31 Affirmations to let go of anger and resentment

affirmations to let go of anger

We all get frustrated or angry at times and feeling this way SOMETIMES is absolutely normal. However, if you feel like your anger is affecting other areas of your life then you could use some positive affirmations to let go of anger and resentment. 

Here are 31 such affirmations that will help you let go of anger and achieve a calm, peaceful state.

I now let go of all the anger and resentment inside me.

I let go of all the pain and suffering.

I am ready to move on now.

I  am careful about where I spend my energy and I vow to never waste my precious energy on anger.

I am in control of my emotions and feelings.

I know how to self-regulate my emotions to feel better.

I am calm and collected.

I enjoy the present moment in complete peace.

I am never frustrated because I know that things are always working out for me.

I am never afraid or anxious because the universe always has my back.

I know that I am always loved, valued and protected. 

I now let go of any negativity that is residing in my body.

Each cell of my being is now nourished with love and positivity.

I am a powerful being. 

I achieve anything that I put my heart into.

I am destined for great success.

I am destined to be rich and abundant.

I know that more happiness and prosperity awaits me in the future.

I am a brilliant decision maker.

I have phenomenal control over my feelings and emotions.

I choose to feel good all the time.

I choose to always see the glass half full.

I have an amazing perspective about life.

I am a winner.

I am worthy of all the good things in the world.

I am born to be successful in every area of my life. 

I am a calm soul.

Peace and tranquility surrounds me every second.

I always respond and never react to situations.

Things always go my way. 

I am grateful for my life and all my blessings.

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