Manifest like magic with I Remember When Neville Goddard Technique

I remember when Neville Goddard

In this article, you will get introduced to the I Remember When (Neville Goddard) Technique which is one of the most powerful manifesting techniques which Neville used himself many times to get what he wanted.

What is “i remember when” manifestation technique?

“I remember when” is a super powerful technique for reality creation introduced by Neville Goddard. 

This technique involves using your imagination and saying a statement to yourself like, “I remember when i was not earning millions of dollars”.

Such a statement gives an impression to your subconscious that there WAS a time when you were not earning millions, but now you ARE! 

So in a way you are reprogramming your mind by tricking your subconscious into feeling as if you right now are living with your desire e.g. you have the million dollars you once desired.

How to use the “I Remember When” technique?

The  method to use “I remember when” technique by Neville Goddard is fairly simple.

Here, I am going to explain how I use this technique step by step:

Step one

I usually use this technique in conjunction with other law of attraction rituals. Like i usually do “ i remember when” after doing my morning meditation or in when i feel i am in a joyful state.

The best time to use this technique is when you are feeling relaxed and in the moment because:

  • A good mood would provide as a solid base for your manifestation as you won’t have to work hard to visualise anything.
  • Another reason that i advocate being in a good mood before using “i remember when” is that when you are already vibrating at a higher frequency, you dramatically increase your chances of manifesting your desires.

So, the first step is simply to get in a higher vibration and a good mood.

Step two

After getting in a good or even just a relaxed mood, you clearly identify what desire you are trying to manifest in your mind.

For example, let’s say you want to manifest money through “I remember when” technique.

So you should start affirming statements that start with the words i remember when that would imply as if you are in possession of the money you want.

For example you will say statements like these:

  • I remember when I was not earning enough money to satisfy all my needs and wants.
  • I remember when manifesting huge amounts of money wasn’t so easy for me.
  • I remember when I hadn’t paid all my debts.
  • I remember when I was not living a life of such luxury and opulence.

So now you get an idea.

Affirm as many statements like these for at least a few minutes.

Don’t just say the words, feel what you are saying! 

Try imagining the time you didn’t have enough money to buy your dream home, feel the tension such a situation would bring about in your mind and body.

After feeling the “past”, now imagine the “present” as if you have all the money you want right now. Feel the pleasure and sense of relief.

Do this exercise for as long as you want.

Even 2 minutes are enough if you have actually felt the feelings of your “i remember when” statements.

Step three

After you are done, the last step is to let it go and go about your day as usual.

Don’t obsess over the desire throughout the rest of your day.

You have done your part of accurately communicating your desires to the universe. 

Let the universe take care of the rest.

Just be happy knowing that your desire is coming.

How long should you use this “I remember when” by Neville Goddard? 

I would suggest doing it once daily for a few weeks for one particular desire. 

Four weeks is a good time frame.

This is because it takes repetition to get your subconscious mind to accept any statement as a fact. 

So repeat, repeat, repeat and then after you feel your mind has become comfortable with the statement, let it go with grace.

Why “i remember when” is the most powerful manifestation technique?

1. It eliminates any anxiety regarding “the future” of your desire:

Saying statements  starting with “I remember when” comforts you in a sense that it tells your mind that your problem belongs in the past & now you have overcome that problem.

So this really helps with any anxiety you might be feeling surrounding your desire.

In the world of manifestation, anxiety = resistance.

And there is no bigger obstacle in journey of manifestation then your own resistance!

Hence this manifestation technique by design takes care of that major road block.

Isn’t it just fantastic?

2. Instantly puts you in good mood & a higher vibration:

“I remember when” instantly lightens up your mood because through this technique you signal your brain that you have overcome whatever challenges you had and now you are just basking in the glory of your desire fulfilled.

This higher vibration also means that you are going to manifest your desires a lot faster and easier!

3. Gets your imaginative juices flowing:

Manifesting is all about imagination. The better you can imagine, the more you can manifest. There is simply no limit to what you can manifest provided you are able to imagine it first.

This technique in particular trains your mind to imagine the past and present states vividly in your mind. This improvement in your imagining faculties will definitely help you in all areas of your manifestation journey.

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