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Mental diet

What is a Mental diet ?

Mental diet is the act of continuous monitoring and observing of your thoughts. 

The concept of mental diet has emerged from the teachings of Neville Goddard and Emmett Foxx.

A major part of the mental diet involves immediately replacing any negative thoughts or negative internal conversations with thoughts and conversations that are positive and helpful for you to achieve your life goals. 

Mental diet and the Law of Attraction

Mental diet is an excellent tool for manifestation.

Law of Attraction states that you attract in your life what you focus on and the mental diet is a tool that helps you focus on thoughts that are helpful to your manifestation journey. 

Let me give you an example of how you may use the law of attraction and the mental diet simultaneously.

If you want to manifest a new job through the law of attraction then it’s in your best interest to think of positive, happy thoughts to help you achieve that goal as quickly as possible.

A mental diet would be of great help here.

Observing a mental diet to manifest your job would help you clear your mind of all the negative internal dialogue that goes on in your head. 

You would feel more positive about manifesting your dream job and you would stay in high vibrations too.

In my honest opinion, combining the law of attraction and the mental diet is the most kick-ass recipe for manifestation.

Try it if you haven’t.

How to do a mental diet?

The very first thing is to recognize why you want to do a mental diet.

Is it to generally be more positive in life and to stay in a good mood? 


You want to manifest something (achieve a goal) through the mental diet? 

If your purpose is to stay more positive and in a high vibration; follow these steps:

  1. Become more observant of your thoughts by getting into a daily practice of meditation. Just a 10 minute daily minute meditation practice will make you more aware of what’s going on in your head.

 (This step is optional but highly recommended if you want to get maximum benefits out of the mental diet.)

  1. Monitor the thoughts & inner conversations that go around in your head all day. 

A good way to gauge if the thoughts are positive or negative is to check how you feel most of the time. If your mood is good then your inner chatter would likely be harmless. But if you are in a bad mood — stop to check the thought that triggered it.

  1. When you have caught the “culprit thought” that ruined your mood — it’s time to replace it with something positive.

Replace the negative thought with a better feeling thought or repeat a set of positive affirmations that would make you feel better (I will include a list of positive affirmations at the end of this article). 

Now if you are trying to manifest a particular goal, you must follow all 3 steps mentioned above but add one more to the list.

  • Create internal conversations in your head that show that you have manifested your desire. 

Let’s go with our earlier example of manifesting a job

To manifest a job, you must imagine yourself having a conversation with someone close who is congratulating you for your success.

Imagine the conversation as vividly as possible.

Feel happy & excited as if you really have got the job you desired and that person is congratulating you in reality.

Replay this mental conversation as many times in your head as possible until it starts looking very real to you.

Mental diet success stories:

In his 1955 lecture about mental diets, Neville Goddard tells the story of a young woman who was extremely frustrated by her employer.

She felt like she was not valued and respected by her employer. This made her feel agitated towards her work and her boss. 

She then comes to Neville with this problem.

Neville asks her if she fights with her employer all day in her head?  Does she think of only negative thoughts about her employer?

The woman answers in affirmative.

Neville then advises her to change the tone of her inner conversations. He advises her to think more positively about her employer for a few days.

She does as advised and guess what?

Her employer became more patient, respectful and understanding. As a result she starts liking her work too. 

This example is a solid proof of the fact that our outer world is simply a reflection of our inner world.

If one wants to change their outer reality; they must work on changing their internal conversations and mental diet is an excellent tool for that.

Mental diet benefits:

There are so many reasons as to why this tool is so powerful and effective. 

Let me go through a few of those here:

  • A mental diet is your first step towards self-awareness & being self-aware can pay you tremendously well when it comes to your emotional well-being.
  • It makes your mood better.
  • It raises your vibrations that is a prerequisite to manifesting faster.
  • The mental diet helps you get rid of the “monkey mind”. 
  • You generally become more mindful by doing a mental diet.
  • You can use a mental diet to manifest anything. Be it a job or a soul mate. This tool works for all purposes. 

Manifesting money:

Since so many law of attraction enthusiasts want to manifest money, it’s only fair to tell you how you can use the mental diet to get all the money you desire.

To manifest money through a mental diet, you must first clear your mind of the poverty mentality.

You must tell yourself that you are a rich person (well before any wealth reaches you). 

This is because of the law of attraction. 

If you think you are poor, you will attract more poverty but if you feel rich — you will attract abundance!

You should also design a few conversations in your head that would indicate that you are in possession of the amount of money you desire.

The easiest is to design one or two conversations where the people you are closest to are congratulating you for winning the lottery or becoming a successful businessman.

Replay these conversations as many times you can in your head for a few weeks.

After doing this for a few weeks, it’s time to surrender your desire and let it reach you in the perfect timing.

Now you must let all the anxiety & stress around this desire go and just relax knowing that the money you want is coming to you very soon. 

Tips to get the most out of this technique:

Here are a few tips to get the best results with a mental diet:

  1. Keep a daily meditation practice as it will help you to get better at knowing your thoughts and feelings.
  2. Don’t think of the mental diet as a chore! Let it naturally become a part of your life. 
  3. Avoid meeting people who trigger your negative thinking patterns. 
  4. Avoid social media and news as they usually use negative news to gain your attention and this negativity can affect your mood.
  5. Make the mental diet your lifestyle. Condition your mind to only think of good things and indulge in positive inner conversations.

Mental diet affirmations:

Affirmations are positive statements designed to impress your subconscious mind through repetition.

Use these affirmations to get out of a negative thinking loop:

  • I am happy, healthy and successful.
  • My life is getting better and better everyday.
  • Each step I take leads me to infinite success and fulfillment.
  • I am an epitome of beauty, grace and talent.
  • Good luck is always on my side.
  • I am always a winner. 
  • My mind is calm and serene at all times.
  • Peace and tranquility fill my veins.
  • I am divinely blessed by all that I desire.
  • I am a powerful creator and I create a beautiful life for myself. 
  • The universe is always loving, supporting and guiding me. 
  • I live a happy, fulfilling and exciting life.

Mental Diet for Specific person

Mental diet can be used to manifest your specific person easily. 

The fundamental rule to manifest your specific person via this technique is to completely ignore the 3D/current reality. 


Ignore what’s going on in the current reality & start creating mental scenes that would imply that you are enjoying the relationship you want with your specific person.

Don’t worry if your specific person didn’t call or text you, don’t give your power away by focusing on 3D. 

Remember the current reality has no choice but to conform to your mental scenes and images. So persist in your assumption of the relationship of your dreams!

The more skilled you become with this trick of ignoring the current reality (the 3D) and start living in the end, the sooner you will manifest your specific person and the relationship you desire.

You can also use some specific person affirmations whenever you feel like the 3D has tricked you into feeling like you do not have your specific person or your dream relationship.

Some other equally powerful techniques by Neville Goddard that you can use to manifest all your dreams:

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