Neville Goddard Manifesting Techniques to create your own reality

Neville Goddard manifesting

If you know anything about manifestation, you must have heard the name Neville Goddard.

Neville Goddard was a well known author and speaker. He extensively spoke and wrote about subjects like spirituality, reality creation and manifesting one’s desires.

Neville was a genius and was divinely gifted. 

He was truly ahead of its time because almost half a century later, his work is still relevant in the field of mysticism and reality creation. 

Neville’s manifestation techniques are still widely used by people who believe in reality creation and spirituality.

In fact his lectures are so popular and in demand today that many Youtubers and self-help teachers have built their entire careers around discussing Neville’s work. 

As for me, I absolutely LOVE Neville and his work. I love listening to his lectures and reading his words, as they give me an entirely new perspective on reality creation.

Each time I immerse myself into Neville’s work, I find something new to help me on my manifesting journey. 

Neville Goddard’s manifestation techniques are very practical, understandable and effective. 

Here are 5 of his most well known & effective techniques for manifesting your desires into reality.

Thinking from your desire fulfilled.

This is also called “living in the end”.

Neville emphasizes that in order to get what you want, you must trick your brain into feeling as if you already have acquired your desire.

For instance, if you want to manifest a new car. 

Feel yourself as already having that car. 

Feel the joy you would feel driving it. 

Imagine how it would feel like to sit in that car. 

The basic idea is to get yourself in the “mood” where your mind feels like your wish is already granted. 

“Living in the end” technique feels like you are fooling yourself but trust me it works like magic. 

It needs a little time, patience but you will be delighted with the results.

SATS (state akin to sleep) Technique

The time we are about to sleep as in when we are wandering between the world of sleep and wakefulness is the best time to reprogram the mind.

At this time, it’s really really easy to impress our subconscious with new beliefs. 

Hence Neville Goddard suggests to use this time carefully.

When you are in that sleepy state, consciously imagine a scene which signifies that your wish is now fulfilled. 

Make the scene as real as possible by adding your feelings and emotions.

Keep replaying this scene on the screen of your mind till you fall asleep. 

Do this for several nights until you feel your subconscious mind has fully accepted the scene as real. 

This technique is amazing because it impresses your subconscious at the time where it is highly suggestible. 

I usually do this technique for one or two weeks and after that I let it go knowing that my will become reality in the nearest future. 

Isn’t it wonderful? 

This technique is especially helpful when you are trying to manifest many things at the same time. 

For instance, let’s assume that you want to manifest a car, a home, a new office, new clothes etc etc.

Focusing on each of these would take a lot of time and energy. 

So the idea here is to capture a feeling that would signal to your mind that all your manifestations have been granted.

So for the things above you can say,

“Isn’t it wonderful that i am so prosperous?”


“Isn’t it wonderful that i have all the money i ever desired?”

While repeating the lines, be sure to immerse yourself into the feeling. 

Because your feelings are the way to bring your desires into reality.

The Mental Diet 

ental diet as the name suggests is the technique whereby you manifest your desire by feeding your mind only positive/relevant thoughts.

For instance, you want to manifest a job. 

Write this desire on a piece of paper.

Write all the thoughts you must have to manifest your job.

Like “i am the best candidate for this job” or “I am destined for success”.

Then all day, focus your attention on deliberately creating such thoughts that show that your wish is coming true.

If a negative or doubtful thought comes to your mind like “I don’t know if i am good enough for that job”.

Immediately change that thought with something positive like “I am 100% sure that i am the truly deserving candidate for that job”. 

Mental diet is very similar to the diets we do for our health and fitness. 

Consider your negative thoughts as the “cheat meals”, so the fewer cheat meals you consume, the sooner you will be able to hit your goal.

Revision Technique

Revision is the most powerful of all techniques by Neville Goddard because it talks about changing your feelings about what has already happened.

This is akin to changing your past because your past is nothing but a few fragments of your memory and the meaning you assign to those fragments.

When you will change the meaning you assign to your past incidents, they will cease to influence you negatively.

You may revise your day before sleep each night or some particular incidents that are causing you mental discomfort.

For instance, You had a phone call with your mother that turned into an involved argument. That incident made you stressed and anxious.

So to use the revision technique for that incident, go by following steps:

  1. Lay down in your bed at night.
  2. Relax your body and mind through taking deep breaths.
  3. When you are in a calm state of mind, replay that scene of your conversation  in your mind but change the part of the argument with something positive.
  4. Replay the scene in your mind as if the argument never took place.
  5. Sleep in this state of relaxation.

This technique is somewhat similar to what the film editors do. They cut the unnecessary parts from the film and the relevant ones.

In the similar way, you may take charge of your life and circumstances through Revision.

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