27 Affirmations for Good Health (Heal your body now)

affirmations for good health

If you are searching for some powerful affirmations for good health and well being, then look no further.

I have compiled for you a list of effective affirmations that will not only help you heal your body but they will also drastically improve the quality of your life.

These affirmations will improve everything that matters to you in your life in addition to your health.

Repeat these affirmations twice everyday.

Say them out loud with as much emotion as you may (if that’s possible) to speed up the results.

Continue this practice for four weeks and see the magic.

Now let’s start with the affirmations. 

My body is completely healed now.

I enjoy perfect health and well being.

Each cell in my body is vibrating at the frequency of health.

All the organs in my body are working perfectly well.

All my hormones are perfectly balanced.

I am naturally blessed with great health.

My body is strong and beautiful.

I choose to nourish my body with the healthiest foods.

My mind is calm and clear.

I have infinite amounts of positive energy. 

I am highly active and productive in my daily life.

My body is becoming healthier everyday.

I keep my body well hydrated.

My skin glows with health and vitality.

I love my body.

I am grateful for all that my body does for me.

The miracle of good health surrounds me everyday.

My life is blissful.

Perfect health is my birth right.

A river of peace and joy flows through me all the time.

The divine energy flows through my body and purifies it all the time.

I am full of love for myself and others.

All my loved ones also enjoy excellent health and well being.

I am becoming happier, healthier and abundant with each breath I take.

Every new day brings gifts of love, health, wealth and harmony for me and my loved ones. 

I am healthy in mind, body and spirit. 

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