6 secrets to manifest FAST (that they are hiding from you!)

Manifest fast with law of attraction

When the average Joe discovers the law of attraction for the first time, it seems like he has discovered the greatest secret of this universe. Without a doubt the law of attraction is magical. It shifts your way of thinking and the changes your perspective of viewing what is possible or not. The law also makes you aware of the latent power inside you that you may use to manifest anything.

Very soon after discovering this new world of infinite possibilities, every individual wishes to manifest fast and quick but most of the time it doesn’t seem to work that way.

When our manifestations do not come fast enough, we blame the Law of attraction or our destiny and indulge in self-pity. 

This is definitely not the right way to go about this process.

Let me give you six secrets that will help you to manifest fast at lightningspeed. 

1. Develop a strong faith to manifest fast

If you know anything about law of attraction you must know that it all starts with having a strong faith. This strong faith is the very foundation of your law of attraction journey.

As a building cannot last long without a sturdy foundation. In the very same way, the law of attraction cannot work without faith.

You must develop the trust that what you want will be given to you by the universe.

 But if you are having a hard time believing, you may use affirmations to condition your brain.

Like if you desire to earn a million dollars in two years, use a self-made affirmation like “i am a millionaire”. 

At first you will find this statement laughable and it will feel like you are telling yourself a lie. But with practice your mind will be trained to believe the words.

For me personally, affirmations have been a huge help in my manifestation journey. Repeating the right words always takes my mind out of chaos into calm and I feel assured that what I want is coming and coming soon.

2. Don’t worry about the “How?”

Manifest anything fast with law of attraction

This is one roadblock I am still trying to overcome but I am getting better with time and practice.

Whenever i desire something, i just can’t stop myself from thinking about the “perfect way” it will manifest.

But since now I know that it is only making the process lengthier and difficult, I try my best not to overthink.

This particular mistake of over-analyzing things is what stops millions from manifesting their desires easily.

When you give out your desire to the universe, you must trust that it will come to you in the best way possible (if you want to manifest fast and quickly).

Since we humans have been trained to use our minds so analytically, we usually can’t help but lay out vivid plans in our minds about the ways our desire will come true.

Whenever you focus too much on the “how”, know that you are not trusting the universe. 

You have done your job by putting your desire into the universe, now let the universe do its job. It will bring the manifestation to you in no time if you just trust and let go of the worry. 

Overthinking ruins the whole process and jeopardizes your chances of success. 

So let go of that analytical mind for a while and just know that it’s coming and coming very soon in the best way possible. 

3. Your desire should not be “vague”

When you send out a desire like “I want to be happy” into the universe, it is too vague to be manifested quickly. Happiness is such a subjective term and there are thousands of ways you can be happy. 

You need to specify what you exactly want from the universe that will make you happy.

A vague desire means you do not have clarity of thought or you haven’t done your homework!

Treat all your manifestations like elaborate rituals where you must go through some processes to get the best results possible.

Hence you must do your job of refining your desire. 

A clear desire like “ I want a new home in Paris by the end of new year” is what you need. 

This statement is clear, concise and conveys exactly what you want.

Your statement tells the universe what you want and when you want it. 

The universe can now take care of the “how”. 

The universe is way quicker to respond to such desires than a confusing command. 

4. Write down your desires on paper to manifest fast

Studies have proven that you are at least 1.2 times more likely to achieve your goals if you have written them down on a piece of paper.

The above information is crucial to fast, effortless manifestation. 

When you write your desire on a paper, your mind is more likely to focus on it and work on it.

I use a specific  journal to write all my desires. I also make sure to describe my intention in detail on paper. This makes my imagination run wild and think like I have already achieved what I am writing.

5. Say thank you in advance

If you know anything about the law of attraction you must have learnt about gratitude.

Gratitude is the single most important tool for manifesting your wishes. It is saying thankyou for the things you have in your life. 

“Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership.

— Joe Dispenza

But when you say things for your desires that have not yet manifested, you give your desires the energy as if they have already appeared into physical form. 

This makes your mind think that you are already in possession of your desire. 

So the universe then works much faster to match your outer reality to your inner feelings. 

6. Feel you are worthy of receiving your wishes

Self love and worthiness are at the very core of being a master manifester. 

When you love yourself and consider yourself worthy of all the good experiences, only then will you be able to experience them. 

You must match the vibration of your desire before it physically manifests.

But if you are feeling unworthy and lack confidence, you are in a lower vibration and it may take ages for your desire to come into fruition.

A person who indulges in self-loathing or is a harsh critic of his own self is telling his brain that he does not see himself worthy of receiving his desires. 

Suppose your desire is to be a millionaire. But you are constantly worried and are always blaming yourself for being poor. 

Do you think the universe will allow you unlimited wealth with a negative attitude?

No, because you are not a vibrational match to your desire of being a millionaire. It means you are not yet ready to receive your manifestation. 

In fact, what is worse is that you will be attracting more of the lack and poverty with this state of mind.

Like attracts like.

When you are at a low vibration, you are inviting more low vibrational feelings and events into your life. On the other hand being in a high vibrational state will attract all the good you wish for.

Think of yourself as the luckiest person ever born on the face of this planet. Walk like a lucky person, talk like a lucky person and soon you will see that just this one change in thought will help you manifest fast.

So, did you like the 6 secrets to manifest fast and effortlessly? Which one of these is your favorite and the one you would using the most?

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