might have other plans for you (if they are very close to you). 

Or they might not be fully comfortable with your plans.

Or they might doubt that you will ever be able to achieve that kind of a future.

All these thoughts and perspectives of others are negative vibrations that may affect your tenacity as well.

don't tell your plans to others

So, the best way to go is to avoid telling others about your future vision. Maybe they won’t understand and maybe they won’t give you the validation you sought.

Thus, keep your vision to yourself.

Be your own validator.

Your own hype-man. 

Cheer for yourself.

Believe so firmly in the future vision everyday that it has no choice but to manifest. 

Feel thankful in advance

Saying thankyou for something you cannot physically see yet, is the fastest way to manifest it.

So if you want to bring your future vision into reality ASAP then start being grateful for it right now.

“Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership.”

-Dr. Joe Dispenza

Say thank you for the money you are going to recieve.

Feel gratitude

Be thankful for the prosperity coming your way.

Thank the universe for the amazing health and happiness about to enter your life.

Drench all your senses in feeling of gratitude.

Do this practice everyday until what you are thanking for comes true.

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