Afformations for Money, Wealth and Abundance (82 examples)

afformations for money

Have you ever thought of using some powerful afformations for money to attract more wealth into your life? 

If you are looking for ways to manifest your desires, afformations can be a great tool to work with. 

What are Afformations? 

Afformations are positive questions that are designed to train your subconscious the fulfilment of a specific purpose. Afformations are a more powerful version of affirmations. 

I love afformations because I have seen the evidence of how fast they work. 

They are a magical tool for manifesting your desires!

Afformations vs Affirmations:

Both afformations and affirmations are powerful reality creation tools and both are effective at helping you manifest your desires.

However, afformations are generally considered more effective at reprogramming that mind because our mind likes finding out answers to questions we ask ourselves.

But a consistent practice is needed for both affirmations and affirmations to work.

Afforamtions vs affirmations

Examples of Afformations:

Here are a few examples of afformations:

  1. Why am I so blessed?
  2. Why is my life getting better and better?
  3. Why do I always get whatever I want?
  4. Why is my life so easy?
  5. Why am I always successful?
  6. Why does everybody love me?
  7. Why is nothing impossible for me?
  8. Why am I so wealthy and rich?
  9. Why do I always feel happy?
  10. Why am I so beautiful?

How do you use Afformations?

This super relaxed state of the brain naturally occurs when you wake up in the morning and just when you are about to go to sleep at night.

So, I would suggest you to keep some afformations right by your bedside and use them in the morning & at night.

Or you can also use them after doing a meditation session.

Whatever way you choose doesn’t matter! What matters is how strongly you believe in your ability to manifest and how consistent you are with your afformation practice.

Use afformations twice daily for a minimum of 21 days to see some substantial results.

After 21 days, the shifts you will witness in your life will motivate you to stick to them for longer. 

Here are 82 afformations for money that you can use to attract wealth and riches into your life.


  • Why do I attract money so easily?
  • Why am I a super magnet for money?
  • Why am I always surrounded by infinite wealth?
  • Why is my wealth always increasing?
  • Why am I so lucky?
  • Why am I so blessed?
  • Why do I attract abundance so effortlessly?
  • Why do I feel so content with my life?
  • Why does money come to me from infinite sources?
  • Why do I earn so much money through active and passive sources?
  • Why do I have such a positive relationship with money?
  • Why am I so talented and gifted?
  • Why am I always brilliantly rewarded for my talents?
  • Why is my bank balance always increasing?
  • Why are my investments always paying high returns?
  • Why is my wealth multiplying exponentially?

Best Afformations for Money:

  • Why am I so good with managing large amounts of money?
  • Why am I so resourceful with every dollar I have?
  • Why am I such a brilliant decision maker?
  • Why is my life becoming more and more luxurious?
  • Why do I always have time, money and energy to travel the world in style?
  • Why am I so prosperous?
  • Why am I so rich?
  • Why are all my needs and desires always met?
  • Why do I always make more money than I need?
  • Why does money flow to me from miraculous avenues?
  • Why do I always attract lucrative opportunities?
  • Why do I have such an abundant mindset?
  • Why is my work ethic so strong?
  • Why do people respect me wherever I go?
  • Why am I always treated with kindness by everyone?
  • Why do I always win everyone’s heart?
  • Why am I such an eloquent speaker?
  • Why am I so confident about myself?
  • Why am I worthy of every luxury this universe has to offer?
  • Why are my blessings always multiplying?
  • Why do I always get to travel first class?
  • Why do I always get to enjoy multiple luxury vacations every year?
  • Why do I enjoy every moment of my life?
  • Why is life so kind towards me?
  • Why am I the most favored child of the universe?
  • Why do I get to buy every luxury car I want?
  • Why do I have multiple luxury properties to my name?
  • Why do I get to live the life of my dreams?
  • Why are my relationships so fulfilling?
  • Why do I get to live the most amazing life with the people I love?
  • Why is my health so perfect?
  • Why am I so financially savvy?
  • Why do I always focus on the good?
  • Why is my heart always filled with gratitude?
  • Why do I get to live each day of life in love and joy?
  • Why can I do anything that I want?
  • Why can I be wherever I want?
  • Why do I have so much financial freedom?
  • Why do all my dreams become a reality?
  • Why am I so kind and compassionate?

More Afformations for Money:

  • Why do I spend my money wisely?
  • Why do I create better lives for others through my money?
  • Why is my heart geared towards benefiting the society?
  • Why do I find so much peace in helping others?
  • Why am I so generous?
  • Why am I so optimistic about life?
  • Why am I so fearless?
  • Why am I so graceful under every situation?
  • Why am I so good with my words?
  • Why do I always keep my promises?
  • Why is my wealth increasing tremendously?
  • Why am I so intelligent with money?
  • Why do I get to live lavish lifestyles?
  • Why is my life so exciting?
  • Why do I feel so happy and peaceful?
  • Why is my heart always at ease?
  • Why do I trust the universe so much?
  • Why is my money supply always increasing?
  • Why is my life getting better and better each day?
  • Why am such a risk taker?
  • Why am I such a curious learner?
  • Why is reading books my favorite pastime?
  • Why am I always refining my skills?
  • Why am I so sure about my success?
  • Why is life so easy and effortless?
  • Why is it so easy to earn money?
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