Become a Manifestation Magnet with these Affirmations

Manifestation Magnet

If you are looking for ways to speed up your Law of Attraction manifestations or want to become a manifestation magnet, try these powerful manifestation affirmations.

Repeat them everyday at least once for 3 weeks and then let the universe take care of rest.

Happy manifesting 🙂 

  • I am a super powerful manifestor for all good things.
  • I attract all the good things into my life easy & effortlessly.
  • The Law of Attraction works perfectly well for me.
  • I get all my desires manifested super quickly for the highest good of all concerned. 
  • I am powerful.
  • I am limitless.

I create an absolutely beautiful life for myself and people I love. 

  • My life is amazing in all aspects. 
  • Things always work out perfectly well for me.
  • I know that only good lies before me. 
  • I am a magical being.
  • My life is full of beauty and goodness.

I believe in my ability to manifest all good things.

  • I know that the Universe is conspiring to make my wishes a reality. 
  • I completely surrender to this beautiful process.
  • I live in the present moment.
  • I am always full of positive energy and vigor.
  • I am so excited for my beautiful future.
  • I am safe and protected at all times.

All circumstances bring something positive for me. 

  • I am blissful.
  • Love, joy and abundance surround me everyday. 
  • I live a life of luxury and opulence. 
  • I am fearless.
  • I am unstoppable. 
  • I am a dreamer.

I fully believe in the Law of Attraction.

  • I attract love and respect from every person I meet.
  • I deserve all the good and riches the Universe has to offer.
  • I am enough.
  • I am worthy of the absolute best. 
  • I am whole and perfect.
  • I am surrounded by amazing people at all times. 

I trust myself and the Infinite power within me.

  • I turn obstacles into marvellous opportunities for myself.
  • I focus on the positives. 
  • I am extremely grateful for all I have. 
  • I live a life of abundance beyond my wildest dreams. 
  • I am calm and peaceful at all times.
  • I am an inspiration for so many people.

I love helping others out with my talents and gifts.

  • I contribute to making this world a better place.
  • Things are only getting better and better for me each passing day.
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