Short morning Affirmations to kickstart your day

short morning affirmations

Life is busy for all of us and sometimes the daily stress can take a toll on our mental health. To avoid that situation, it is very important that you start your day on a positive note. Hence in the morning you need something powerful that will give you a quick boost of positivity and motivation without eating up too much of your precious morning hours. Repeating a set of short morning affirmations that have been designed to give you an emotional uplift can be a wonderful addition to your morning routine. Here are 31 short morning affirmations for you:

I am thankful for this day.

Today is full of love.

I start my day with a positive mindset.

This day is magical.

Success is waiting for me today.

Unconditional love is my birth right.

I am worthy of all the good the universe has to offer.

Today is full of miracles and blessings.

This day brings me good luck.

I am blessed by divine energy.

I am happy and thriving.

My life flows with ease.

I am healthy.

I am thankful for all the abundance in my life.

I am prospering.

I vibrate at the frequency of wealth.

My life is filled with beauty and grace.

I am youthful and charismatic.

I start this day with a happy heart.

My mind is at ease.

I am successful in every area of my life.

Happiness surrounds me every moment.

My loved ones are healthy and safe.

My life is constantly getting better and better.

I achieve all my goals with minimum effort.

The universe always has my back.

Everything is working out in my favor.

I am always in a state of gratitude.

Everyone loves me and appreciates me.

My efforts are always rewarded.

I am living the life of my dreams.

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