Become a manifesting beast to manifest super quickly!

how to manifest something quickly

C’mon guys! Let’s be honest here. Don’t we all wish to become some kind of manifesting beasts & manifest amazing stuff for ourself and our loved ones quickly? 

I sure do.

Learning how to manifest things super quickly and effortlessly is my priority no. 1 in life at this moment. Because I know one thing for a fact that if I become better at redirecting and focusing my energy at the right things, I can conquer it all. I can get whatever I want, whenever i want.

My friends! Life is all about energy. It’s a beautiful game of focus. 

It is a physical manifestation of where we have focused our energies. 

So, when i talk about becoming a manifesting beast, i mean that we become so intentional about our thoughts and feelings that we always bring out the desired results out of any situation EFFORTLESSLY. 

Here are 3 hacks that have seriously fueled my manifesting game. 

Try these for 4 weeks at least before making a comment about their effectiveness. I request you to do so.

I can guarantee it for a fact that these hacks will serve as a major booster for your manifesting powers. I promise that you will see results for yourself because I have compiled these after listening and studying some of the most influential Law of Attraction teachers & knowledge we have access to. 

So give these a try.

You won’t regret it. 

The first hack

The very first hack I have in my closet to manifest something or anything so so quickly, without a miss, is meditating first thing in the morning for at least 20 minutes.

Meditation is theeeeeee BOMB when it comes to manifesting. It seriously gives you some magical powers.

Now if you read my blog, you will find that i am always talking about meditation. This is because I have not yet encountered a tool as powerful as meditation for reality creation. My life has taken on a complete shift since I started meditating. It has accelerated my manifesting powers a 100 times. 


So how should you use this hack? 

Now let’s talk about how you may implement this hack in your life to manifest really quickly.

From tomorrow (not wasting any time here, are we?) wake up 20-25 minutes earlier than your usual waking time. 

I know it sounds difficult  to compromise on your precious sleep but the reward will be worth the efforts. I promise.

Get up from the bed and use the toilet if you need. Then find a place in your home where it’s quiet and peaceful. Sit down and put on a guided meditation from Youtube  (if you are an expert meditator and don’t need someone guiding you, that’s also fine).

Things to be careful about:

  • You CANNOT use your phone for any other purpose other than putting on the meditation. So wait until you complete the meditation to check those important emails of yours. 
  • You MUST meditate first thing in the morning because your subconscious mind is most impressionable at this time. So you must not miss on this precious time you get every morning. 
  • You gotta keep doing your meditations each morning even if you feel you are not getting anywhere with them. You will get good at it with time. So relax and do the work.

The second hack

Let’s move to the second hack that you may use for manifesting something super quickly. The hack is to immerse yourself in feelings of gratitude each day.

I know i know it’s easier said than done so i have a superb idea. It’s what I used myself when I was trying to massively bring about a shift in my life. 

So the idea is to take up a GRATITUDE CHALLENGE.

The idea of a gratitude challenge came to me when i read The Magic by Rhonda Byrne (Amazing book! Give it a read if you have time).

In the book, Rhonda introduces the idea of incorporating gratitude in your daily life by giving you specific tasks each day. The tasks are as easy as counting your blessings or being grateful for your health.

The challenge is 28 day long and if you follow it with consistency…. get ready to be surprised by miracles!


How should you immerse yourself in gratitude?

  • Read the whole of “The Magic” if you can and just follow along each day. 
  • If you cannot read the whole book, get an idea about the 28 tasks from Google or Youtube. 
  • If you need an accountability partner, take it up with a real life friend or a virtual friend. On Facebook you will easily find a group where people are taking this challenge. So join away one of those.

What if you cannot get the book or take up this particular challenge?

If for any reason you cannot take up this challenge, don’t worry. I got your back! 

There is another equally powerful way you can incorporate gratitude into your daily life which will also help to manifest quickly.

Oprah Winfrey talks about keeping a Gratitude Journal. So you basically go buy a journal and name it a gratitude journal. 

Now every night, you take out this journal and write 5-10 things that happened to you that day for which you can be grateful for.

Try to be creative in coming up with those things.

Continue doing this for at least 4 weeks. 

Now if you are thinking why are we doing this gratitude thing in the first place, then i’ll need to write a detailed blog post on this. But I would recommend you to do your own research on how gratitude helps in manifesting faster. 

The third & final hack

The final & a sure shot hack to manifesting your desires super efficiently is to visualise your desired future right before you doze off for a night’s sleep. 

I take zero credit for coming up with this final hack . 

This particular manifesting technique was introduced and popularized by Mr. Neville Goddard.

The name says it all, doesn’t it?

Neville Goddard is one of the most admired spiritual teachers that ever existed on the face of planet earth. His lectures about manifestations have seriously helped me so much over the course of the last few years. 

Neville named this technique (the one i am going to talk about) “State akin to sleep” a.k.a SATS.

How do you do this?

This is my own improvised version of SATS. This is what works for me every time whenever I want to manifest something quickly without fail so I hope it will for you too.

So here’s the drill. 

You finish off all your chores for the day and hit your bed. 

While lying down in your bed, you deliberately slow down your brain waves by counting back from 50 to 1 or by simply observing your breath for a few minutes. 

Now after you feel that your mind has finally calmed down, you start imagining your desire has come into physical reality.

For instance, if you are manifesting a committed relationship, visualize yourself in a scene which depicts that your wish has come to life. Like imagine yourself walking down the aisle beaming with joy and bliss. Feel the feelings you would feel walking towards the love of your life. Try feeling the scent of flowers in the air, feel how your wedding gown is hugging your body. 

Fully immerse yourself in the scene using all your senses.

Doesn’t it just feel so amazing? IKR!

So just stick with the feeling while going to sleep night after night.

Continue this for at least 4 weeks as you will be doing with the previous two hacks as well.


Things to be careful about:

  • Become clearer about what you are going to visualize for next couple of weeks. The clearer you are, the greater are chances of success.
  • Try visualizing your desired outcome as vividly as possible. Focus on the colors, on the sounds, on the scents and so on.

So these were the 3 hacks I really wanted to tell you guys about. Now that I have written about them, the burden is off my chest. LOL.

I am looking forward to you guys giving all 3 a try and write back to me about if they helped you. Would love to see your experiences.

Much love. <3

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