15 Tips for manifestation (the best LOA advice)

Tips for manifestation

If you are really struggling with manifesting your desires then these tips for manifestation will provide the information you need right now.

The law of attraction is so powerful that it is capable of granting us our wishes in a snap of a finger.

However sometimes we feel like it’s taking forever for our wishes to manifest in reality. With every passing day, we become demotivated and start questioning the law or our circumstances.

If you are in a similar situation, fret not! 

There is always a solution. 

These manifestation tips can be used if you are a beginner or an expert.

Wherever you are on your law of journey, these tips for manifestation will definitely accelerate your progress. 

1. Create beliefs strong like a rock

Your belief forms the very base of your manifestations. You cannot build a sustainable building with a weak foundation.

You get what you believe in. It’s as simple as that! 

Sometimes when our wish doesn’t seem to get fulfilled soon enough, we start doubting ourselves. This disbelief kills all your chances of manifesting anything.

So the very step in manifesting faster is to build a strong belief in yourself and the Law of attraction.

To build a stronger belief surround yourself with relevant material: read law of attraction quotes, read other people’s success stories or communicate with friends who believe in the Law of attraction.

2. Don’t be confused about what you want

This is a problem I still encounter at times even though I have been using the Law of attraction for many years.

We often are not clear about what we really want and that state of confusion conveys nothing substantial to the universe.

 It in fact delays our manifestations.

So, get really specific on what you want, why you want it and when do you want it e.g. “I want a spacious house for my family in downtown Vancouver by the end of this year”. 

Be super precise and clear.

Remember, unless you are not clear about what you want, the universe can’t and won’t help you in any way! 

3. Meditate without missing a day 

If you do not have time to implement all the manifestation tips in this list, then just take this one.

Save this tip because it’s the ultimate secret for manifestation.


Yes. Meditation!

Meditation is much more than calming your nerves down. It is a tool to connect with the divine.

Meditation is the fastest way to reach your goals.

I know it sounds too good to be true but that’s what meditation is. Meditation is just too good to be true.

Since the day I have incorporated daily meditation into my life, life has magically become easier and effortless. I easily get what I desire and it’s as if the whole universe is conspiring to give me exactly what I want.

If you are not doing daily meditation, you are missing out on the big secret behind real manifestation. 

4. Live in your “future”desired reality

This is one of the best manifestation methods that works every time.

Neville Goddard (who is one of the greatest teachers of the Law of Attraction to have ever lived) suggests this idea of “living in the end” to manifest your desire.

Let’s say you are trying to manifest marriage with your specific someone. 

Go to the end. 

Start living your life as if you are already married to that person.

Feel the joy you would feel. 

Also during the day millions of thoughts regarding your relationship will cross your mind. But whenever a negative thought crosses your mind, remind yourself that you are already happily married. Remind yourself that you don’t need to worry about anything because all is taken care of amazingly well.

Let your only job be living in your desired end state and let the universe take care of the rest. 

5. Practice staying blissful

Abraham Hicks stresses on the importance of staying happy during the manifestation process. 

Being happy and cheerful is a high vibrational state and hence by staying happy you speed up the process of manifestation. 

I can personally vouch for this because the days I am feeling happy, I tend to manifest things crazily fast.

The universe seems to be responding to my high vibrational state. 

On the other hand, things just don’t seem to go my way on days I am feeling down or depressed.

6. Let go of the “HOW?”

Oftentimes you will find yourself worrying about “how” your manifestation will be brought to you? 

Your mind will force you to think of all the possible ways your wish can come true.

When you worry about the HOW, you in fact are giving the impression that you are still doubting your own potential and the universe.

Always remember that you are the most magnificent child of this universe and it will never let you down. EVER!

You have to take a blind leap of faith with your manifestations.

You must let go of this worry of “how things will manifest?” because it is simply not your job. 

This is not your domain.

Your only job is to stay happy while the universe brings you what you want.

7. Observe and change the voice in your head

There is a voice inside our head that’s always dictating, judging or commenting on what happens to us or what we do.

