Can you manifest for someone else (Here are 3 Techniques!)

Can you manifest for someone else

Can you manifest for someone else? 

Yes. Absolutely. 

You can!

I say this with this degree of certainty because I myself have manifested for others multiple times. These manifestations include smooth and almost painless surgery for my father; an amazing job for my brother and so on.

In fact I love manifesting for others. It gives me great satisfaction to know that I can make a positive change in the lives of people I so dearly love.

If you are like me and want to manifest good things for other people then keep on reading as I will tell you a few rules to follow while manifesting for someone else as well as the exact steps/techniques I use to manifest for someone else.

Can you manifest for someone else?

While manifesting for others is absolutely possible, there still are a few rules you must be mindful of.

If you find any rule difficult to be followed, please don’t be disheartened as there will be a way around and in fact I will tell you about all the tricks you can use to make these rules easier for you.

So, without wasting any time let’s dive into the rules you must follow to manifest for someone else.

The 3 Rules for Manifesting for Someone Else:

Rule #1 – NEVER try manifesting bad for someone else!

“Can you manifest something bad for someone else?” is a question I get asked often and my response is always the same.

Why would you deliberately want to manifest something bad for someone if you are well aware of the Law of Attraction? How can you ever take that risk?

The Law of Attraction states that you attract whatever you put out into the universe.

So if you are putting out negative vibes or bad energy for someone else in the universe, who do you think it will affect first?


It will affect you first before it ever has any chance to affect the other person. 

Remember! If you are trying to manifest something bad for someone else then you are the vessel holding that negative and toxic energy, that toxic energy will first destroy you.

Deliberately trying to manifest something bad for someone is like lighting up your own house on fire and hoping that the flames would somehow consume the house of the person you hate as well

While there is no guarantee the flames will be so powerful as to cause destruction in another person’s life, they will surely turn your own life into ruins.

So stay clear of ever trying to manifest something bad for someone and be assured that no one else can manifest something bad for you either. 

Rule #2 – The other person must WANT what you are trying to manifest for them

Each one of us is an entire universe in ourselves and all of us hold tremendous power over our life circumstances.

If you are trying to manifest for someone else but the other person doesn’t truly want that to happen then it will never manifest (even if your intentions are to do good for them).

I will give you an example here. 

It’s a little success story of manifesting for someone else.

Almost a year back, my younger brother could not find any good job for himself. Over a course of a few months I saw him getting frustrated and that’s when I decided to help him by manifesting for him.

Although I didn’t tell him that I will try to manifest a job for him still I knew for sure that he truly  wanted what I was trying to manifest for him i.e. a good paying job.

This is when I consciously started manifesting for him (You will find the exact steps later in this blogpost) and within a week he got an amazing job that paid him good and he also thoroughly enjoyed doing the work everyday.

So, I hope you understand that it’s crucial that the other person wants the same outcome that you are trying to manifest for them. 

Rule #3 – The other person must have some belief in the possibility of it to happen for them

As I have previously told you that each one of us has a very strong say in how our life unfolds hence it is important that the other person must have at least “some degree of faith” in the possibility of that thing happening for them.

If the person you are trying to manifest for has lost all faith and confidence for things to work out for them then I fear that manifesting for them won’t work out.

Whatever you are trying to manifest for them is an energetic possibility and to attract that energy, the other person must vibrate somewhere around the same frequency.

But sometimes it happens that we see the people we love losing faith and we get this desperate urge to help them out.

So, what to do when the other person cannot see it happening for them?

If the person you are trying to manifest for has lost all faith in themselves and the possibilities then you must focus on making them feel better and giving them hope.

Talk to the other person.

Lift them up with a pep talk and tell them that anything is possible if one believes.

Maybe it will take a few good conversations, but soon you will see them becoming hopeful and confident.

That’s the beauty of our subconscious brain. It starts accepting something as true when it is repeated many times over. 

So your frequent pep talks will do the magic sooner or later and once that other person starts feeling good, you have exponentially increased the chances of manifestation to occur for them! 

Step by Step Guide to Manifest for Someone Else:

Now that we have answered the question of “Can you manifest for someone else” and we are also done with the basic rules to follow, let’s go over some steps/techniques for doing so.

1. Do Ho’Oponopono for them

Have you heard of the Ho’Oponopono technique?

It’s an ancient Hawaiian prayer for forgiveness and eliminating negative energies.

The prayer consists of just 4 simple lines. Here it goes:

I am sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

I have found this technique super helpful whenever I am trying to manifest for someone else.

Though this prayer seems very simple, it truly is magical. I have witnessed people curing themselves and their loved ones; creating new opportunities for themselves and their loved ones and manifesting very specific desires super fast through the Ho’OPonopono prayer.

If there is something that we want to manifest for someone and the other person wants that too, then what really is standing between the quick realization of that desire?

It is the negative blocks, beliefs and frequencies!

These negative blocks might be residing in our mind or the mind of that other person without us ever noticing them consciously.

Here is where the true magic of Ho’Oponopono starts. It acts as a clearing tool for all the negative beliefs and thought patterns thus making way for the manifestation to occur effortlessly.

Chant the prayer at least 108 times with your clear desire for a minimum of 21 days for your manifestation to happen.

2. Lift up their vibrations

The second step is to make the person you are manifesting for, believe to some degree that the manifestation will happen for them.

You don’t necessarily need to tell the other person about the law of attraction and manifesting because they might not be open to learning about it. So, keep your manifestation a secret from them and just focus on making that person happier and positive in some way.

If the person you are manifesting for is close to you, make sure you indulge in healthy, positive conversations with them frequently and radiate your positivity to them.

It is essential for the other person to be in some degree of feeling good about themselves because their dominant feelings will attract things of a similar frequency for them.

If that person is happy, he/she is more likely to attract happy circumstances and get their desires easily.

But if the other person is not happy, it will be very difficult for them to get anything good in life including the thing you are trying to manifest for them. 

So, boost up their morale by giving them some good pep talks or through light hearted conversations.

3. Create an Imaginal scene 

This is my absolute favorite technique to do whenever I am manifesting for someone. This technique is a Neville Goddard classic for manifestation.

Let me explain it in detail.

To manifest for someone else via this technique, you create a future scene in your mind. The scene should imply as if the “desire” you are trying to manifest for the other person has already manifested.

It can be a small and quick scene like that person is telling you over excitedly how something happened for them.

Or any other scene that feels good to you. 

Let your imagination go wild and create an inspiring scene.

For example, if you are trying to manifest better grades for your child then make a mental scene where you see your child happily telling you about their grades.

If you are manifesting a job for someone then create a scene of them telling you about the amazing job they just got.

The scene can be very short like 10 seconds or so. 

Do whatever feels comfortable to you.

The next step is to repeat this scene in your mind a bunch of times during the day in a relaxed state of mind.

Feel the good feelings the scene brings about.

Do this for a maximum of 3-4 weeks and then let it go with full faith and confidence that the mental scene is soon turning into reality.

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