How to manifest abundance and be rich (forever)

how to manifest abundance

Do you want to learn how to manifest abundance and wealth for yourself and your loved ones?

Everybody wants to live a life of abundance and riches yet very few actually achieve that abundance in their lives.

But the Law of Attraction is your super powerful friend that will help you manifest all you want including abundance and wealth. 

So if you want to know some of the few simple changes and steps you can take to become that wealthy man or woman, then stick around!

Cultivate an abundance mindset

how to manifest abundance

Most of the people on planet earth do not become wealthy and abundant because they have a “scarcity mindset”.

In simple words, they think that there is a limited amount of money. So someone making more money definitely means that someone else is being deprived of wealth.

This mindset is the farthest thing from the truth. 

This scarcity mentality is what makes people feel jealous or bothered by money that others possess. 

So what is the solution to this scarcity mentality?

Yes. You guessed it right.

It is intentionally cultivating an abundance mindset.

Abundance mindset refers to the belief that there is an infinite and never ending supply of money in this universe. 

So other people earning large sums of money does not deprive you of your share at all. 

In fact since the money supply is infinite, all of us and each one of us can live in riches. 

If you do not have this abundance minsdet, then cultivate it. 

Read books about this concept.

Listen to motivational speakers like Tony Robbins

Do whatever needs to be done but cultivate this mindset at any cost. 

Because without it, you cannot manifest abundance and live a fulfilled life.

See money as energy

how to manifest abundance

If you really want to learn how to manifest abundance, then you must change your perspective about money.

See money is not just the amount in your bank or the bills in your pocket.

It is an energy.

So start noticing your thoughts and beliefs around money.

Are they positive or negative?

Do you see yourself as worthy of being rich or you feel it’s something that might never happen? 

All the beliefs and inner conversations you have about money affect the money coming into your life.

Have you seen people who are truly wealthy and abundant?

They have a certain mental security when it comes to money. They know that the universe is taking care of their finances and they believe that they will never fall short of money.

This belief serves as an energy that attracts more money to them.

Thus, if you want to manifest wealth too – you must work on your beliefs around it.

Clear your subconscious mind of any doubts or uncomfortable feelings around abundance.

A regular practice of daily meditation along with some abundance affirmations will help you get there.

Be grateful for what you have right now! 

Arigato your money

Have you heard the phrase “Arigato your money”?

Arigato means thankyou in Japanese.

So arigato your money means to be thankful for your money.

The famous Japanese author, Ken Honda has introduced this technique to attract abundance and wealth.

The technique is really simple.

Every Time you have money coming in or money going out, you say thankyou.

Even if it’s one penny, you say thankyou for it.

Money coming in means you have earned that money and so you offer thanks for it.

Money going out means you let that money go with a full heart and positive emotions.

When you repeatedly bless the money in your life with a thankyou, you subconsciously attach a positive emotion to it.

And as we know that like energy attracts like, therefore this positive emotion around money is bound to attract more of that money into your life.

I have personally tried this technique and it just blew my mind. 

Now I am trying to make it a permanent habit of mine which will of course take its sweet time.

But the reward is so worth it. 

So you must start practicing Arigato money from this very moment too. 

Visualize your future 

Abundance visualization

Now that you have established positive beliefs around money, it’s time to dive into a technique that will help you manifest abundance with ease.

The technique is called state akin to sleep(SATS).

It was introduced by Neville Goddard.

And you need to do it every night before going to sleep.

So here is how it goes.

  1. Every night before bed, get yourself in a relaxed state of mind through a meditation or some mindfulness practice. 
  2. When you feel your mind has calmed down and is free from the incessant chatter, it’s time to visualize.
  3. Make up a short scene that shows that you are in possession of the money you want to manifest.
  4. Repeat this scene on the screen of your mind as many times as you can until you finally go to sleep.

This technique is akin to planting a strong seed of abundance and wealth in your subconscious mind.

Hence, you must repeat this visualization technique every night for a few weeks until this practice becomes kind of a second nature to you.

Think and act like a wealthy person

The last but not the least.

This trick is very important and effective so I kept it for the end.

To manifest abundance into your life, you should act and think like a rich person.


That is a super powerful law of attraction trick in itself.

It’s like you embody the emotions of being rich before you become rich.

You recondition your mind and body to fully believe in your abundant future. 

So how do you do that?

Well, everyday become a little more conscious of your feelings and behaviors.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How would a rich person feel? Happy? Joyous? Free? 
  2. Would he/she worry about just a few dollars?
  3. Would he/she ever fear giving away money?
  4. Will that person ever indulge in self-pity?

Ask these questions to yourself everyday and then consciously correct your behavior and thoughts.

Doing this practice for sometime will train your mind to think in a certain way and reach that state of mind is your end goal.

So my friends.

That’s all I wanted to tell you about how to manifest abundance and wealth into your life.

Thankyou for reading this article. 

I hope you were able to extract all the value that you were looking for.

I wish you a life of success and abundance.

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