This voice is unstoppable. It keeps on blabbering 24/7. It is your constant companion throughout life. 

If this is your constant companion all the time, then do you realize what kind of impact this inner voice has on your life? 

A massive impact.

Now whether that impact is positive or negative is your choice. 

To become a better manifester, the very first step is to catch that voice whenever it is trying to make you feel bad. Catch it and flip the thought.

Think of a few good things or name 5 things you can see, touch and hear at that very moment.

The idea is to break the loop of thoughts and intervene with something more positive. 

More tips for manifestation…

8. Stop complaining

Complaining is an attitude. 

It’s a way of living for most of the people unfortunately.

If you complain a lot, it means your mind is trained to find reasons to be upset. 

Hence to get really good at manifesting, you must retrain your brain.

Start by making no complaints about absolutely anything for 24 hours straight.

After those 24 hours you will find a huge shift in your mindset. 

Starting from 24 hours, you may go 2 days or even a week without complaining.

Keep building on this habit at your own pace. 

Your end goal is to detox your mind of the complaining attitude forever. 

9. Say THANK YOU as much as you can 

Here comes the good stuff….

This tip is the real GOLD along with daily meditation! 

Gratitude is the ultimate key to manifesting anything so very fast.

I bet, if you only adopt this habit (of gratitude), you will not need to do anything else for the Law of Attraction to work for you.

To develop this habit, start saying and feeling thankful for every little thing you have right now. 

Write those things down on paper if you feel like.

This raises your vibration exponentially. As a result, manifesting becomes so much easier. 

10. Smile, smile and smile (without a reason) 

This is more than a manifestation tip, it’s a clever trick to stay in high vibration all the time.

Whenever you smile, your brain gets the signal that you are happy and it then helps you focus on more of the things that will help you to sustain that level of happiness.

The best part of this manifestation tip is that you can fool your brain whenever you want to get in a high frequency. This means that you can put up a fake smile when you are not feeling so good, and even that fake smile will trick your brain into thinking that you are happy.

Now how awesome is that?

11.  Learn to understand the signs from the universe

The universe is communicating to you 24/7.

It is giving you signs all the time. 

Start reading signs from the universe to stay motivated on the path of manifesting.

If you are clueless about reading the signs from the universe, here is a great article to get started. 

12. Believe that you are lucky  

Life is all about your beliefs.

So it is very rewarding to believe that your life will go positively rather than focusing on all the things that could go wrong. 

To manifest your desires easily, you must cultivate a strong belief that you are very lucky. You must believe that all the odds will be in your favor. 

This belief might seem difficult to build but it can transform your whole life in a matter of days. 

13. Become the main character in the story of your life

Have you seen a feel-good movie and noticed how everything in the movie works out to help the main character survive and thrive?

Well, your life is that movie.

Think of your life as a happy film where every circumstance, condition and person meets you to help you rise higher.

You are the main character of this movie. You are in control. Everything is happening FOR you, not TO you!

When you will start behaving like the main character of your own movie, you will get the confidence to excel and meet the obstacles thrown at you with an optimistic mindset.

14. Improves some aspect of yourself everyday

Everyday spend some time polishing a positive aspect of your personality. It can be as simple as becoming more punctual or patient.

When you work on self-improvement, your confidence in yourself increases.

You become optimistic about yourself and your life.

The positive confidence you exude eventually  starts to attract more incidents that will help you maintain this feeling. 

15. Trust in divine timing while waiting for your manifestation

Whether you are aware of it or not, there is a divine order in this universe. 

Everything happens at a perfect time.

In the very same way, each manifestation will occur at a perfect time for you. 

Steve Jobs explained this concept as “connecting the dots”. He explained that when he looked back at his life in retrospect, he could truly appreciate how everything happened the way it did for him. 

So, you must also believe that whatever is happening in your life, it is happening for a beautiful reason. Maybe you cannot find the wisdom behind it right now, but you will be able to do so in a few years. 

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