81 Affirmations for Manifestation (to manifest instantly)

affirmations for manifestation

Ready to transform your life with some powerful affirmations for manifestation?

These affirmations are the gold you have been looking for, to improve your life in every aspect possible.

Be it your career, family, wealth or love life; these affirmations have been carefully designed to impact all the important areas of your life. 

However, a frequent repetition is essential for these statements to bring about their true magic in your life. 

Repeat these affirmations twice daily for at least 4 weeks to yield maximum benefits. 

If you are genuinely interested in manifesting & want to massively level up your manifestation game, here are a few super effective techniques by the greatest manifestation teacher that ever existed – Neville Goddard:

Alright so without wasting any more time, let’s get started without super powerful affirmations for manifestation. 

  1. I am a powerful being.
  2. I am full of divine energy.
  3. I use my energy to carefully create the life I want.
  4. I am incredibly good and efficient at manifestation.
  5. I manifest my desires with ease.
  6. My manifesting abilities are becoming stronger each day.
  7. I fully understand the relationship between my thoughts and my reality.
  8. My life is a reflection of beautiful thoughts. 
  9. I think positive thoughts and manifest positive things into my life. 
  10. I am so pleased to have such amazing manifesting powers. 
  11. I love my life.
  12. My life is fabulous in every way.
  13. I am prosperous in each and every area of my life.
  14. Whatever I desire comes to me with ease.
  15. Manifesting my desires is so effortless for me.
  16. I am so proud of myself
  17. I am unlimited.
  18. I can achieve whatever I want.
  19. I live the life of my dreams. 
  20. Each day, I consciously work to make my life even better.
  21. I am whole.
  22. I am a part of the divine.
  23. I am invincible.
  24. I am an infinite success.
  25. Prosperity follows me with each step I take.
  26. I attract unlimited wealth into my life.
  27. I always have more than enough money to live my life in luxury and comfort.
  28. I am a magnet for riches.
  29. I am a billionaire.
  30. Money flows to me from infinite sources all the time.
  31. My supply of wealth is ever-increasing.
  32. I live a life full of joy and happiness.
  33. Each day is a brilliant new adventure.
  34. I am guided by the universe everyday.
  35. Everything in my life is always taken care of by the universe.
  36. I never have to worry about anything in my life.
  37. I live a life of complete freedom.
  38. I live my life on my own terms.
  39. Things are always working out in my best interest.
  40. Every situation brings out good for me.
  41. My life is magical.
  42. I have the most amazing people to share my life with.
  43. My relationships are strong, supportive and nourishing.
  44. I attract highly vibrational people into my life.
  45. Everyone I meet adds value to my life.
  46. I am always in the company of people with ambitious minds and kind hearts.
  47. I am always surrounded by love.
  48. I am admired and respected by everyone I meet.
  49. My personality is charming.
  50. People are attracted to me in a positive way.
  51. I have a strong but positive influence on people.
  52. I am a leader.
  53. I was born to be respected and loved by all.
  54. My friends are the most loyal and compassionate souls on the planet.
  55. My love life is amazing.
  56. I am in a relationship with my perfect match.
  57. We are a perfect couple in every sense.
  58. My significant other helps me dream bigger and reach higher.
  59. We create a billion dollar empire together.
  60. I feel perfectly at ease with my partner.
  61. My partner feels like home.
  62. My soul is always at ease with my partner.
  63. We share the most beautiful relationship. 
  64. Me and my partner are each other’s biggest support. 
  65. Unlimited love, respect and trust define our relationship.
  66. I am so grateful for my fulfilling life.
  67. The whole universe is conspiring in my favor.
  68. I am destined for unlimited success.
  69. I am destined for an infinite abundance.
  70. I am a fulfilled soul.
  71. I am kind and compassionate.
  72. I am an excellent decision maker.
  73. I am worthy of unlimited goodness.
  74. My life is only becoming more fun and effortless with time.
  75. I am a genius.
  76. I am always humble and grounded.
  77. I live a miraculous life full of love, joy, health and abundance
  78. Thank You universe for my amazing life.
  79. Thank you divine source for my ever-increasing wealth.
  80. I know that I am always in the protective embrace of the divine.
  81. I am a miracle. 
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