How to manifest with water? (4 Powerful methods)

How to manifest with water

Do you want to use water for your manifestation but don’t know how to manifest with water?

Manifesting with water is easy and powerful. This is because water readily absorbs the energy that it is charged with and we can use this to our advantage in the manifestation process. 

In this article, I am going to tell you about 4 amazing methods that will help you manifest all that you desire with the help of water. 

So without waiting any more, let’s start with our first method of water manifesting. 

Bless the water every time you drink

This is the easiest thing you can do to manifest. Also this method is my favorite when it comes to manifesting weight loss, healing the body or changing appearance. 

how to manifest with water

Here is how it goes…

Everytime you get water in a glass or a bottle, spend a few minutes holding it and bringing up positive emotions inside your body.

These emotions can be of gratitude, joy or bliss.

When you start feeling that positive shift in your vibration, say a few sentences like:

  • I thank this water for healing my body.
  • I am thankful that I am losing weight.
  • Thankyou for making my skin flawless. 

I hope you get the idea.

The purpose is to bless the water with positive feelings and your specific intention before consuming it.

This method of manifesting with water is easy and it keeps you in a high vibration all day as you will be conscious of sprinkling the water with positive thoughts before consuming it. 

Charge the water with affirmations 

This method is very similar to blessing the water but the only difference is that you charge the water with a whole list of affirmations rather than just with a single intention.

This is how you can charge your water with positive affirmations.

  • Hold the glass/bottle filled with water between the palms of your hands.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Focus on your breath for a few minutes to come into the present moment.
  • Now repeat all the positive affirmations you want to infuse the water with.
  • Repeat the affirmations with feelings and emotions.
  • Feel the words you are repeating are being transferred to the water through your hands. 
  • When you feel like you have sufficiently charged the water with your affirmations, drink a few sips and consume it whenever you feel the need.
Charge water with affirmations

Since this process takes a little bit of your time, I would suggest that you charge a whole big bottle of water at a time and consume it throughout the day.

The 2 cup manifestation method

The 2 cup method is a powerful reality shifting technique that you may use to move from your current reality to the future reality you desire.

2 cup manifestation method

Here is how to do the 2 cup method:

  • Take two glasses/cups.
  • Take two pieces of paper.
  • On one paper, write the current situation (the reality you want to change).
  • One the other paper, write the reality you want to manifest. 
  • Stick one paper to one cup and the second paper to the other. 
  • Fill the cup with current reality with water.
  • Now set an intention to change the current reality and slowly pour water to the other cup (the cup labelled as the reality you want to manifest).
  • While pouring water, feel as if your reality is also shifting. Feel like things are changing to what you desire and soon you will manifest those things in your physical reality. 

Manifesting in the shower 

Through this method we can use the time in shower for manifesting too.

This method is simple yet very powerful.

So, everytime you take shower from now on — you should be mindful of the process.

Feel the water pouring on your head and splashing on your skin.

Feel as if this water is healing all the problems in your body and your life.

Try imagining all the negativity and toxic thoughts being washed away from your existence. 

Be thankful for the water that helps you clean your body, mind and soul of all the unwanted influences.

Manifest with water

When you step out of the shower, imagine yourself as a new person who feels lighter and happier as all the negativity has been washed away from your life. 

So, these were the four techniques that you may use to manifest with water. All of them are equally powerful but every technique requires a strong belief, patience and consistency.

Try these techniques for a few weeks and get ready to be amazed by what amazing things you will manifest in your life. 

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