19 of the Most Powerful Affirmations for Money

most powerful affirmations for money

Do you want to attract unlimited money into your life? I am sure you do! All of us do! So, to help you in manifesting infinite wealth into your life here is a list of the most powerful affirmations for money.

These affirmations are easy and effective provided you repeat them daily for a few weeks to let them seep them down into your subconscious mind. 

How to use money affirmations?

The best time to repeat these affirmations is just after you wake up in the morning as your mind is calm and receptive to information after a sleep. 

So, repeat these affirmations every morning to yourself. 

Maybe the first time you would say these affirmations, they would sound totally unbelievable to you. But don’t worry! After repeating them for a few days, your mind will start accepting these words as the truth. 

Once you reach that level, you would feel a connection with these lines. That is the stage you want to get to!

Once your subconscious mind registers these lines as true for you, you will soon start seeing manifestations in your life.

So be patient and repeat these lines to yourself everyday as these are some of the most powerful affirmations for money that you will find on the web.

I am a super magnet for money.

Money flows to me in avalanches of abundance all the time.

I always have more money than I want.

I have a positive relationship with money.

I have an abundance mindset.

I live a life of luxury and opulence.  

I travel all around the world in luxury and comfort.

I own many beautiful properties all around the world. 

I own so many luxury vehicles that give me the freedom and comfort to move around.

My businesses are thriving.

I earn large amounts of money through active and passive sources.

I am a confident and charismatic leader.

I am loved and admired by everyone I meet.

I have the most positive and uplifting people around me all the time.

My life is filled with health, wealth, happiness and abundance. 

Every dollar I spend comes back to me multiplied.

Infinite wealth and riches is my birth right.

I follow my passions and money follows me.

I am worthy of all the abundance and money in the world.

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