I welcome you to my blog with open arms and a heart full of love.

Let me give you a little context of how and why I started this blog.

So, here it goes….

Some 5 years ago, I was at the lowest point in my life. I had been silently dealing with anxiety all my life but things got out of hand when I started having suicidal thoughts.

My life was good.

I was healthy.

I had a bright future to look forward to.

Still, this inescapable cloud of sadness and anxiety engulfed me at all times.

 I did not know what was wrong with me.

Life seemed so meaningless to me. 

I often asked myself, what is the point of life? Why do I have to keep living even when I do not want to?

I was desperately searching for answers…

And as they say, when you truly desire something then the whole universe conspires to give it to you.

The universe conspired for me too.

One day, randomly going through Youtube videos I came across a TedTalk on mindfulness.

Mindfulness? What’s that? 

Those were my instant thoughts.

Anyways, I played the video and I was blown away.

The idea that I had the power to choose how I feel by choosing my thoughts was revolutionary for a person like me (who was always anxious or depressed).


I felt like I had discovered my treasure.

I binged watched all the similar videos on youtube and that led me down the path of Law of Attraction.

That was definitely a turning point in my life.

I started applying the concepts of manifestation and reality creation in my life and in a matter of a few months I was totally free of my crippling anxiety.

After that, each day I have only seen my life get better and better.

After learning this beautiful secret of life, I felt like I needed to share this with more people.

Thus, this blog came into being.

This blog is my passion.

It’s something that gives me immense joy and I hope to transmit those vibrations of joy to you via my writings.

So, if you are interested in transforming your life through the power of your mind then stick around and explore the blog.

Here you will find infinite golden nuggets that can potentially change your entire life for the better.

Have fun exploring and learning. 

Much love,